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Learnings from the Most Popular Digital Marketing Campaigns

Learnings from the Most Popular Digital Marketing Campaigns
March 5, 2019

Learnings from the Most Popular Digital Marketing Campaigns

Mar 05, 2019
Rashmi Rao V
V Rashmi Rao, a Digital Marketer with 7+ years of experience in creative Content writing, proofreading and a SEO professional. Rashmi is a veteran for creating and managing digital content across mediums to help build relationships for organizations and individuals.

Great Digital Marketing Campaigns create wonderful memories wherein you connect with them emotionally, and these campaigns stay in our minds for several days or weeks and even for months. Brands introduce themselves through these digital marketing campaigns and hence they should be unique, creative, customer centric, precise and ultimately result-driven.

A good Digital Marketing Campaign is an online marketing effort carried by brands to engage their target audience, increase brand awareness, increase traffic, conversions and gain revenue. These campaigns are carried through various digital channels.

A Digital Marketing Campaign includes - Planning, Development & Management. Planning involves setting up of goals, target audience and duration of the campaign. Development involves the entire campaign strategy, marketing channels, target locations, reaching the target audience and creating consistency. Management involves deciding the overall success rate & value of the campaign.

You can benefit from a Digital marketing Campaign only if –

  • You do an appropriate Market Research and Competitor Analysis.
  • You define your Objectives and Goals
  • You understand Audience Setting and Value Propositions
  • You create a proper Channel Strategy
  • You do a clear Implementation
  • You are able to Measure the end results.

Let’s check out the Best Digital Marketing Campaigns of 2018 that have inspired, educated, entertained and attracted most of the audiences to a brand like never before.


1. LinkedIn: “In It Together”

The only professional social media network, LinkedIn is moving over the “white collar” stereotype. It launched a video “In it Together” during the Golden Globes awards to break the stereotype. The “In It Together” campaign includes a global audience, people from different industries with different designations.

The campaign focused on LinkedIn’s first real integrated marketing effort and it also involved online video, digital display, paid social media, podcasts, outdoor ads, partnerships, radio spots, and search engine marketing. LinkedIn ran the campaign for 12 weeks and targeted 4 core regions - San Francisco, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and Atlanta.

The company later compared LinkedIn activity in both targeted markets and not targeted markets. The video was shot in black-and-white documentary-style and featured LinkedIn users’ success stories in their unique environments.

Learning: LinkedIn made use of the elements that were more closer to the human’s emotional behaviour and supported empathy.


2. Amazon Influential

A recent study shows that more than 60% millennial consumers take recommendations from their friends or colleagues while making buying decisions. The 2nd most influential social media platform – YouTube also plays a major role in influencing people for making purchases.

Influencer marketing always helps and if we combine it with a strong video and an exceptional concept then it will surely boost a brand’s image and enhance brand awareness. Amazon used their Alexa-powered voice assistant, the Echo, with a small video content that featured famous celebrities across various careers, i.e. from comedy to cooking.

‘Alexa Has Lost Her Voice’ was the initial campaign aired at Superbowl. The campaign showcased influencers that placed the benefits of its voice technology-driven products at the heart of the production.

Learning: The video campaign gathered 47+ million views and it soon went viral, and it encouraged influencer marketing. Use Influencers to promote your brand image.


3. McDonald's - Follow the Arches

Playing with your brand’s logo and promoting the brand through it isn’t easy! Not everyone does that. Experimenting with their brand logo McDonald’s launched “Follow the Arches” campaign as one of their cleverest outdoor marketing campaigns by cropping the golden “M” and showing it as different directions to guide drivers to the nearest fast-food outlets.

This campaign was launched in high traffic areas of Toronto, Canada. At first, the campaign included 4 billboards , 3 static and 1 digital with part of the golden “M” alongwith messages like, “on your right”, “just missed us.

Learning: Messing with the logo was bold but a great move. To gather attention brand’s need to think out-of-the-box and take some extreme risks. But, ultimately it was a win-win for the brand. McDonald’s won the Outdoor Grand Prix at the Cannes Lion’s Festival for this Campaign.


