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Joining a Digital Marketing Course? Look for These 10 Qualities

Joining a Digital Marketing Course? Look for These 10 Qualities
October 27, 2018

Joining a Digital Marketing Course? Look for These 10 Qualities

Oct 27, 2018
Soundarya Durgumahanthi
Soundarya is a Digital Marketer

Digital Marketing is on everyone’s lips now. Curious about the topic, I search for digital marketing courses. The next day, all my social media newsfeed was filled with Digital marketing course details and the job opportunities related to it. To be honest, I was surrounded by so much of Digital Marketing snippets that I was compelled to know about Digital marketing thoroughly. 

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing includes all promoting endeavors that use an electronic gadget or the web. It is characterized by the use of various strategies and channels to connect with customers where they invest a lot of their time and energy, i.e., on the web. From the website itself to a business' web-based marketing resources - computerized promoting, email advertising, online pamphlets, and past - there's a range of strategies that fall under the umbrella of "Digital Marketing."

After diving deep into the topic, it came to notice that most of the people, especially fresher graduates wanting to switch their career, face a lot of difficulties while choosing a Digital marketing course offered by numerous no. of institutes in every nook and corner of India. 

Why not discuss it now?  Let's look at all the factors one should glimpse on while joining a digital marketing course.


Despite how out of the box it sounds like, the zeal you have for a particular area continues as the most significant factor in discovering the ideal career path. Find your interests, skills, and faith to ensure you are sufficiently very persuaded to excel in the space that interests you. Inside the Digital Marketing field, you will discover a lot of channels and find out about which channel you are searching to ponder over.

The Institute’s Reputation

The primary thing that pops up while picking a digital marketing institute is: On what basis should you choose one. This is the place where the reputation of the institution becomes possibly the most crucial factor as its priority would focus on the course it provides and the knowledge you gain. 

It is fundamental to know the in and out of the institution you will join viz., the number of years it has been in the business, the assortment of courses they give, the experience of their faculty, and so forth. The best way is to check the online presence of the institution. The other factors should include the growth procedure of the institute, the license, and accreditation and the alumni's point of view on the institute.

Course Faculty

Everything falls apart when the time comes to pick the faculty. The institution might be offering the best class, giving well-crafted courses, and well-templated syllabus but, everything tears apart if you don't get those best mentors who can make everything simple for you. Completing a foundation check with the graduated class is the best thing to determine it. 

Also, a few institutes don't have an all day working for personnel. They hire working professionals for a 2-3 hr period consistently only for the class. The massive disadvantage of this is the workforce can't give their full time to you. This inevitably turns into a one-person conversation where all the others are simply nodding their heads. The personnel won't be able to address every one of your questions completely which would create a feeling of dissatisfaction in you and later loss of interest for the course. To keep away from this, ensure the personnel of the organization is accessible for full-time where you can clear your doubts after the classes are finished.

Modules Offered

The syllabus, curriculum and the time given for the study of each module are very important while choosing your institution everything should be in an order like the basics first then expanding the whole topic of the digital marketing. You should always know how important are each of the topics and their role in digital marketing. 

Look for the ones that provide a hands-on experience so that you can practice what you've learned. Choose institutions that offer demo classes before the commencement of the regular ones. By doing this, you can have a brief understanding of the teaching procedure, the class strength and if possible, you can interact with the alumni and have their opinion. The following are the modules that should be provided in every full-time digital marketing course: 

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Creation of Website, Microsite
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Fundamentals of AdWords
  • Display Advertising using AdWords
  • Search Advertising & Adwords Tools
  • Advertising on mobile
  • Video Advertising using YouTube
  • Google Analytics
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web Analytics
  • Shopping Advertising with Google
  • Content and Inbound Marketing
  • Email and Affiliate Marketing


I agree. Certification is nowhere when compared to your skills. But as a student and job seeker or a professional who wants to switch career, you will have to know the importance of having a course completion certificate as that is what companies ask for when you go for an interview.

Some institutions include certification fee in the fee structure so that you need not worry about it later. It's better to join such an institute that supports in these aspects of written examinations and give prior training to excel it. 

But, in the first place, you need to know what are the basic certifications you need to apply for Digital marketing firms. And then match with the institutions that provide the same.  The following are the essential certifications you need to become a digital marketer:

Google Ads Certification
Google Analytics Certification
Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification
Youtube Certification
Twitter Flight School Certification

Well, most of the institutes provide Google Ads certification, there are some which provide other certifications too. 

Paid Internships

With regards to acing that job offer, adding extracurricular exercises to your CV is just the same old thing. Applicable work experience through an internship is one of the key qualities looked for by graduate employers. When you take a look at the reasons behind why internships are so useful, Here are the stats:  As indicated by, 85% of organizations use internships to enroll for full-time jobs, with former interns anticipated to fill 37% of graduate openings.

Moreover, during your internship time, work pressure is likely to be less than in a full-time job, so you will have the opportunity to explore various sectors in digital marketing. Look for institutions that offer paid internships just after the course completion and before the placement process begins. 


When you have vast knowledge on the subject, there is nothing to stress over employment situation. Since having sound experience, will drive your profession with grand openings for work. However, there are a few factors you need to look for regarding placements while joining a digital marketing institute.

Nowadays, there are a lot of digital marketing training institutes in India that offer you outstanding job placement opportunities for your successful career. Even placement support would do. Have a look at the companies your institute is tied up to. If they are startups, have thorough research on them. When coming to taking that job offer, it is recommended to work in startups if you're a fresher, rather than in MNCs. Because startups provide you with the exposure of real-time digital marketing projects rather than in MNCs where you have to work under a specific sector. Choose a digital marketing course with placement assurance, to be sure about your future.

Reviews and Ratings

Digital marketing itself means creating your presence on the web. Here, maintain a business reputation is the most complex task for businessmen because they cannot afford to get negative reviews and comments on their business. And this can be an advantage for clients like us to rate various enterprises or in our case, institutes. 

While looking for a digital marketing institute, make sure you read all the reviews and have a look at the ratings on Google business. The institute itself may post some reviews through the alumni. But, there do exist some who are genuine. Nowadays, many institutes advertise and influence people to fall into their trap. Make sure you've made a proper inquiry before finalizing one. 

Batch Strength

Can you concentrate in a class where there are 30-40 more students like you? No. As a fresher, you require special attention, and you need to expect that at any expense. Joining a digital marketing institute is presumably not like getting prepared for a school exam. You have to prepare yourself for certifications and then placements in top companies. For that, you need to ace the subject in less than 2-3 months, i.e., the course period. So, think now, a batch of 30-40 students or 10-15 students?

Fee Structure

Assuredly, quality compliments cost. But, some digital marketing institutes work just for cash. All things considered, not all the training institutes' focuses are same. Some very much recognized institutes may request higher prices. Thus, it's in your grasp to choose which institution is justified regardless of the cash you spend and gives you quality learning at a moderate expense.

Winding Up

Still, the Digital marketing industry has a vast gap in between demand and supply, and this is the opportune time to learn digital marketing course and land in that dream job role you've always wanted to.

The above points are just the guidelines to how you should choose a Digital marketing course offered by institutes, what matters the most is your keen interest in the subject and eventually the decision has to be taken by you. 

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