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How to Write Good Content: 20 Best Practices for You

How to Write Good Content: 20 Best Practices for You
March 16, 2020

How to Write Good Content: 20 Best Practices for You

Mar 16, 2020
Chiranjeevi Maddala

Chiranjeevi Maddala is an award winning digital marketing strategist with over 18 Years of experience in Digital Media and Marketing. He is the Founder and Chief Mentor at Digital Ready.

“You don’t have to reinvent the wheel; you just need to share your unique perspective on why the wheel is important.” 

Companies across the globe are making an impact in the remotest corners of the world just because of digital marketing. In the times of conventional marketing, it was tough to present everywhere without spending hell amount of money, but in the age of digital marketing, tables have turned completely. In the digital marketing strategies, content development plays the central role to convey the required message to the end-users whether they businesses or masses. Today in this blog article, we are going to get to know the twenty things to see if you want to sharpen your content development skills. We are going to reinvent the wheel, but everything is out there already. You just have to hone those skills and modify them to generate the leads and revenue if you want to excel in the era of this cut-throat digital marketing.

Content Marketing Strategy is the most crucial aspect of a company’s marketing campaign. Content Marketing Strategy involves social media marketing, email marketing, search engine optimisation and all these marketing techniques are based on a single strategy which is the most important, i.e. content development. The marketing strategy depends on the content created to promote the products, websites, business, and so on. 

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Pay per Click Marketing
  • Content Marketing

Content Development is an art, and it is imperative to learn the nitty-gritty of art if you want to excel in it. Content development is not a stand-alone process, but it includes researching, producing, proofreading and publishing to meet the requirements of the specific audience. Content development is a process which requires a various step to make a great piece ready for publication for the end-users. 

Content Development Strategy includes the following steps

  • Research
  • Filter-out the content
  • Creation
  • Spell Check
  • Plagiarism Check
  • Grammar Check
  • Proofreading
  • Finishing Touch

After making everything which is above-mentioned, try to check the authenticity of your content before publishing it on an online platform like blog, website or social media.

Quality Content Development

The writing scripts should be professional and connecting in nature while connecting with the end-users irrespective of the product or brand. Content quality matters the most when it comes to marketing the products online or offline. The quality of your content conveys the message to your customers or business partners in the form of emails, and content should be free from any type of error like spelling or grammar mistake. All in all, content should be:

  • Clear
  • Crisp
  • Abstract
  • Informative
  • Engaging
  • Eye-catcher
  • Up-to-date

Content, which is flawless as well as updated, appeals more to end-users. Content should be the mouthpiece of your blog, website, company or organisation. Your content should be the identity of your content marketing strategy.

Let us start with some of the ways to sharpen your content development skills to create some groundbreaking content to make your business grow. 

First, we will talk about the things which are highly recommended for developing content at an instant. Then, we will look into some long-term aspects to adopt in your lifestyle to develop the art of content development.


The first and foremost thing comes to the mind when planning to write an article or creating content for your website or blog. Brainstorming is the process in which you decide what should be written, how it should be written, from where it should be written, what will be the source of the article, what will be the inspiration and so on. 

Know Your Audience

Whenever starting a blog article or any other writing project, always keep in mind the readers who are going to read this piece of content. You have to know the destination of your content. Let us take an example, if you are writing a technical article, then you will have to cater to the need of professional or technical readers.

Purpose of the Content

Always have an awareness about the niche of the article you are writing like whether it is a website article, blog article, research paper or news article. Niche awareness is highly required if you want to excel in the writing field of different spheres. Always know what you are writing.

Set a Goal

Without a goal, every assignment pr project is meaningless. You have to know the goal you are aiming for, and only then you can do justice to a writing project. Start with the smaller set of goals and then proceed to the ultimate goal. After setting a goal, it is effortless to achieve it within a given limit of time.

Title- Highly Important

The title plays the most crucial role when it comes to website and blog articles as without a catchy and clear title; it would be difficult to catch the attention of readers. The title should be catchy but also accurate and relevant. 


After selecting the relevant and accurate title, it is time to analyse the whole piece of assignment as a whole. Analysing skills of a writer depends upon the exposure and knowledge of the writer so that he/she can have analytical information about the application and circulation of the article.


Without proper research, any content or article will be futile as it will not any required implications or results. Research should be specific to the niche of the article or project as per the requirements of the readers. Readers always prefer highly researched article over a speculative one.

Structure of the content

The structure of the content is a must when implementing the idea in reality. What should be the font? What should be the font size? How many sub-heading will be there in the article? All these answers should be specified when thinking of the structure of the content. 


Now comes the part of implementing the ideas and research you have done so far. While creating the article, in reality, use the title, analytics and structure which you have already beforehand. Just use all the ideas suitably and adequately to create the content as per the requirements.

Logical flow

Always maintain consistent flow in your article or content while writing. A consistent flow ensures the quality of research done by the writer. The flow should be in a way which immerses the writer in the article without thinking of anything else. The chronological order, facts, use of data should be flawless to make an impact in the mind of a reader.


The language is the medium of communicating your thoughts to the readers. Language should be simple, clear and correct. Communication plays the most crucial role in conveying the message to a particular set of people, so use the language which is highly acceptable and also universal.


To improve content development skills, you have to practice a lot. Try to write as much as you but with the right strategy and planning. Try out a different set of writings like creative writing, copywriting and technical writing. You can follow some of the known persons in the respective field to brush up your content development skills.

Consume the Books

To be a great writer, you have to be a great reader first. Read lots of books from different genres to improve your reading and comprehending skills. Reading books give the edge to your vocabulary, which offers an extra edge to your writings. Reading books offers lots of exposure to different writing styles, also. Always remember that books are the best friend of a human being.

Know the type of your writing

You have to be aware of your writing style if you want to excel in the content development field. Without knowing your style of writing, you cannot deliver as per your full potential. There are different types of writing style from which you can take cues to form your decision about writing.

  • Technical Writing
  • Ghost Writing
  • Creative Writing
  • SEO Writing 
  • Business Writing


Metaphors can be creative and direct message conveyors if they are used correctly and in a proper manner. Metaphors in articles improve the quality of the article by length and breadth. Metaphors can personify your words. They give an edge to your imagination in the writing field.

Engage your readers

If it is a content which requires your opinion, then you have to be creative and use imagination at the fullest to engage your reader in your imagination. Just attract the reader and do not let him/her go while he/she is reading one of the pieces of your content.

Professional Advice

It is really good if you seek advice from the person who is a pro in the content development field. A professional person knows the ins and outs of a field as he/she is working in that particular field for years. Always take a piece of professional advice if you are having problem in understanding any area of the content development field.


Feedback can do wonders to your work if it has been taken from a suitable person who is an expert in the field. You can receive feedback from your colleagues, co-writers or family members. Feedback gives an account of your weaknesses and flaws in your writing style. Always seek feedback to make your content impeccable.

Relevant Courses

Last but not least, if you are having any problem in the content development field, then you can opt for a suitable course either online or offline. Try to strengthen your basics and grammar part.

Start your journey of developing content as a beginner and excel in the field while improving yourself on your own. There is a sea of knowledge in front of you, and you just have to make a suitable choice at the right time to take action towards brushing up your content development skills.

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