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How We are Making the People of Ghana Digital Ready

October 14, 2021

How We are Making the People of Ghana Digital Ready

Oct 14, 2021
Akriti Raturi
Akriti is an UGC Net Qualified Assistant Professor. She is an alumni of Miranda House, University of Delhi, and has a passion for teaching.

Digital Ready has a long association with the Republic of Ghana. We have our students who have excelled in our Digital Marketing Course and are now running successful online businesses.

Our Digital Marketing Course offers a wholesome platter for Digital Marketing enthusiasts. We focus on building a solid foundation for our students which enables them to soar high in the sky.   

The classes begin with an introduction to the course, moving on to website creation and designing. Content curation and strong communication skills are also imbibed by the students. The students from thereon move towards gaining digital advertising and social media marketing skills. The students are also introduced to the concept of Artificial Intelligence which is one of the principal concepts in the arena of Digital Marketing.

Following the completion of the training, the students are also provided with a month-long internship wherein they showcase the skills that they have acquired during the training process. This internship session proves to be highly fruitful as all the students here receive practical exposure of the real world and thus they are able to prepare themselves one step ahead for the future.        

Let’s take a look at our current Ghana Batch:

Mary Asante

Mary is a budding entrepreneur who wishes to run an online health store wherein she will promote high-quality and organic produce. Mary believes in creating a sustainable global environment, providing training and dignity to the farmers and bringing health and happiness to all of her customers.     


Christian’s dreams are big and beautiful. He is dealing with home appliances and consumer goods on an offline platform. He now wishes to expand his business by starting a full-fledged shopping mart online. His plan is to later on build a chain of his network and expand his business in other countries as well. 


Sowah is a true businessman in a great sense. He is already running a successful real estate company and now wishes to enter into the domain of the fashion industry. He wishes to run an online fashion e-store where fashion enthusiasts can indulge into a range of beauty and fashion accessories.    
He also aspires to work in Facilities Management with a speciality in Market Management and aid his tenants to run their business online.  


Kingston wishes to rule the catering industry dealing in products and services. His aim is to create an online catering industry that caters to the demand of the entire Accra region. He is not only focussing on preparation, creation and delivery but also wants to include the rental, clean-up, decoration services. 

Nana Yaw

Nana too wishes to set up a catering industry dealing in products and services. He is a food enthusiast and wants to get inside the food industry. He has an eye for detailing and wants to present the highest quality of food on the customer’s table. 
His aim is to build a brand that promotes African flavours and promote that on a global platform. 

Karim is into health and fitness and therefore wants to set up an e-commerce health supplements store. His company focuses on offering the right amount and quality of vitamins and supplements to the audience who believes in leading a fit and healthy lifestyle. He wants to create a simple product that delivers quick and smoothly. He believes that being able to communicate the value of the product with customers is key to achieving success.


Nana runs a real-estate company and now aims at making it big time by entering into the online arena. His objective is to make a difference by creating a more employable workforce while focussing on a sustainable environment. He wishes to create a premium property that focuses on a sustainable lifestyle.

Emmanuel Jedidiah

Emmanuel is a movie buff and loves music. He wants to turn his passion into his profession by creating an e-commerce platform where people can watch their favourite movies and music. His media service will include genres from far across the globe and capture global audiences. 

All the above-mentioned students are now running their e-commerce websites successfully. Digital Ready helps students to establish their businesses and promote it on a global platform. 

Digital Ready gives wings to the students’ dreams and enables them to grow and explore the well of infinite opportunities in digital marketing.  

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