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Jyotsana Yadav
September 22, 2017

If you think that email marketing is dead in today’s digital world, then let me correct you - “No” it’s not! It is still one of the most frequently used methods to communicate with customers in the corporate world. Marketers always try to find innovative email marketing automation tool and develop it to communicate with their customers in more effective way than before. Today email needs to feel like face to face conversation with each customer, but you also need to scale it. Your strategies should be up-to-date so that your emails can get delivered, and make you stand out of crowd. Big or small, companies are now focusing on personalized email marketing and taking the help of email marketing automation tool to enhance the effectiveness of their communication with their audience.

Rare is an email marketing automation tool which helps your business grow by establishing good relationship with your customers and giving them quality service which they need.

At,they take into consideration the importance of intelligent email marketing and so they analyze every customer’s data from all possible perspectives to understand your customer’s behavior, activities, needs, etc. by using right marketing automation tool and techniques to generate emails with attractive offers which customer can’t deny. Sending an email at right time with the right message to right customer is the most important process in email marketing to get loyal customers.

77% of email marketing ROI comes from segmented, targeted, and triggered campaigns. This email marketing automation company take segmentation process to the next level by allowing you to individualize the content and delivery time for every single email of your customers by using its tools and technology to target your customers effectively and give you a blueprint of customers who is going to be cold, who is not interested in your offer and get feedback from them so that you can modify or personalised your offer according to your customer needs and get maximum benefits.

Rare helps you in turning your email lists into customers and customers into revenue. It helps you to understand the post-purchase behavior of your customer and help you to build a strong relationship with them by sending a personalized email or recommendations like thank you notes, add-ons, follow-up and taking their feedback to make sure your customer loves what they have purchased and made them do repeat business with you. In addition to their support and guidance throughout the process, they also help you in setting up your campaigns quickly by providing you various types of customizable marketing templates, designed by experts who know your industry very well.

This email automation company helps you in getting the right offer through its prediction engine, which is most likely to be accepted by your customer. You can easily track your campaign progress, customer engagement and your ROI to know how your offer has been received by your customers.

With their data analysis team, they let you know about your valuable customers and who’s gonna be the next best customer. On the basis of customer behavior, they suggest rewards and offers automatically at the right time to your customers who have gone cold and increase your customer engagement

Why To Chose Rare

Affordable Price

You can choose your own plan according to your needs and requirements. Your total monthly cost depends upon the number of customers in your e-mail database and the level of service you select.

Timely Service

They help you in setting up your campaigns by analyzing your customer's data through their highly equipped marketing automation tool, which saves your time as well as your money and give you more efficient result in no time.


People hate spam and so is Rare. That’s why they ensure that all of your emails get delivered to your customers, increasing your email lists, giving you more relevant customer data and enhance your email deliverability rate.


At Rare, your minimum return on investment is > $120 for every dollar you spent. Here, you will get 300 - 500% better service and customer engagement than any other email marketing company.


Their personalization engine uses your customer's data to predict and optimize the content and timing of your emails to ensure that you’re giving your customers the right message with right offers at right time to increase your customer base by increasing your purchase.

Plans For Everyone

For every account, Rare gives personalized setup services from its customer success managers. They provide different plans according to your problems like - Exec plan for white-glove support and one-on-one support from their team of email marketing experts.

Result Oriented

Rare totally concentrate on your main objective and drives plan accordingly to give you maximum success. Here, your project is handled by experts. Customers data is carefully analyzed to know their behavior, needs, purchasing pattern etc. and the content of emails is written, giving best offers to them which they are most likely to buy.


Not every email marketing companies provide you deep information of your email metrics and sales, but they do provide all these information to let their customers have all the data and clear insight of how much they have progressed in their campaign so that customers can take possible actions as and when required.


Start your personalized email campaign today and show your customers how much you care by giving them VIP service without breaking a sweat. Rare will help you in making more money just by sitting at your desk, without any worries. If you have any queries related to your business, you can also talk to their customer success managers just by booking a consultation appointment or you can click hereto know more about

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