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How to Use Instagram Stories for Business

August 8, 2016

How to Use Instagram Stories for Business

Aug 08, 2016
Vamsridhar Reddy

No doubt you have seen and/or heard a ton about Instagram Stories in the past few days. To get Insta-users to share the lot more content, and to compete with its rival Snapchat is ever growing fame, Instagram has launched its new feature, called 'Insta-Stories,' which enables Instagram's users to create a string of images and videos which will disappear after 24 hours. Video Source: Instagram

What are Instagram Stories?

Stories are offered by Instagram to enable users to post temporary photos and videos of their everyday life, shedding them from the need for hours of fiddling around trying to get the right angle they want, with the right lighting, and also not to mention foolproof editing, as well scheduling for just the right moment. The list goes on and on! With Instagram Stories, users can capture any instant and put it in as a Story. The photo or video they updated will be visible to their followers for just 24 hours before they disappear. The impressive part is that these Stories do not need to match the essence and feel of the regular feed, as they are publicized separately, behind Avatar at the top of the home screen, as well as behind the avatar on the profile page.

Where can we watch Stories?

Stories are not visible on the desktop, and they are only available on the mobile app.

How to create your Instagram Story for Business

It is very easy to create stories. See how you can use create a story on Instagram and share it. How-to-Use-Instagram-Stories

Thing to know about Instagram Stories as a digital marketer

If you have an active followers base on Instagram, you should jump on Stories instantly. You have the opportunity to create temporary, lighthearted, Snapchat look-alike content without the hurdle of building up a new audience base on Snapchat or launching a new channel. In addition to the built-in audience you already possess, you also have the opportunity for increased your discoverability with Insta Stories. The content you create on Snapchat needs to be regularly promoted across different channels, or else no one will see them. On Instagram, there are features such as geotags, hashtags, and the Discover section which helps you increase the chances of being found. Snapchat content can disappear unless someone knows exactly what he or she is looking for. If you want to experiment with Snapchat-style content without making the leap, this is your chance. Now you have a brief idea of how Instagram Stories works, here are few ways you can use the feature for your business.

1. Build buzz around upcoming events/products

Instagram Stories are an excellent way for businesses to take their followers behind the scenes of making and give them sneak peeks of what coming next. Tour your photoshoot session, let them see a few changes to your new site or get to know the team in your office. These small peaks are not only relationship builders, but they also help build buzz for your campaigns.

2. Privacy option on Instagram

Provide your followers with special content that makes them feel special. With the privacy option, you can control whom you want to showcase your story. Even we can make it unavailable for followers we do not want to show. Debut a new device, apparel collection or brand changes. Your audience will appreciate your candidness.

3. Drive traffic to various campaigns

Need a few more registrations for hosting a Facebook Live Video session? Instagram Stories is a great tool to remind your audience that you have something going on today and that it is their last chance to be there. You can simply create an image or short video to drive last minute sign ups for webinars or get some added traffic on other social media platforms.

4. More Instagram Followers

How can you get more followers from Stories? Well, now you have Instagram exclusive content which is a bonus for anyone following you. Perhaps you can announce rules to a contest that you are planning via this new feature or simply let followers know that you will frequently be updating your Story with fresh content that won’t go anywhere else.

5. Collaborate with other brands and influencers

By associating with other social channels, you can interact with demographics not usually found on your radar. Start connecting with the big Instagram star who can substantially promote you without actually promoting. Influencers stories can reach a wider audience than a direct ad. With that said you have more chance placing your product in front of an audience. If influencers like you, perhaps much more will, too!

6. Extra Content

Instagram Stories gives you the possibility of not just creating Instagram exclusive content, but if you wish, you can download your Stories photos and videos as well and also use them later. Businesses can think of ideas for some “Frenzy Friday” or just “you missed it” posts to give followers on other networks of Instagram an incentive to now follow you there. Overall I think Instagram Stories is an excellent way to share possibly more content with the audience without killing your feed that might help you beat Instagram’s new algorithm changes. Brands and businesses can benefit from adding unique and fresh context to the posts on their main Instagram Feed. Instagram Stories paired with exceptional content can open doors for many businesses to connect and build trust with their audience, flatter with contests and campaigns and drive more engagement as a real person and not a robot updating your feed daily. So what is your plan of action for INSTA STORIES? Let us know in the comment section below.

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