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Latest Digital Marketing Trends in Fashion Industry

Latest Digital Marketing Trends in Fashion Industry
Rajesh Deenadayalan
April 11, 2017

In the present world of business, it is becoming nearly impossible to think of running an enterprise without the support of digital marketing initiatives. With that being said, Apparel & Fashion Industry is no different. With E-Commerce sites on the rise day by day, people behind them take enormous advantage of Digital Marketing Programs to penetrate in to the market and to have a wider reach of the audience.

Today, fashion industry is perhaps seeing a phenomenal turnaround because of different reasons; some of them could be attributed to the change in business climate, E-commerce boom, demographics, etc. With the growing average disposable income and spending patterns on the rise, people do not hesitate to spend fortunes on fashion merchandise. Though there is a change in buying landscape & buying behavior, the average purchasing spends have increased like never before.

Segmentation in Fashion Industry

Segmentation in Fashion Industry
Fashion industry is touted to be a 1.3 trillion USD globally; broadly fashion is classified into apparels, jewellery, personal accessories, footwear, etc. The following infographics presents the percentage of stake by respective segment.

Industry Facts

  • Shopaholics look for information online before (87%), during (82%) & after (35%) visiting a store (Google).
  • 75% of mobile users say they reach retailer website or app on their smart device to address their needs (Google).
  • 56% of marketers say a consistent brand experience is a top digital priority (Boston Retail Partners).

Industry Facts

Fashion E-Commerce

  • By 2020, India is expected to generate $100 billion online retail revenue, of which $35 billion will come from fashion e-commerce.
    Fashion E-Commerce
    E-Commerce companies in india
  • Online apparel sales are set to grow four times in the next 5 years.
  • Fashion E-Commerce

  • Ever third query on Google is related to Fashion and this trend increases at 65% annually.
  • Fashion Sales

  • Fashion sales on the Internet will grow to 35% by 2020.

Mobile E-Commerce

Consumer behavior shift to online shopping from retail stores isn’t lost on wireless electronic devices, which eventually gave birth to M-Commerce (Mobile Commerce). Mobile electronic-commerce is sales transactions through wireless electronic hand held devices such as mobile phones, laptops & smart phones, etc. These wireless devices interact with computer networks that have the ability to conduct online purchases.

A survey by Emarketer estimates that that there will be over 4.78 billion mobile phone users worldwide by 2020, which roughly translates to over 55% of world population. With this exponential rise in the smart phone users the mobile Ecommerce is all set to stay and take a larger pie of business transactions.
Fashion Sales

Fashion Industry Digital Marketing Practices

1. Content – Click – Shop

"Content is king" is period, marketing is no exception; marketing is next to impossible without great content. Content marketing should always be a part of the process, not something separate. Marketing content with great blogs, videos, social media posts, images, e-zines can create a greater impact on the buying behavior of consumers.

2. Customized Email Campaign

Personalization of emails could create a positive impact leading to big wins. Emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more possible to be opened. Simple tips like getting the right field in the sign up form, the fashion brands could send the exact information to the right audience, like men styles to men & women’s new merchandise designs to women. Email marketing has been the oldest marketing technique and it shall never die away off because of the reasonable ROI's it offers. For every $1 spent, email marketing makes $38 in revenue.

3. High Quality Fashion Blogging

Blogging on the latest trends on subjects like clothing line, accessories, fashion tips, haute couture, color combinations, street styles, celebrity fashions, etc. could always be helpful in generating a lot of buzz about the brand & in turn generates leads. Most of the top brands have professional fashion bloggers who write to promote about their new products and merchandise. Budget Fashionista, Bag Snob, she are top independent fashion blogging companies which make revenues just by writing.

"Content is king" is period, marketing is no exception; marketing is next to impossible without great content. Content marketing should always be a part of the process, not something separate. Marketing content with great blogs, videos, social media posts, images, e-zines can create a greater impact on the buying behavior of consumers.

