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Roles and Responsibilities of a Social Media Executive

Roles and Responsibilities of a Social Media Executive
January 9, 2018

Roles and Responsibilities of a Social Media Executive

Jan 09, 2018
Reshma Mandal

Behind every social media update, there is a human messenger who is representing the company’s views to all the users. They are responsible for all companies tweets, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter updates. They are called as the Social Media Executives. Let’s first discuss who a Social Media Executive is?

Who is Social Media Executive?

A Social Media Executive manages all social media channels, team members, campaigns to engage customers and customer satisfaction. Their job role includes the creation of contents that drives their brand and engages customers. Today people are more on social media channels than any other media or channels. So it’s the best place to promote your brand and service, and a social media executive does the same thing. They promote your brand and service and gain customer’s satisfaction and experience to engage them. Let’s know about their job roles in details.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Social Media Executive

Management of Social Media Channels

Social Media Channels

A social media executive manages all the social media channels of a company or organization. Social media channels include Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, etc. They are responsible for ongoing updates about the brand and service of the company in social media accounts to engage customers.

Creating Brand Awareness

Creating Brand Awareness

You might have seen Facebook pages of a brand or company who keeps on posting videos or content links about their service and brand. Then all tweets containing ads or contents regarding a brand or service, Images in Pinterest that directly links to a company’s website, Instagram posts, and videos, etc. There is a human messenger behind all these tasks, and that is a social media executive. They produce content for all social media channels and are responsible for brand awareness and promotion to gain their audience satisfaction and to engage them.

Structuring Behavioral Aspect of Potential Customers

It’s critical to know your customers first before engaging them with your brand and service. You cannot target any people out there to increase your sales and conversions. Right place and right people can be beneficial more than anything else. For example, if your company sells beauty products then you cannot target all businessmen and people who don’t have interest in this. Women, girls and all fashion and beauty companies should be your target. So, understanding the interest of your audience is essential before any other step.

Set Targets

There is no point of measuring your results if you don’t have set targets to compare them with. The comparison allows you to know where you are now in the present and where you have to reach.They are the set standards that you have to meet. Insufficient website traffic, declining customers retention, poor online reputation, slow sales, weak brand awareness are all the challenges that a social media executive can face initially but their job is to overcome all these and set realistic targets.

Tracking Social Media Influencers

Social Media Influencers

Influencers or word-of-mouth marketing is one of the best and valuable marketing out there now. 20 to 50% of purchasing decisions depend on them. You might have seen Amitabh Bachchan and Shahrukh Khan promoting a brand. They are all influencers whose presence and promotion can gain customers attention than anything else. They are beyond any recommendations from friends or family. A social media executive’s role is to track the relevant social media Influencers for their brand or company so that they can enhance your overall brand reputation and extend your reach through influencer channels.

Keep Up to Date with any Social Media Trends

Social Media Trends

Keeping up to date with any new changes on social media platforms is essential to stay ahead on social media which is the best platform to promote your brand and engage customers. For example, Facebook now is allowing you to upload GIFs and has changed the news feed to encourage high-quality links to be shared. A social media executive is responsible for tracking all the changing social media trends.

Assist with Social Media Performance Report

Social Media Performance Report

Creating a social media performance report is a key part of a social media executive to explain your progress on social media. They are responsible for letting their boss know about all great stuff that you are doing whether it’s any social media post or content that you are sharing. A social media report includes the data and stats that matter to you, the timeframe (like weekly, monthly, quarterly, from campaign start to end) that is most valuable to you, the way you track your progress and growth, etc. A social media executive is responsible for all of these and to report all to the primary management.

Interviews, Hires and Train Social Media Team Members

A social media executive is responsible for hiring the right social media marketer and then training them. Social media team members can have a wide variety of roles and responsibilities. It’s the responsibility of a social media executive to explain the job titles and descriptions and to train your social media marketing team members.

Planning of Marketing Strategies to Help Drive Traffic and Engagement

Planning Marketing Strategies

A social media executive is responsible for assisting with the planning of marketing strategies to grow online sales and traffic and engagement. Strategies can be wide like, posting daily content for continual growth, using images while posting on Facebook, increasing exposure of your communities with social buttons, running a campaign, leveraging social reviews to automate the influencer marketing. It can also include creating micro-content, running a Twitter question and answer, Running a Pinterest treasure hunt, experimenting with titles in your blog posts, making it easy for customers to share and pin your products, investing in an infographic, or creating a complimentary board on Pinterest, etc. There are other roles and responsibilities of a social media executive, and they are here:

  • Responding to any mentions over social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+ and engage with the social media users
  • Assist with the general day to day administrative tasks.
  • Producing a consistent brand message across all the social media channels.
  • Regular monitoring the competitor social media sites and creating analysis report.
  • Creating and promoting company blog on a weekly basis.
  • Working with other departments to develop social media timelines that coincide with the product release, ad campaigns, and other brand messages.
  • Coordinating social media messages with advertising departments, the brand management team, and annual company goals.
  • Analysing social media campaigns with tracking systems to determine areas for social media campaign improvement and to gather visitor’s data.


Your core role as a social media executive is to support the team, working proactively to meet your deadlines and to work as an organized multi-tasker. You need a lot of passion, outside and inside the box, a creative thinking and strategic mind to be smooth in this particular role. No mandatory qualification degree is needed to be in this position. If you have the capabilities, then you can crack the interview and be a part of social media management team. Here is a list of social media executive jobs on LinkedIn, Indeed, Naukri, and Shine. So you got a clear vision of the roles and responsibilities of a social media executive. So prepare yourself to become a social media executive.

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