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Success Story of Sesha Sai

Chiranjeevi Maddala
May 23, 2016

This is the success story of Sesha Sai and he is one of my favorite students. Sesha Sai is an engineering graduate joined Digital Ready in August, 2015. During the discussion with him I came to know that he completed his B.Tech in 2011 and tried many things to do a job since then. He tried learning .NET, JAVA and Pega etc to get a job but somehow couldn't crack the interviews. Sai is a calm person and I really couldn't understand why he was not able to get a job. During the training process I found Sai very punctual and he never missed a class. He used to arrive at the institute much earlier than other people. I remember he used to ask many questions after completion of the classes. At times I used to think that he was unable to get the concept and tried explaining him many times. I saw him many times going through our online knowledge base, which is a vast resource of digital marketing related processes, videos, exercises, presentations and quizzes. I guess he is the only one who have logged into the training portal more than 200 times!

After the completion of the course we sent him for an interview with Zeta Interactive along with 3 other people. Out of 4 people Sai and Naresh got selected for Zeta Interactive in the first attempt. Sai called me on the same day and explained how he did the interview and and I couldn't believe what happened. It seems the interviewer was amazed by the responses given by Sai and the level of clarity he showed on the subject. He got a decent pay package with Zeta. It was the happiest moment of his life and an a special occasion for his family members.

He recently called and told me that he has got a performance bonus at Zeta, for making one of the clients happy with his exceptional skills and service. This whole episode reaffirms by own belief; right guidance matters a lot life. At Digital Ready we don't just train people, we create stories. Along with the skills we also give our students a sense of achievement! I will share more interesting stories in the coming days.

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