4. IKEA - Make Everyday Brighter & Oddly IKEA

IKEA and its campaigns have always managed to hit the audiences right, it started by buzzing about its launch in India through its maiden campaign #MakeEverydayBrighter. The challenge then was to make IKEA a familiar brand for Indian citizens and to reach every single home through its products. The video describes how simple things can make your house a better place. 

IKEA promoted itself on Instagram along with short videos on the artistic pleasures associated with home furnishing and interiors like colourful curtains, Bedsheets, kitchen cabinets and more. Along with this it also created several campaigns especially for Mother’s Day and Marathon runners.

IKEA #MakeEverydayBrighter Digital Marketing Campaign

IKEA recently released the first in a series of long 25min ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) videos for their “Oddly IKEA” campaign. The campaign was created to highlight their back-to-school college dorm items. The video showed a women making the bed and fluffs pillows while making some whispering sounds about IKEA dorm solutions.

Learning: Although IKEA is new in India, but because of their brand campaigns today every house knows IKEAS by it name. 


5. Spotify - #2018Wrapped

Spotify started the year 2018 with a campaign called “2018 Goals,” by publishing some funny social media ad campaigns that focused on user location along with some local billboards. Later in Dec 2018, Spotify started, “#2018Wrapped” to encourage its listeners to check their listening stats of the whole year on

The #2018Wrapped included 350+ unique ads which were region specific, and it featured 50 artists & creators. This year-in-review campaign was called as “Goals” campaign.

Spotify #2018wrapped Digital Marketing Campaign

Learning: Spotify targeted its social media campaigns to specific user locations and reached maximum users.  


6. Airbnb - #LiveThere for the Indian market

Airbnb #LiveThere Digital Marketing Campaign

Airbnb has made our travel and search for accommodations easier & quicker. Launched at a time when the founders couldn’t afford their rent and today the site has about 150 million users, 4 million listings, and a $31 billion total valuation as of 2017.

Collaborating with MTV, the campaign #LiveThere focused primarily on user-generated images and videos shared on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter that featured the cities and properties the users visited, it included ‘how-to’ videos and posts focused towards owners, and popular city guides.

Airbnb promoted some funny and wonderful travel images from the travellers across the globe on their Instagram. This campaign mad Airbnb look like a travel forum where every traveller shared their personal experiences.


Learning: Creating demand around your product or service by connecting it with another aspect of the will surely help you to promote yourself better and increase profits. 


7. Uber - #BeyondFiveStars

Uber started its year 2018 by Thanking it drivers and showing that their driver do more than a 5* rating and dropping and picking up people from different places. In 2016 & 2017 Uber started in-app Compliments and Tipping to which riders gave their 100% support and thanked several times to Uber drivers for their safe rides.

To encourage the riders post positive reviews about their rides and how happy they were to take a Uber ride, Uber started #Beyondfivestars a campaign of series of videos which showed the Drivers who were complimented the most in 2017 an asked riders to share their ride experiences on social media platforms like Fb, Twitter, and Instagram along with compliments on the App.

Uber #BeyondFiveStars Digital Marketing Campaign

Learning: Uber used real experiences to promote itself and tried to reach customers through an emotional touch and genuine reviews & compliments.


8. MakeMyTrip - Zero Cancellation Campaign

Everybody loves watching Indian Television actors in brand advertisements and one such advertise of 2018 was of MakeMyTrip that featured both the brand ambassadors Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt, the campaign was “Zero Cancellation Charges for booking of hotel rooms made through MakeMyTrip. The offer was applicable for 10000+ hotels!

Learning: MakeMyTrip touched its audiences through personalization and encouraged clients to make their hotel booking without any fear in mind of getting charged of any cancellation fee. It involved a customer-centric approach aim was to make customers happy.


9. KFC - 11 Herbs & Spices

KFC 11 herbs & spices Digital Marketing Campaign

KFC has a smart team of creative thinkers who just created a BUZZ on Twitter by posting KFC follows 11 people. 5 Spice Girls and 6 Guys named Herb. The Twitterati initially didn’t understand what KFC wanted to say but later realised that they were indicating towards Chains special 11 Herbs & Spices using which the world famous Chicken is made. For this tweet post, KFC got 2,50,000 retweets and 5,60,000 likes.

