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Roles and Responsibilities of an Adwords Campaign Analyst

Roles and Responsibilities of an Adwords Campaign Analyst
January 11, 2018
Roles and Responsibilities of an Adwords Campaign Analyst
Jan 11, 2018
Reshma Mandal
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Google AdWords is one of the most effective platforms for online advertisement. Companies today rely on Google to place their brand on world wide web to promote their brand products and services. There is a human messenger behind all efforts of online advertising and is called an AdWords Campaign Analyst. Adwords campaign analyst is responsible for all operations related to online advertising on Google and is responsible for achieving desired results through online advertisements. AdWords analysts are responsible for interacting with multiple clients who advertise in Google and want to initiate online advertising campaign for their brand products and services. AdWords campaign analysts can quickly understand and support initiatives that will contribute to client campaign success and goals and their goal ensures online marketing efforts to have highest ROI

Roles and Responsibilities of an AdWords Campaign Analyst

  • Analyze Campaign Requirements
  • Create Campaign Strategy
  • Identify the Right Targeting Methods
  • Prepare Ad Content and Creatives
  • Setup Landing Pages
  • Setup Campaign
  • Optimize Campaigns
  • Generate and Share Reports

Analyze Campaign Requirements

Previously marketers overlooked this step and were relied on intuition to make any decision regarding online advertisements. But now every company has their AdWords campaign analyst who efficiently collects the necessary data to analyze online advertising campaigns and to make data-driven decisions. Campaign analysis allows the campaign analyst to make short-term fixes for their campaign and provides them with the insight to maximize the lifetime value of a customer-company relationship. Analysing campaign requirements can include the following steps: Campaign Identification An AdWords campaign analyst starts with a well-defined plan as an identification process because it serves the results of understanding the effectiveness of a campaign. Campaign identification allows tracking of specific variables at campaign level such as visits, page views, conversions, etc. Tools for Configuration and Customization Web analytics tools are very important for analyzing campaign requirements but one should need to configure it correctly and appropriately to collect necessary data. The campaign analyst does the job and the steps include:

  • Configuring the Google analytics tool’s reports deeper to discover the effectiveness of different efforts within one type of campaign.
  • Configuring custom reports to answer the questions that are not answered by analytics tools reporting features.
  • Developing customized dashboards for online campaigns which helps the marketers to analyze the particular key performance indicators that can help to evaluate the success of a particular campaign.

Data Integration Campaign analyst does the data Integration part which is required to integrate the online campaign data with the offline data to understand the value that an online campaign produces.

Create Campaign Strategy

Create campaign strategy

An AdWords campaign analyst is responsible for creating the campaign strategies. Strategizing a campaign involves making efforts to ensure optimum and on-time results. They include the following steps to create campaign strategies:

  • Engage the target audience with innovative, attractive and creative advertising.
  • Create a campaign that relies on your brand story.
  • Go with out of the box ideas to promote business.

Build a focused campaign strategy An AdWords analyst is responsible for building campaign strategy that focuses on achieving marketing objectives and expectations. They think outside the box to get the strategies that work well. They keep on targeting potential audience to keep them engaged. Provide tailored campaign for the target audience An AdWords campaign analyst customizes the strategy once the target audience is found. An AdWords analyst helps in analyzing and tailoring data for the campaigns and identifying right customers for a specific campaign. Execute Alternative Strategies Today people favor relevant and entertaining contents. So an effective campaign must include innovative and intuitive ideas to engage the potential audience. So it is needed to shift the strategies in another direction. An AdWords analyst goes with all alternate strategies like identifying call-to-action for each campaign, leading customers towards the goal regardless of the strategies that are implemented whether its email signup or free trial purchase. Synchronizing Online and Offline efforts Customers don’t see your marketing efforts as different entities. They just look at your brand. A campaign strategy should be coherent for both online and offline marketing efforts. An AdWords analyst creates a simple campaign and distributes it across both offline and online multiple channels. This increases brand’s visibility and gives target audience more ways to engage with you.

Identify the Right Targeting Methods

Identify right targeting methods

Adwords offers targeting methods like keyword targeting, topic targeting, placement targeting, audience targeting, location and language targeting and device targeting. Identifying the right one is the key driving factor in managing an online campaign. 90% of all marketing campaign performance depends on it. Just making products and providing excellent service is not enough. Now it’s time to introduce your brand to people. It’s a job of an AdWords analyst to identify the right target method for online campaigns. They will look which approach is more relevant to gain more profit online and to engage more people. This process involves knowing to whom and when to market your product to get higher results and ROI and involves implementing systems rather than relying on indiscriminate marketing.

Prepare Creative Ad Content

After analyzing requirements, creating campaign strategy and identifying right target methods, an AdWords analyst now prepares creative ad content. The AdWords analyst first identifies among the following broad category that suits the main objective.

  • Acquisition - Ad campaigns that focus on acquisition are concerned with new customers.
  • Monetization - Campaigns that emphasize monetization generate more revenue from the lead or existing customers.
  • Engagement - campaigns that are preoccupied with engagement can create brand advocates and communities.

After deciding the broad purpose, an AdWords analyst then explores the variations available for digital advertising that best suits campaign type. Display Ads They are the original form of online advertising. They get displayed on third party websites and encompasses static images, flash, video, text, pop-up ads, and floating banners. Social Media Ads They are great for targeting more audiences. It's efficient and effective, especially when using social media influencers. Native Advertising They are the integrated advertisements that look similar to the content on the website. Video Ads They are the most popular ones like youtube ads.

