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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Lessons From Game Of Thrones (GOT)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Lessons From Game Of Thrones (GOT)
April 27, 2019

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Lessons From Game Of Thrones (GOT)

Apr 27, 2019
Surya S. Das
Surya S. Das is a budding Digital Marketer with great dreams

If you are reading this article, chances are you have already watched it and are no doubt a fan of Game of Thrones. You must have noticed how the series has tried to show the game around the throne. It depicts well, what power is and to use that by different means. It also has lessons which can be picked up and utilized in day-to-day life.

Whether you work in an office or study in college, politics and mind games exist in some form or the other. The scenes depicted can somehow be related to your life too. That doesn’t mean that you would find a dragon someday but still, the life lessons can find a way in your life.

What if I say there is a lot to learn about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) from Game of Thrones series? You would not believe, right? Or chances are you must be thinking that I have gone mad like Will (The boy who got executed by Ned Stark in Season 1). But trust me, GOT has a lot to teach about SEO if you take it the right way. Let’s have a look at some lessons now. And a small warning: This article has spoilers. So if you haven’t watched the complete series till Series 8 Episode 2 then better watch it before reading. Now let’s begin.

Play The Game

To Be On The Throne, You Have To Play The Game

Remember the first season of Game of Thrones? I am sure you must have started loving Ned Stark and might have also admired his just and robust character. He was no doubt an honoured man but still failed to play the Game of Thrones. He couldn’t understand and manipulate the people around him, and you know well what fate had for him.

Likewise, if you are good with your product or services but fail to understand the market and serve it the right way, then you too are dead. It is necessary to understand what is trending in the market and what people want. Apart from that you also need to have a close look at your competitors. Your website may rank today but may lose the position tomorrow so you will have to make sure you are always in the game and understand it well.

You Never Know Who Is Going to Kill You

You Never Know Who Is Going To Kill You In GOT As Well As In SEO

The Red Wedding!!! One of the most horrific episode to date I guess. Never expected so many famous characters to die all at once. It was heart tearing and disgusting. Thanks to Arya that she fulfilled the desire of everyone who watched the red wedding. And yes, “The North Remembers” and so do we. Felt so good to see the Frey family die. The state of events in the Red Wedding was shocking and completely unexpected.

In the world of SEO, your competitors are like the Frey family. You never know who is going to come up with new content and snatch your position any time in the search results. You should be ready always and try to be better and ahead of others. Don’t let anyone take you by surprise but prepare yourself always.

Every day new websites and articles are coming up on Google, and every site is trying to be better than the others. So this is a war in itself, and someone is going to die in this. The only question is, You or your Competitor, who is dying??

Black Hat Won't Last Long

Black Hat May Seem Powerful, But Won’t Last Long

Warlock Pyat Pree, a wise man who has mystical powers and black magic. He seemed to be so smart and powerful. He almost captured Khaleesi in his 'House of the Undying.' He had abilities that are incomparable to any other man there. He could create his virtual clones and spread them to fight or accomplish any task. That was awesome, and he was mighty with his black magic. But still, he had to face defeat from the real power of Fire. 

Similarly, there are Black Hat SEO techniques which can shoot your traffic very high, but that won’t last for long. It will fall one day or the other. Search Engines like Google always try to create a good experience for the people and so it is vital that you too understand the same. Avoid using Black Hat SEO Techniques because that will lead you to problems some day or the other.

Create For The People

Create For The People To Rank High As King

John Snow never had a desire to be a king but just focused on serving the people and fighting for the people. He has always chosen what is right for the people. And if you remember this quality of John Snow has led him to be the leader every time. People follow him and support him because they know he can never be wrong. The day when he was back to Winterfell and was named “King Of The North,” it was such a heart touching event. 

The life of John Snow is an example that whatever be the situation today, be kind and true to your cause and one day you will succeed. If people like you then they will start to follow you and you will eventually get good traffic on your website too. So create content keeping in mind the people whom you are targetting. Create things that will benefit them, and you will one day succeed. 

You Can't Use The Same Tactics For Different Sites

You Can't Use The Same Tactics For Different Types Of Sites

Remember the scene where Tyrion asked the three masters to select one among themselves to die and so they did. They picked one to die but Commander of The Unsullied, Grey Worm slit throats of the other two masters who were not supposed to die. It is unusual for unsullied to lie, but they did adopt a different approach at that point of time because it was for good.

Apart from that, whenever Khaleesi Daenerys Targaryen had to conquer a new city, she always observed it first and then planned accordingly. Imagine if she ever had the same approach then would it be possible for her to conquer all of them? 

Similarly, you need to understand that each website is unique and you need to have a different strategy to win with all the sites. Analyze them first, understand what is required and then formulate your plan accordingly. Preparing unique plans is a crucial thing which people usually forget. They try to implement whatever they know and can do. But that will not help always.

Quality Links Make You Strong

Links Will Make You Strong But That’s Not All

Lord Petyr Baelish or the Little Finger is a perfect example of building relationships or links. He always had good terms with everyone and knew how to use them whenever required. He was cunning enough to keep everyone happy and close enough to use them. He had links or contacts that were powerful. He was nothing when he started but created everything that was around him.

But still, he lacked somewhere and died in the hands of the Stark children. He was not good with his intentions, and that led him to death. Similarly, if your content is not good but still you manage to get a good number of backlinks that won’t be helpful always. So focus on every aspect because if you miss on any one aspect of SEO, then it might be an opportunity for your competitors.

There is an excellent scene between Petyr Baelish and Cersei Lannister where Petyr says Cersei that “Knowledge is Power.” And in response, Cersei commands her guards to march forward and capture Petyr and cut his throat. But again stops them from cutting his throat and says “Power is Power.” That was a great demonstration by Cersei which was loved by me, and it shows that if you miss on any one point, then the opponent will see an opportunity in that same point itself. 

Learn As Long As You Live

You Learn As Long As You Live

Samwell Tarly is an excellent example of learning his whole life. By mentioning “his whole life,” I don’t mean to that he is dead,  at least not in the season that I watched last before writing this. But I know he is a person who wants to know things and he will seek knowledge till his last breath. It was through his curiosity that he came across books confirming about John  Snow being Aegon Targaryen, ways to heel Jorah Mormont and also knowing some things about the white walkers. So there is a lot to learn every day, and we should not stop the process of learning at any time.

In our world of SEO do you think that people using the same techniques will always give the same result? We continuously need to find new ways to rank high. We need to learn new things from others because you cannot learn everything from experience. You also need to know what others did and what went right for them. So if you are into SEO then don’t ever stop learning because sometimes Knowledge can give you Power.

All these points stated above are my observations. And I am sure if you too start thinking and relating things then you can also deduce a lot many points. The thing is, Game Of Thrones somewhere tries to relate things to real life scenarios and so you have a lot to learn. We have associated lessons for SEO, but apart from that it also has many life lessons too. And again if you think hard, then SEO is like human life itself. Think about it and see if you can relate.

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