Learning: Sometimes posting some random, funny posts can work wonders for your brand. Make sure you have a huge follower base so that you can reach maximum people.


10. Domino’s - Anyware

Domino’s is famous for its marketing campaigns since 2009-2010. Their recent “Domino’s Anyware” has was huge success and was mentioned as a tech company than just a pizza chain in major publications like Forbes, Wired, Cnet, and Fast Company. 

The whole idea was to make ordering pizza an easy task and people can place orders from anywhere. Customer started ordering from Twitter and slowly moved to Amazon Alexa, Slack, and Facebook Messenger Chatbot. The campaign created a two-fold effect, customers now could order pizzas from anywhere through a simple app and was called “Zero Click.”

Another benefit was that a normal Pizza making company was now more of a tech company that offered some cool services.

Learning:  Before you start a marketing campaign, choose an appropriate Digital Marketing channel and what you shall share through these channels. Make you online buying process easy so that customers can easily purchase your products and move out.


11. Twitter’s #BrandBowl

Twitter #BrandBowl Digital Marketing Campaign

In year 2018, Twitter is famous for creating all kinds of commercial hype and this time it used its efforts to control the hype by hosting the #BrandBowl. In this competition marketing teams of major brand’s competed against each other in various categories related to online engagement.

The winners were:

The Winners of the competition received credits for running the Twitter ads and receiving large consumer reach along with a nice custom trophy and industry proud rights.

Main audiences that drew attention through #BrandBowl campaign: 

Firstly, it was the Users, who were encouraging their favourite commercials running on Twitter. Secondly, the Brands, who were continuously promoting their ads, videos, and hashtags as much as possible.

Twitter was conducting a survey to know more about user engagement during the #BrandBowl, surprisingly the results were amazing, there was a 42% increase in Twitter ads user engagement and a 14% increase in TV ads engagement.

Learning: Using creative ways to sell your products to customer base helps a lot. Twitter also suggested that “their ad credits were a prize worthy of the best brands competing for and connected famous brands (the winners) to their platform.”


12. IHOP to IHOb

A nice example of simple Rebranding, IHOP( International House of Pancakes) recently changed its brand to IHOb. It made this announcement on Twitter and everyone was amazed what the”b” meant in the name. Soon the brand also made another announcement that the “b” stands for Burgers.

The idea was to flip the last letter P to b like they often flip pancakes. As the launch was sudden and silent Twitter was storming with messages. 

Learning: IHOb received around 6477% in social media mentions in just one day. The #IHOP & #IHOb received 297+ million impressions boosting the brand awareness on a large scale.


13. Dove - Change the Rhyme India

A person’s skin colour has always been conventional and a topic of discussion in India. With the new campaign of Dove #changetherhyme, it wishes to celebrate the real beauty of a person. The campaign included video of Indian athletes working out on the tune of a nursery rhyme “Chubby cheeks.”

Brand wanted to remove the aged notion of differentiating people on the basis of skin colour. It also aimed at removing the unrealistic beauty standards created by the society amongst the young girls. 

Learning: Create user engagement to reach them. Ask questions to your users, answer some questions. Interact with audiences. With the video the brand received a lot of attention.


14. Adidas & Crowd Engagement

Adidas, one of the huge brands in the Sports industry started an innovative digital marketing campaign in April 2018. Adidas requested 30,000 runners of the Boston Marathon to share personal videos that featured them with the new running apparel.

With the help of a logical mix of user-generated content and nascent technologies like race bibs equipped with high-tech tracker chips, the campaign was a successful one. Because of the campaign the viewers could peep into the entire buzz of the marathon and they experienced a real-time visual content that showed the progress of each participant. 

Learning: The campaign was personal, emotional and immersive that proved be an innovative campaign, resulting in a collective 100,000 video views in the first 2 days following the race.

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