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A New Tool from Unbounce: Unbounce Convertables

A New Tool from Unbounce: Unbounce Convertables
Jyothi Maddineni
November 22, 2016

Every marketer wants a high conversion rate and so does every online business. A conversion is when a customer who is exposed to marketing material, performs the desired action which is beneficial to that business. Sounds simple but it is not!

In today’s well-connected digital world customers are very specific about what they want. Marketers have to think about unique ways to know about their customers. Gathering bundles of identical demographic and psychographic data about customers is not just enough. Deeper exploration is needed to find out how a customer can be attracted to buy a product.Today’s custom is multi-channel/multi-device shopping and customers’ journey is intermittent. A thorough understanding of prospects and the ways to influence their purchasing decision is necessary to excel in business in this highly aggressive online terrain. Much needed traffic to a website is an everyday challenge.

Why you need Unbounce Convertables?

One way to assess the traffic dynamics of a webpage is A/B testing but it involves significant efforts to A/B test every page of a website. Unbounce has come up with a brilliant tool to make things easy. “Convertables” help you to instantly increase leads, sales and signups on any webpage by displaying specified overlays at specified time to specific users. The Unbounce Builder facilitates to self-build Convertables instantly which are in harmony with your branding concepts and can be published on any page. Building Unbound Convertables is seamless and effortless with no involvement of developers.

How Unbounce Convertable helps you?

With Unbounce Convertables you can create more conversion opportunities by making relevant offers viewable to specific users. Every user on your website has a different impulse, so will face different friction point. Convertables allows you to address different scenarios by using overlays to target defined users to come across special offers which, removes multiple friction points in the conversion funnel.Here are the ways how it helps your business:

  • 1. Revenue generation
    Incentivize users with discount, giveaway or personalized offer overlays that lead to last-second purchases. Overlays are recommended to be placed on product pages, pricing pages, and checkout/cart pages and advised to show only once per visitor.
  • 2. Lead capturing
    Capture potential leads from prospects who are at the top of the conversion funnel with overlays on home pages, features pages, and blogs & resource pages of your website with not more than two form fields. One can expect high conversion rate here since there is no monetary ask.
  • 3. Traffic modelling
    Reroute traffic to your website to high-converting pages. Place overlays about recommended complementary products, services or content on high-traffic pages which, prompts users to visit relevant pages where most likely conversion happens.

How to use it?

With Unbounce, building your own Convertables is a piece of cake! One can have the pleasure of customizing each Convertables in accordance to their branding. Starting from a blank page, a wide array of high-converting templates are available to choose from. The activation rules provide the flexibility to specify the time, place and unique group of customers to view the Convertables.

Here is the workflow to build your first Convertable. Try it for yourself and experience the thrill!

How Unbounce Convertables Works


Unbounce is one stop solution for multiple challenges. A platform that can uplift your business in crucial areas with its high-converting landing pages, by turning traffic into valuable leads, by integrating with your marketing automation and by optimizing conversion with lead generation tools.With Convertables, Unbounce leaves no stone unturned and takes care of your unbound customers with targeted overlays leaving no opportunity to slip for a new conversion.

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