4. Strategic Influencer Marketing

Any marketing activity which focuses on using key leaders to drive a brand to the larger market is called as influencer marketing, In other words the influencer give a subtle mention about the brand or product in his or her story telling. A recent survey revealed 84% of marketers plan on executing at least one influencer marketing campaign during the next 12 months. 96% of marketers agree influencer marketing can increase brand equity. To an industry like fashion, influencers play a noteworthy role.
Chiara Ferragni is an Italian fashionista and a well-known social media fashion influencer.
Chiara Ferragni Social Media Fashion Influencer
Yu Ming Wu is one of the most influential people in the sneakers world with over million Instagram followers.
Yu Ming Wu

5. Discount Programs

With cut throat competition in the retail and e-commerce fashion business, discounting is one thing which people look for to buy merchandise; a sale is through purely based on the discount offered by a company. Discount should take a new avatar during festive and holidays season, so as to drive the customer to your site or to your retail outlet. This discounting program has to be promoted quite carefully before the arrival and during the season through all major social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Email marketing and also through blogging.
Discount Programs

6. Web Based Dress Rentals

Web-based dress rental platforms like Rent the Runway, Bag Borrow or Steal, Le Tote, Lending luxury allows fashionable women to rent designers dresses, private labels, top brands and accessories. The idea of renting out dresses may seem odd, but the potential this avenue offers is quite significant.

Fashion brands can leverage this platform to showcase their latest offerings and designs in a way to promote their brand and designs in the market. Digital marketing practices could be handy in taking this initiative further.

7. Social Media Marketing

Fashion Industry and social media marketing compliments to a large extent as most of the fashionistas are quite active on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. emphasis on such platforms have become more imperative and inevitable. Social media becomes an eye opener when it comes to fashion. Most of the millennials, Gen Y, Gen X take the help of social media to get to know about the latest trends in the world of Fashion.

Inevitable Instagram
A platform where top brands compete unanimously to showcase their latest offerings/designs is Instagram, what started as a platform to share photographs; slowly Instagram took a facelift and started attracting all the fashionistas particularly the youth. Today any fashion brand has their presence in Instagram.
Instagram followers
Nike Instagram
Boomerang by Instagram
Boomerang is video-sharing medium, with the videos going on a back-and-forth loop. Celebrities and Fashion models post videos made in Boomerang to put some fun into their follower’s feeds. The fashion world loves that.
Boomerang by Instagram

Tweets & Tw’itteratis
Fashion Bloggers take their brand and labels to the public through twitter with their tweets & hash tags, some of the famous hashtags includes #ootd, #fashionistas, #livetrends. Fashion brands globally that have enormous fan following through twitter some of them includes:
Fashion Labels on Twitter

Live Streaming
Live streaming is becoming one of the popular digital marketing strategies to promote fashion related events including the NY Fashion & London Fashion Weeks, etc. It goes live through mediums like Face book, YouTube and other video streaming channels like periscope.
Live Streaming

SEO & Adwords Campaign

Adwords Campaigning on the Google Search Network, Display Network & YouTube Network cannot be negated and is a rudimentary level strategy to target customers. Fashion brands should make extensive use of this platform with their static, dynamic ads and also through YouTube ads.

Search engine optimization has to be done for better visibility of your website and better ranking on search engines. This has to be done without fail, because a sizeable portion of the sales process happens through search engine as a medium.

With facebook still being the mother of all social networking platforms, fashion brands leverage a lot on this medium as a part of their digital marketing strategy to promote their brands and generate leads.

  • Retargeting with facebook advertisements will have to be done incessantly, so that our target audiences are being reminded about their buying plans with the respective brand or website.
  • Having an exclusive page for a brand is a must do thing to know the tastes and preferences of the target audiences and also to build a fan base, followers etc.
  • Facebook’s Marketplace could as well be another option to showcase the fashion brands.

Live Streaming

A new image messaging & multimedia platform, fashion brands yet again leave no stone unturned to explore this medium to attract customers, some of the popular fashion brands who have their presence felt strong in snapchat are Burberry, ASOS, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci etc.
Fendi’s Snapchat Tour

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