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Organic Lead Generation Through Inbound Marketing

Organic Lead Generation Through Inbound Marketing
Pradeep Inti
July 4, 2017

Many start-ups face challenges like usage of capital, creating sustainable income, making payroll, etc. Consistent growth of any start-up can solve many of these issues, but it requires leads. Unfortunately, generating leads with regular inside sales model takes a lot of time and workforce.

Having the best product in the world doesn’t mean that product will perform great in sales; your business is doomed to unsuccessful if no-one is aware of it. In case you manage to generate more leads but have an average product – you win as you indeed are generating revenue.

What does a business lead mean to your business?

A large number of companies have different descriptions depending on their sales cycle, but standard classification is “a known potential buyer who shows some level of interest in investing in your product or solution. For the leads that fill out a form, they often do it in exchange for some relevant content or a convincing offer.”

We can say that lead generation has two categories: Inbound and Outbound. You need to be sure about the nature of your work and build a holistic customer retention marketing strategies.

Importance and Need of Lead Generation

The buying process has transformed, and marketers need to find new ways to reach buyers and get heard. Rather than finding customers with mass advertising and email blasts, marketers must now target on being found and work towards making continuous relationships with potential buyers. By making connections, you will get those customers who might be prospects as they have been following you before they decide to invest in you.

Lead generation falls into the second level in inbound marketing. It occurs once you have attracted an audience and are ready to convert those site visitors into leads.

Lead Generation Process

Step 1: Attract

Try attracting those visitors who can be profitable to your firm by recognizing your USP and be easily discovered on the web.

Step 2: Convert

Convert traffic to leads by offering a customized and tailored solution.

Step 3: Close

Convert leads into customers through targeted lead nurturing strategy.

Step 4: Delight

Delight existing customers with your product/service and turn them into ambassadors of your brand.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is a process of attracting the attention of prospects, via content creation, ways to convert strangers into customers and promoters of your business.

Significance of Inbound Marketing Leads

These days, not many marketers are relying on outbound marketing techniques like trade shows, cold calling, and advertisements to generate leads. A marketer can be heard through his marketing noise and he needs to have a strategy that would help him in generating new leads along with increasing brand awareness.

In today's era to be a marketing expert, you need to have a strong understanding of inbound marketing techniques to amplify your lead generation impact. How do you do that? By understanding your customer, create a customized solutions and services which would help you build a meaningful relationship with your audience. Also, make sure of distributing your content through all lead generation channels- where your buyer would spend time.

Lead Generation Techniques


Do you have questions why your website should be optimized? Here is the answer.

Today buyers are doing their research before they talk to a salesperson. Identifying your buyer persona and providing the right information to the queries raised will put your brand a step ahead. Search engines are the biggest drivers for leads in any business. You can keep track of your search positions by analyzing short tail, high volume, high competition keywords and creating good content to acquire the right traffic and more qualified prospects. These are in the buying cycle of the decision-making process.

Content Marketing

Do you provide valuable content that is unique, different and useful for your customers which they won’t find elsewhere?
Content is the key to building relationships. It should encourage readers to think deeply and connect. Quality content is the sound basis for your SEO campaign. Creating content what your customers want and placing it in the right place where buyers can reach will bring you leads.


Facebook provides an excellent possibility to arrive at the correct potential customers with a personal strategy. To attain small-business marketing on Facebook, you don't need to run a modern IT company. One advantage with Internet Marketing for small business is the fact that it allows you to compete with much larger corporations. If you give a niche product or service, you might even have a competitive advantage. A large business will not have time to concentrate thoroughly on a single niche.


Do you sell products for other businesses?
LinkedIn is the social network you need to focus. Optimize your LinkedIn profile by considering what users see when you request to connect. Create your group and consistently invite potential leads to join the group you created. Start engaging with each member over next several weeks by sharing relevant information. Apply the strategy which is working right for you.


Twitter Ads can be utilized to create a constant flow of new leads. Regardless of whether you're including new prospects, warming up contacts, or driving changes, there are a few integral offerings that you can use to your advantage. This tool is an excellent way to grow email contact and subscriber lists.

Cold Email

Create a targeted list of potential prospects in your niche and reach out to them through email and start a conversation. Interested clients may reach you by sharing their information.

Referring Sites

In our niche sector, there are a lot of Web directories which provides a free listing for our business. Getting registered in the particular category in qualified list may help us to generate leads. Most of the people search the directories to purchase a product or service.

Google My Business

It is a free marketing tool that connects businesses and customers. Through these clients can instantly know your location, address, hours of operation, phone number, link to your website and customer reviews. It drives leads to your site.


Provide free whitepapers and research guides to visitors. Supplying quality educational content can organically catch the attention of your target audience. Typically, a reader has to submit an application with their information before they can view the whitepaper.


Identify communities relevant to your product or service and start engaging with people there. Talk to them, answer their questions, and help them to find out the solution. One of the best places to start this is Quora, where you can raise or respond to the questions and promote your profile by providing solution backlinks of your site.


Companies with a blog receive more leads than those that don't create blog posts. It is an effective way to address your customer's concerns, keep them up to date on trends affecting your industry and help them solve problems they are facing in their business. Just make sure your blog provides actual value and doesn’t sound like a self-serving marketing vehicle.


Create a YouTube channel themed around your industry and share videos regarding particular events, product details, and reviews, etc. It can be a center point of your digital communication strategy and drive insane amounts of traffic from a global audience. Provide interesting and useful content, solving a real problem. So people can engage and subscribe to your channel.

Best Practices for Organic Lead Generation

  • Place Call-to-Actions in every section. Get customers to fill web forms. Make them simple and easy to complete and offer a social login an option. A/B test your Call-to-Actions to find out which is more efficient at converting leads on your site.
  • One highly effective strategy for creating leads is guest blogging on industry relevant sites. Moreover helping small companies to develop their SEO through link building, guest blogging can be a great lead generation source with almost no marketing budget.
  • Publish blog posts that talk about the greatest pain points your customers experience and most pressing questions your customers ask on search engines. Do focus on their ranking and provide solutions that your clients are more likely to reach out to you for answers.
  • Map the content to the phases of their buying cycle. Early phase content should address "what is my problem," middle phase content should address "how do I solve my problem?" last phase content should address "who can help me solve my problem?"
  • Promote the content where your buyer personas go to consume information. Social networks like LinkedIn groups are ideal for B2B, as are industry related blogs/forums/publications.
  • Testimonies These should be brief, to the point, and highlight the name, the company and an image of the person. Having all these elements makes testimonial more credible and in turn, makes your site more trustworthy.
  • Instant chat This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to improve conversions. Installing it is easy, and you can talk directly to potential customers once they land on your website.

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