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How to Use Medium.com for Your Business Promotion

How to Use Medium.com for Your Business Promotion
March 13, 2020

How to Use Medium.com for Your Business Promotion

Mar 13, 2020
Sonali Sharma

Sonali Sharma is a professional freelance writer. She has covered a wide variety of topics in her freelancing career right from web content writing to digital marketing and technical blog writing. She is also a published poet and story writer. Her works have appeared on online sites “Indian Periodical”, “Poetry Magazine”,“Indus Woman Writing”, “Psychside”, “Newsonline.media and 'Swarnim Times'. She is the co-author of anthologies “Woods of Rame”, “Whispers of Heart”, “Shadows of Soul”, “Fervour”, and “Shades of Ink”.

Well, with the onset of the commercial era, businesses are doing their best to set a benchmark. Hardly, anybody would disagree with the words of Beth Comstock (former Vice-Chair of General Electric and American Business Executive), who thinks - “You can’t sell anything if you can’t tell anything.”

Yes, mentioning about your business on a trustable platform is as essential as choosing a logo for it. For many budding money-makers, Medium.com remains as an unbeatable choice for an equipped business promotion. Unlike other traditional blogging platforms, Medium serves as the perfect balance of brand display and voice raising. And the best part about it is - Old or New doesn’t matter! Wondering how to use Medium.com for your marketing? Keep reading...

How to Begin Business Journey on Medium

A good beginning often leads to wonderful outcomes in the future. This is also applicable in the scenario of blogging on Medium. So, in the following steps, you will encounter the best way to go about on Medium.

  • Start with creating a perfect profile that has the power to speak up on your behalf.
  • Next, be determined to begin a well-organized publication.
  • Make use of Import tool to transfer the content from other places.
  • You can allot numbers to all the views on your article.
  • Interacting with other reputed authors is always a plus point. You can go through their write-ups to improve upon your own.
  • Medium collaboration is one thing which opens doors for increased networking. You can even leave your comments on the margins of other authors.
  • You can tag certain regular readers to get them interested in your new blog.
  • The image grids can be used where you want to amplify the content of your blog.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be opted for adding popular keywords to the content. On a similar tone, the post titles can be created using 50-60 characters.

What You Should Look Forward to

Medium.com is one such platform where your published content will be highly valued for its true quality. And this can lead to a huge transition in your business aspirations.

As a business owner, you may be expecting something from this much-engrossed process of creating blogs. Fortunately, the good news is that you can eat the fruit of your hard work. Here it is how:

  • There are high chances that by posting alluring content, you can top the customer rating charts.
  • A Medium publication can be created and can be dedicated solely to your business. This will create new followers in no time.
  • With passing time, people will recognize you as a person of sound business knowledge and will visit your business website more.

The Medium Power Play

Medium has the quality to serve your content before three types of audiences. Each of these majorly comes from these areas.

  • The author’s followers
  • Tag followers
  • Regular publication readers

The most interesting thing about this whole platform is that a well-written story can be highlighted to the entire community. Besides this, Medium also makes the whole process of reading and judging quick by showing the reading time for all the stories. For helping you to improve your articles, the rates are assigned to the content according to its reader engaging ability.

Receiving claps for your business in real life is synonymous to receiving claps on Medium.com. More claps mean more chances of becoming a trendy thing on this brilliant platform. However, views, recommendations, and the read ratio are also important parameters that keep you going.

How to Apply Medium for Content Marketing

With over 60 million monthly readers, Medium is straightaway hitting the hearts of content marketers. Thus, a perfect light seems to show itself up in the ideas of the market influencers.

Although you cannot connect your Medium blog to your social media profiles, you can think of creating a personal account. One important thing which can be done is to add the links of your blogs on your main website and online channels. This paves the way for greater content viewing by the audiences. 

In case, you are thinking of republishing content on Medium, then you should ensure that you add canonical links to them. Also, take care of the fact that Medium posts point to authenticated sources.

Tip: Utilize the Google UTM tool to keep an eye on the sources that bring traffic to your website.

Remember This While Using Medium

Medium is a valuable website that has taken the shape of a vast featured diary on the Internet. As such, you have loads of opportunities to share authenticated business content. But, in this process ensure the following:

  • Your posts should speak in the popular language of the readers.
  • Keep in memory to add content in your blog posts that strike the pain and profit chords of the customers. For when they will read things related to their pain and gain, they will surely connect with it.
  • Often, one vital fear which remains at the hearts of the bloggers is the loss of their blogs amidst countless blogs already present on a site. This appalling fear can be dissuaded by putting up bold headlines.
  • Story structure also remains a top-notched point to attract customers. This can be done by dividing the blog text into add titles, sections, and dividers. Paragraph wordiness can be avoided by creating short and crisp sentences.
  • Proofreading the content before publishing it is also important. This not only helps you to avoid grammatical errors but also encourages apt content presentation.
  • You can also follow the guidance of the well-established writers who can counsel you about this incredible platform. This is another good way of making full-fledged use of Medium.


Attracting customers with catchy headlines and breath-taking content is a brilliant idea. Medium justifies both these sides and lets you explore the world that requires your business. For we now know that business does the right work of connecting the producers and the buyers.

Medium.com is a high hope for the believers of online business marketing, upgrading the regime of the modern-day business workers.

Good Luck!

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