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Micro-Moments: Moments the Customers Need You the Most

Micro-Moments: Moments the Customers Need You the Most
March 5, 2020

Micro-Moments: Moments the Customers Need You the Most

Mar 05, 2020
Deepali Iyengar
Deepali Iyengar is a freelance Content Writer with a great deal of interest in Digital Marketing and Branding.

"Let's Order food online!" or "I need those now" are expressions that we use quite often these days. That is what your customers might be saying as well. They are making decisions quicker than ever. These spur-of-the-moment "I want" jiffs are called Micro-Moments. This is when your customers need you the most. Where are you during these moments?

Google defines Micro-Moments as “Intent-driven moments of decision-making and preference-shaping that occur throughout the entire Consumer Journey”.

Micro-Moments was listed as one of the most happening marketing trends by Jay Baer. These moments are of immense value since customers are in a hurry to accomplish that particular task.

As a fellow marketer, I want to share how you can take complete advantage of these situations to maximize customer acquisitions. So let's jump right into it. Shall we?

Why is Micro-Moments Important?

Nowadays, everyone has a mighty device in their pockets, the Smart Phone. And this device is completely altering the rules of marketing since people now want to take immediate action. They expect brands to provide them with prompt responses.

Having Smart Phones give us access to make impulsive decisions. In these moments, even though our tolerance is low, expectations are quite high. This means that the brand which yields us the information that we are looking for wins.

How to Conquer these Moments?

There are several ways for you to understand your customers' "I want to" moments. Once you've figured these moments out, you can create intent-rich content to attract them.

Learn From Their Past Actions

Customers are any business’s vital asset. Learning about their likes and dislikes, their needs are essential. They might not always exactly mention what they need. Using Predictive Analysis, you can learn from their past actions and predict their future needs to understand that particular customer's Micro-Moments.

Listen to Your Buyers

Recognize your Consumers’ impulsive moments by listening to them on social media, and online forums, like Facebook, Instagram, Quora, etc. These platforms will help you pick up the latest trends in the industry. Updating content with these trendy topics can lead to more traffic.

Take Help of Tools

Tools like Google Analytics and Search Console can help us determine the products or pages that customers are most interested in. This can be useful to predict the trends, needs, and intent of the customers.

Search Console can come to the aid in deciphering which keywords are bringing in intentional clients. Optimizing these keywords can induce more traffic to your website.

Provide them with Relevant Information

The immediacy of customers leads them to have very low patience. Therefore giving them relevant information on the landing page is very important. Uncomplicated Customer Experience/ User Experience is essential.

Making them go through various menus and pages during these moments lead to low Customer Acquisitions.

On the above poster, the date of the conference is mentioned as soon as the website opens. This answers one of the most common questions that customers have. Therefore you are providing them with immediate and relevant information.

Use Geo-Targeting

Customers expect Google to understand "near me" searches without explicitly telling it. Therefore targeting products and services based on your target audiences' demographics and geography can help you understand their Micro-Moments.

To learn your customers' geographic location on the website, you can provide them with a geotargeting request. Once they've accepted it, you can filter the information to provide them with the most useful data.

Now that we’ve learned what the customers want, the objective now is to retain them on the site. This can be done by keeping in mind a few simple but very important elements.

Site Loading Speed

Research has shown that the maximum number of smartphone users switch to another site if the current site does not load within 5 seconds. Shoppers do not like waiting in lines in physical stores the same goes for their online shopping personas. Therefore, it is vital that the site loads at a faster rate.

Provide Multiple Checkout Options

69% of the customers think it is important for online websites to provide them with multiple checkout options such as Home delivery or Store Pick- Up and the option of paying through various e-wallets.

Provide Customers with Product Reviews

Make it simpler for customers to reach their decision by providing them with genuine reviews of your product. Research has shown that 88% of customers trust online reviews and recommendations as much as personal recommendations.

How Sephora Leveraged Micro-Moments

The team at Sephora observed that the shoppers searched for Online Reviews while standing in the shop aisles. Customers also took their time to remember what shades of dresses or makeup they’d shopped the last time they were there. 

Sephora understood the potential that mobiles have in the field of retail.  So as a solution to the Customers' needs, they developed a website and an app that allowed customers to scan any product to check its reviews, the number of times the product was bought and also their shopping history.  

Winding Up

Designing websites according to Micro-Moments can help you reach customers more effectively. Customers driven to your website through Micro-Moment Marketing are intent-rich and are there to take immediate action not to just casually surf the web.
Using the right data and concepts like Predictive Analysis and Geo-Targeting, it is easier to maximize Customer Acquisitions. So, it is time to implement everything we've learned and make a difference.

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