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How to Use Rich Media Content to Engage Your Site Visitors?

How to Use Rich Media Content to Engage Your Site Visitors?
April 7, 2017

How to Use Rich Media Content to Engage Your Site Visitors?

Apr 07, 2017
Abhilash Kalverga

Images, video, audio, infographics, are basic elements in the rich media which help your website to be on the top. The website to be successful in their campaigns, they have to make sure their video, infographics, images, audio catch the eyes of the audience and make them convert into leads. When it comes to marketing, the key point is gaining clicks, lead, and conversion.

What is Rich Media Content?

Rich media Content is an Internet advertising term for a web page promotion that makes new innovation, for example, streaming video, downloaded applets (programs) that combine in a flash with the user and advertisements that change when the client's mouse neglect over it.

  • An ad for a movie includes a streaming video makes a sample scene from the movie.
  • Rich media advertising are defined as those with which user interact or engage, as opposed to entire view animation.

Why Do You Need to Use Rich Media Content?

In any company website, the aim of the owner is to convert his visitors into paying customers. But by researching from different sources shows that 55% of the users are just spending 15 seconds of time on a web page. Rich media content welcomes your customers to collude with it. Thus, this encourages them to remain longer on your site and give you more opportunity to demonstrate to you why they require your product or service. Videos and Infographics are two examples rich media content. Explained below is the process, how you can use the rich media


The information was given by cisco that many of the users are more attracting towards video content. The video content can be easily understood by the users were each and every person can easily watch. It’s a super thought of where we can directly communicate with the customers or Audience. Watching a short video clip generates adequate information about the product and it helps in increasing the sales of the product. To keep your customers engaged, you should communicate your key message to customers in a short period with effective video content.


Reach Media Infographics

  • Another type of rich media content is Infographics that attracts the Customers.
  • Recent days many of the web pages are using infographics, that shows how popular visual content is.
  • Infographics are the bits like virtual posters, they visually present useful information in the form of images, videos, text, graphs, stats, and charts.
  • The greatness of this infographic is that different visual components are combined to tell a story. These components actually draw your eye down the page and catch your enthusiasm by separating the data into different visual effects.
  • According to research done by some experts, 85% of the users tend to read text placed on the infographic. The increase of usage of infographic the customer will pick up on your key messages.

During the time spent on the infographics, each image tells a story but in some cases, it takes an entertaining combination of pictures and content to tell a story quickly and it additionally entertains the customers. Rich media characterize multimedia (audio and video) and combined elements that can be settled in a web page. It is essential for the viewer to install drives applicable on the customer machine or install the program module, which is helpful to a web page to make different videos and audios. Some of the tools which help in making of the rich media content are


Rich Media Flash Adobe Flash is the software which helps in animation videos to collective web pages. Flash manipulate the web page by providing different graphics to animation of texts, drawings and videos. It supports the different videos like streaming video, audio and it captures user input via mouse, keyboard, microphone, and camera. Flash works in simple format in Actionscript and save file in .swf format which can easily viewed by visitors.


Rich Media Silverlight Silverlight is an extraordinary advanced tool for making connecting with, interactive client experience for the Web and mobile applications. Silverlight is a free module, controlled by the .NET structure and perfect with different projects, gadgets, and working systems, bringing another level of knowledge wherever the Web works.


Rich Media Zingzag Zingzag is a simple tool which provides rich page viral hooks and commerce opportunities. The hosting service is provided as a social site add-on or web page stand-alone.

Benefits of Rich Media

There are some benefits while to use in rich media in websites. They are

More Interaction with Customers

By rich media, the websites can keep more interaction with the customers or users. The users can easily understand the content and grab the information from the website.

More Performance

You will see the high rate of visitors to your site by using the rich media.

More Awareness

Rich media in site helps by creating more awareness about the site. Many of the sites are first invested in rich media and they saw a huge impact on the visitors towards their site.

Happier consumers

The visitors towards the websites make happier to customers by seeing the rich media content and they able to get easy solutions quickly.


Instead of the measuring the site by impression or likes. The video and infographics make extra qualification towards a site that generates more traffic to the site.

Disadvantages of Rich Media

  • The disadvantage of rich media in website, it makes slow down to load web page because the video content and infographics size of files make to slow down of the website even it is a speedy network.
  • Sometimes if a video is open quickly but the content in the video is annoying to viewers.
  • The creating the rich media content in the website is very difficult task to do.

Rich Media Focuses and Engages Viewers

When the user is landing on a web page then, users automatically watch all over the website & designs on the website. Often there are multiple areas of focus created in the negative space, text blocks, font, photos, videos, infographics which make more attention to users. It's conceivable to change your guest's review understanding through the better summary. Strategizing your site that makes your web page as more trending and looks better. However, even best-designed sites can confuse about the media. Rich media allows you to absolutely control your visitors. While preparing the rich media elements to consider the things where does your eye travel like images, videos, infographics and catch the element your eye contacts naturally. That helps your website to a better position were more visitors will watch your site. According to Eye view digital videos in landing pages, images, infographics can improve 80% of the conversation rate. So, combining the moving images in the form of videos, slideshows, and presentations will not only immediately attract and contain viewers attention but also appoint to leads and conversions.

Rich Media Leads to a More Targeted Landing Page

The Rich media ads offer you an easy route to building up analytics. On the content based web page, you can only gather information about the visitors to the site. But by adding different types of media like videos and presentations, by these media you can not only understand where they travel on your site, you can know how long they stay on your site. It's true that the multimedia process on the landing page is not the only thing that matters. You should think in your copywriting, in branding and in overall user experience. You should keep only simple and be as easy as possible.

How Can Rich Media Content Boost Your Website Rankings?

Search engine results pages (SERPs) frequently give the customer (searcher) a mix of various kind of substance, all within an individual arrangement of web results. Mixed results may include web pages, pictures, news, shopping and more. Remember that the search engines need to serve their "customer" (the searcher) the most fulfilling set of results should convince the customer. A search engine provides different results, the customer chooses the best form results. Introducing the multimedia concept into your content that makes your web page more tempting to search engines and make more competitiveness against different web pages that makes multimedia as a rich. For example, hosting videos on your site that give chance to be on top. Similarly, an elegant infographic could advance your website visibility and rank all alone in image searches. These makes new trend where people will search for specifically for these types of content. When you have these elements like images, video, audio, infographics which basically have more search traffic on your site.


The main purpose of this article is that it helps the website owners how to engage their websites by rich media content. The Rich media ads offer you an easy route to building up analytics. On the content based web page, you can only gather information about the visitors to the site. Many of the sites are using the rich media were it analysis the website and attracts the customers.

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