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Learn Affiliate Marketing in 10 Easy Steps

Learn Affiliate Marketing in 10 Easy Steps
January 7, 2021

Learn Affiliate Marketing in 10 Easy Steps

Jan 07, 2021
Devyani Paliwal
Devyani is an ACJ graduate with a bachelors in English Literature. A voracious reader since her school days, cinema aficionado and music enthusiast, she has been doing content writing for some time now.

Can you imagine getting paid to promote something you actually believe in? That is the essence of affiliate marketing. It is the process through which one can earn by getting a commission by effectively marketing the product of other people or companies. Commision is earned on every successful sale made by you.

How to Get Started For Affiliate Marketing?

It is a great way to earn a decent amount of money while investing your time and efforts into something you truly believe in. A few pointers which will make it easier to start in this field are:

  • Figure out what you’re truly passionate about so that you can advertise it to the best of your abilities.
  • Research and find out a program that can help you in promoting the products of your choice.
  • Have an online space, like a blog or a website, where you can maintain and develop your skills as a marketer.
  • Start creating and be as creative as you can be. Work on honing your skills every day.

How Much Can Beginners Earn From Affiliate marketing?

Beginners can earn a steady amount provided you make enough sales or if they work for websites such as Amazon, one can earn a commission whenever a follower purchases anything using their referral links - even if they don’t purchase that particular product. Affiliate marketing is all about making smart choices and then following them through.

10 Steps that Make Your Affiliate Marketing Success

1. Choose the Right Platform for Affiiate Marketing

This is an important step since it forms the foundation on which all your work will be built. Be it a website or blog, or anything else that suits your style, make sure it consists of elements that will resonate with the visitors.

2. Find Your Niche

While there is no harm in having many niches but make sure to start with one and master it first. This is because authenticity matters a lot when it comes to connecting with visitors and building a decent following. Authenticity can be achieved when one markets a product or niche that they truly believe in.

3. Research Products in Your Niche

Never skip this part. It is essential that you be properly educated and informed about the products you wish to sell. This is because if a potential buyer asks a question and you can’t answer, not only do you lose credibility, but so does the product.

4. Choose the Right Products and Concentrate on One Niche

Even in a niche of your choice, make sure to choose the right products that are easier to sell. Keep up with trends and try to sell things that people want to buy, and don’t keep switching niches.

5. Sign Up for the Amazon Affiliate Program

It is one of the easiest ways to earn. All you have to do is when you get approval for amazon affiliate marketing after signing up, put the links up on your blog or website and get commission whenever somebody buys anything off Amazon using those links.

6. Join Affiliate Programs

There are various programs and affiliate marketing websites that you can get into in order to monetize your blog or website. Keep looking and do proper research.

7. Create Value Content

Content is king is not just a saying. It can make the difference between you making a sale or not. So make sure the content resonates with your target audience

8. Generate Traffic for Affiliate Marketing

Social media should be your priority when it comes to promotion and getting more traction or traffic. Besides the various platforms, Quora, and paid advertising are some other avenues that should be explored.

9. Get More Clicks On Affiliate Links

There are a lot of ways in which those clicks can be increased. Some ways are - underline hyperlinks, add affiliate links to navigation menus, include charts and tables, create suspense, among others.

10. Convert Clicks into Profits

You’re not a good affiliate marketer unless you have achieved this. Your profit is calculated when the difference between your earnings per click and cost per click is positive.


Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money without any base costs and it only gets better as you get more experience and increase your following. Affiliate marketing is one of the best and low-cost way to market your product and it is also effective which makes you to focus more on other areas of marketing.

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