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Introducing Digital Ready Assessment Program (DRAP)

Chiranjeevi Maddala
October 10, 2016

Since the inception of the Digital Ready Training Institute, we have been carefully observing the problems faced by freshers and experienced professionals on their job search. One of the biggest problems according to us is that the candidates are not able to assess their actual capabilities and either losing time (or) landing in wrong jobs. Unlike a software job, a job in digital marketing typically requires a combination of creative, marketing and technical skills with required business sense.

To learn how to work with various digital channels is not enough for a candidate to get a job that can shape-up his future in a great way. The expectations of the companies are growing every day. They don’t just need the team players but a bit more. I keep telling the analogy of throwing stones to hit the target to our students. Imagine you need to hit a target with a stone, where you need to buy each stone at a price of Rs.10,000 and when you hit the target, you will get a prize money of Rs.1,00,000. What should be your strategy?

Do you buy and throw many stones at a time, or learn how to throw a stone to hit the target and then try it? As a business owner, especially a small business owner, my preference would be to reduce the wastage and improve the precision. That would give me the best return on investment (ROI). So are the other companies.

How do you know if you have the qualities that are required by the typical employers in the digital marketing field? How can you tell if you are in the right stream of the digital marketing process, which you love? How do you match your skills with the right company, so that you will spend more time on the achievements than searching for new jobs?

As the investments in the digital marketing are on the rise and all types of companies are going for digital dominance, the need for the right digital marketer is on the rise.

At Digital Ready, we keep on working to discover the ways to reduce the gap between the industry requirements and the talent available in the market. We have created an assessment method through which a candidate can see how far he/she is eligible to perform the jobs offered by the companies. This assessment is not limited to just asking few questions and scoring. We made it little more efficient and sophisticated. When you go through the Digital Ready’s Assessment Program (DRAP), you will understand how far your capabilities are aligned with the digital marketing industry; you will see a clear path for your future endeavors.

What is DRAP?

You will be assessed based on the following criteria and will given a report on your performance. You will also be presented with the right set of career options and how you should prepare yourself for them.

  • Ability to Analyze the Client Requirements and Strategy Preparation
  • Ability to Generate Content Concepts
  • Ability to Produce Content
  • Ability to Setup Campaigns and Optimize for Positive ROI
  • Ability to Manage Social Media Profiles and Communication
  • Ability to Run Email and Mobile Campaigns
  • Ability to Run A/B Tests and Analyze Results
  • Ability to Generate Key Analytics Reports

How Does DRAP Work?

Below is the list of requirements that need to be satisfied to get certified.

  • A Minimum of 300 Hours of Work in the Digital Marketing Domain
  • Complete 10 Assignments
  • Qualify in the Written Exam with a Minimum of 80%
  • Showcase 3 Successful Campaigns (Your Own Work)

Eligibility for DRAP

You are eligible to take DRAP if you belong to one or more categories mentioned below.

  • Fresh MBA Graduate with Knowledge of Digital Marketing
  • Fresh B.Tech Graduate with Knowledge of Digital Marketing
  • Experienced Digital Marketing Professional
  • Experienced Marketing Professional with Digital Marketing Knowledge

DRAP will be FREE for a limited period. If you are a fresher or an experienced professional and want to check your suitability for a digital marketing role, please send us a message and our team will contact you.

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