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Interview With Professional Blogger Expert, Anil Agarwal

Interview With Professional Blogger Expert, Anil Agarwal
March 9, 2018

Interview With Professional Blogger Expert, Anil Agarwal

Mar 09, 2018
Chiranjeevi Maddala
Chiranjeevi Maddala is an award winning digital marketing strategist with over 18 Years of experience in digital media development and marketing.

Anil Agarwal is a passionate blogger and SEO expert who shares strategies about how to increase traffic and sales of a blog through his experience.

Anil Agarwal

Founder at Bloggers Passion

1. How has Digital Marketing changed over the years?

Digital marketing is only evolving with each year. Digital marketing is NOT the same as compared to the years back in 2012. Bloggers and marketers are used to heavily promote their sites and products by using black hat tactics like spamming, email blasting, cold calling etc. Now, it doesn’t work that way. You’ve to use proven tactics like content marketing, SEO, blogger email outreach, network building etc (which all take a ton of time) to build a great brand and boost your profits online. To simply put it, digital marketing has evolved from “get rich quick scheme” to “work really harder for years to see long term results”. That’s a great thing for bloggers and marketers who are looking to build a career in digital marketing.

2. What skill sets do people need to possess to be able to sustain market fluctuations?

I think 3 skills every digital marketer need to sustain even in a crowded market. Here they are: #1: Communication skills - Blogging and digital marketing is mostly about communicating your thoughts through videos, podcasts, articles, guest posts etc. If you don’t develop communication skills, you’re gone. Your competitors will eat you and you can’t sustain for long term, so make sure to find what channel works best for you (few are great at video marketing and others are great at podcasting) and hone your skills to be an expert. #2: Negotiation skills - This skill is a must for every marketer. If you don’t know how to negotiate, you’ll either end up getting paid less or you won’t survive. I highly recommend you to read “Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It” book by Christopher Voss. And learn the art of selling without sounding like a sales guy. #3: Public speaking - As a digital marketer, you have to learn how to communicate with public. Public speaking is an art and an essential skill which not only helps you boost your confidence but also sets you apart from your competitors. Start with live videos on Facebook then move on to conducting webinars and then try seminars with people to hone your public speaking skills.

3. What are some of your most trusted SEO best practices?

Although there are a ton of best SEO practices which we’re using to grow our blog’s search traffic and sales, here’s the one best SEO practice I’d highly recommend everyone to follow. Create long form of content with over 2000+ words. Don’t do it for search engines but do it for people to be able to provide them all sort of answers within one post. That way, you’ll not only be pleasing search engines but also your target audience. This will also sets you apart from your competitors who are creating 1000 words blog posts.

4. As a digital marketer, what are some of the most vital blunders that you suggest should be avoided?

Here are 2 blunders most marketers make:
  1. They wait for the RIGHT time (there’s no perfect time, just start)
  2. They focus on getting more traffic or conversions instead of helping people (focus on helping people instead of traffic and you’ll succeed)

5. In the next 5 years, where do you see the scenario with respect to digital marketing?

Digital marketing has become already a trend. It’s getting widely popular every single year. In the next 5 years, I think most people choose to become digital marketers instead of going for rat race jobs.

6. What tools would you suggest as some of the most essential ones for handling the digital marketing process?

There’s only one tool I suggest: SEMrush. You can do everything from competitor analysis to site audits to keyword research with SEMrush. Although it costs you $100 but it is worth every penny. Digital Ready blog readers can read my detailed review along with 30 days free access worth $100 by using this link.

7. For someone in the digital media marketing, what best practices would you suggest for media planning and buying?

Instead of outsourcing all your digital marketing needs to an agency, find and hire the RIGHT people who are smarter than you. That way you’ll be able to use their ideas to boost your brand and online visibility.

8. What are your opinions about hyper-personalisation? Would you say it works out in most cases?

It’s not a new thing. Google has been doing it since ages to be able to provide perfectly crafted ads for the people by collecting data from cooking, browsing history etc. As a marketer, you can use tools like Crazy Egg etc to know how your audience are behaving when they visit your site so you can personalise your services or products accordingly.

9. How to plan out a customer journey that not only retains existing customers, but also drives new customers as well?

Learn how to turn website visitors into leads and then customers. You can do that effectively by building and growing an email list. Email list is the way to go if you want to retain your customers or get more customers. If you’re not building an email list yet, you should be doing it from now on. Learn how to write engaging sales copies and create automatic workflows to automate your email marketing process by using the right tools like Infusionsoft, GetResponse etc.

10. How far has social media been effective in the digital journey and what opportunities does it hold for the future?

Social media gives you buzz really quickly even if you don’t have prior online reputation. You should just know how to promote it effectively using viral stories, influencer outreach etc to be able to make it work for you in the future.

11. While creating buyer personas, what are the most vital points that one needs to keep in mind?

Find out what your target audience wants and then be able to provide solutions better than your competitors - that’s the key!

12. According to you, what determines the reach of the content among the audience?

Epic and engaging content. Even if you’re writing a blog post on the old topic, you can make it viral by finding a unique angle. Make it visually appealing, approach the right bloggers to promote it (linking or social sharing), get enough traction and you’re done!

13. If you could advise one thing about online advertising, what would it be?

Test. Test as much as you can. Test with the headlines. Test with your ad copies. Test your conversions. Test your advertising channels.

14. What is your take on influencer marketing?

It works like a charm. If I had to start an online business from scratch, I’d prefer it hands down. Connecting and finding the right influencers to promote your brand is the fastest way to boost your online visibility. Find out how others are doing it and be ready to spend some money on getting traction to your business through influencer marketing.

15. How far has the evolution of digital marketing taken you as a digital marketer?

I’m able to impact others lives through blogging and digital marketing. I’m able to create great content that actually solves my target audience problems. That’s the greatest success for me!

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