Set Up Landing Pages

Set Up Landing Pages

The first vital step in establishing a professional online presence is to have a great website with the attractive landing page. A useful landing page can generate more leads, referrals, and sales. An AdWords analyst is responsible for setting up an efficient and attractive landing page. A professional landing page is a must for maximizing efficiency and converting prospects into customers, and it works best than any other tool. Google likes relevant, useful, trustworthy, easy to navigate and unique landing pages. So it’s necessary to include key elements when designing the landing page for an effective AdWords campaign and an AdWords analyst does the job.

Set Up Campaign

An Adwords analyst is responsible for setting up the campaigns and does the following jobs while setting up a campaign. 1. Selecting campaign type and name An AdWords analyst choose between Search network and Display network depending upon the goals and name the campaign. 2. Choosing the geographic location This area is important as it decides where the ads need to be shown. An AdWords analyst decides how large or small a geographic area for targeting. The AdWords analyst can also choose custom-designated geographical areas like radius around a specific area, latitude-longitude coordinates and search for the most appropriate area needed for the campaign. 3. Choosing ‘bid strategy’ and setting up a daily budget AdWords campaign analyst is responsible for choosing bid strategy to set the bid manually for clicks. This gives more control and helps in learning AdWords at a great level. The daily budget is the maximum budget that Google charge you per day. Google offers payment options like manual payments and automatic payments depending upon whether the ads are shown before or after the payment. 4. Adding ad extensions This part is optional but can be beneficial if used as it can drive more traffic to your website. They are the additional piece of information about the business, like a link to a specific page, phone number, etc. An AdWords analyst is responsible to choose the best ad extensions among all that Google provides. There are many ad extensions like location extension, call extension, site link extension, image extension, app extension, callout extension, review extension, structured snippet extension, and price extension. 5. Creating an ad group and writing for the ads More people click on the ads if the headline of the ad includes the keyword that they are searching for. So using appropriate and relevant keywords is very important. An AdWords campaign analyst does the research and chooses among keywords appropriate for a headline of an ad as it is limited to 25 characters. The next job is to choose the second and third line of the ad that has the limit of 35 characters of text each. An AdWords analyst chooses whether to add benefit or offer or both in the two lines depending on which order is converting better. Display URL has to be the same domain as your site that comes below the headline. The last selection is the destination URL. An AdWords analyst is responsible for choosing all to create the ad group. 6. Inserting Keywords in the keyword field of the account. 7. Setting up maximum cost-per-click An AdWords analyst set the maximum cost-per-click called the default bid. 8. Entering billing information Ads will start showing as soon as the AdWords analyst update the payment information.

The above video by Bizwatch will explain to you how to set up a Google AdWords campaign.

Optimize Campaigns

Optimize campaigns

An Adwords campaign analyst optimizes the campaigns based on the business goals. Below are the seven steps that the AdWord analyst do to fine tune the AdWords campaigns. 1. Reviewing, refining and adding to the keyword list If CTR of a chosen keyword is less than 1% then there is no use of using that keyword. It must be changed. Adding new relevant keywords for relevant ad group is the job of an AdWords analyst. 2. Using keyword matching options to lower costs The Exact match is the exact keyword to target. So delivering the best response is the key part. The AdWord analyst does the job. It ensures that the ad first appears for the best keyword searches. Adding negative keywords can increase click-through-rate so AdWords analyst can add the negative broad match and negative exact match keywords for better performance. 3. Keep testing the ad copy and landing pages AdWords analyst keeps on testing the currently best-performing ad with one or three ads to improve the ad copy and to increase CTR. 4. Using Location Targeting This helps to show the ads only to relevant parts of the country. 5. AdWords Analyst Runs a search query reports in Google AdWords that shows specific searches that the ad appears for and can use them further to refine the ad groups. 6. AdWords analyst does the job of scheduling The ad campaign depending on customers response. This step helps because campaigns are o when there are maximum chances to get best results.

Generate and Share Reports

Generate and share reports

Last but not the least part is generating and sharing reports. An AdWords campaign analyst is responsible for generating and sharing reports. Reports are essential because it takes very less time to explain the clients the improving numbers that are good for your business. AdWords analyst justify the ad agencies budget requests and helps ad agencies to identify their most successful strategies and contents. Sharing the reports with the clients will help them to identify your business and can help in increasing revenue and ROI. An AdWords analyst includes Metrics, Segmentation, Dimensions, and Filters as they are the key ingredients that form the core of the report. Metrics They are the way to look the things are working fine for the campaign.There are tons of metrics available to analyze. It’s AdWords analyst job to narrow down and short the list of metrics to give more meaningful insight. Metrics like Impressions, Clicks, click-through-rate, cost, cost-per-click, cost-per-acquisition, average position, conversion rate, converted clicks, and total conversion value helps in understanding the report and can provide a solid measure of your success. Segmentation Segmentation allows your data to split into rows based on the options that matter like periods of time, click type or device. It allows the advertiser to dig deeper into their performance metrics. Dimensions Dimension tab lets you further slice your data based on your choice across an ad group, a campaign, or the entire account. Filters It can help optimizing your account by identifying the problem areas with keywords, ad, campaign settings that require attention and action to be improved.

The above video by Commbank is an illustration of the job role of a campaign analyst.


An AdWords campaign analyst is the individual who understands customer’s requirements and goals of a business and optimizes the account. They are the one who understands how to present and execute recommendations across the organization. You will get the job lists for an AdWords campaign analyst in,, and You will get all Certifications that are needed to get a Google AdWords campaign analyst job here in Digital Ready. So don’t go for second thought and make your decision that is right for your bright career. Your future depends on what you do today. So choose the best for your future.

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