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How to Use Facebook Messenger Bot for Marketing?

How to Use Facebook Messenger Bot for Marketing?
November 10, 2017
How to Use Facebook Messenger Bot for Marketing?
Nov 10, 2017
Sourya Simha

Around a year ago, Facebook introduced chatbots on its messenger platform. Although they haven't been used to their maximum potential yet, they are already having a massive impact on how customers can interact with businesses. So much that they are already being considered to be a crucial part of a business' Marketing strategy, big or small. Facebook chatbots have numerous features which can help you reach your audience in a better way. It is crucial that you incorporate the chatbots into your marketing strategy to take full advantage of them.You can now create these AI-powered chatbots without a prior knowledge of coding, thanks to the people at There's a ton of buildup and upheaval encompassing Facebook chatbots, particularly with the ascent of bot-building instruments like Chatbots have changed the way marks interface with their group of onlookers. Clients can contact brands at any time of the day, and get a customised message. Positive experiences drive the customers of today, and Facebook messenger bots give them precisely that by helping them limit the measure of time spent unravelling an issue or looking into an item. But before you build a Facebook messenger bot, you should know if you need it for your business. It depends on three things. First, Is Your Audience on Facebook? Most of the companies automatically think most of their audience is on facebook without performing a check. If the target audience uses other social media platforms like Instagram or SnapChat, it is better to concentrate your marketing efforts there. Second, Can You Maintain The Chatbot? Building and maintaining a Facebook Chatbot will take a lot of resources. Even after the bot has been automated, you have to keep monitoring it and report on customer experience. You should continuously work towards improving the bot's capabilities. Third, Does Your Company Have a Well-Researched Use Case? Before you build a Facebook messenger bot, you should know the typical queries your customers ask in the messenger, i.e., a use case for your customers. You need to classify the topics of interaction so that you can know which of those queries can be automated by the chatbot. You need to write multiple versions of the messages so that you can keep your audience engaged. By doing this, you can also know when a human must start interacting with the customer.

Elements Of a Chatbot

Typing in responses that can sometimes be misunderstood can damage your brand's reputation. Your bot needs to be systematic and transparent in it's approach to the customers. Let's look at some best practices used in Facebook Messenger bots.

Always Start With a Greeting To Your Customer.

The first thing you must do is explain what your bot can do and why people must interact with it. Using a mixture of natural language and bubbles. You can introduce a fluid chat experience to the customer. This can be done by implementing three things into the bot.

Messenger Greeting Make sure to include a greeting message when the customer first initiates the chat. This must disappear once they click on the "get started" button. Make sure to let people know that they are chatting with a bot and introduce the bot's main functionality. This allows people to understand how to interact with you and set expectations accordingly. Get Started Button The get started button should be below the messenger greeting, this is used to guide users to the conversation even if they don't know what to type. A welcome message should appear as soon as someone clicks on the button. Welcome Message This is the first message seen by the user. You can be specific about the bot's functionality since there are no character limits. You must make it personal by addressing the user's name here. You also can add buttons to guide the user to the next steps here. Offer the option to talk to a human in case the user wanted to contact the customer support.

Messenger Bot Architecture

There are three critical bot elements in a Facebook chatbot that you should know.

Persistent Menu

Facebook provide navigation in the messenger by a persistent menu, a list of a maximum of up to 5 actions that are available to the user by an icon in the message composer. This will tell the users the basic capabilities of the bot, and a provide a way to re-engage lapsed conversations and removing the need to remember text commands. It is better to have "talk to a human" button which will automatically initiate a chat with the customer service team.

Quick Replies

You can set up to ten pre-assigned answers as buttons above the text field to help the conversation flow better. A music bot which can suggest music might ask for a particular genre a user would like to listen. By providing a list of typical genres as "quick replies" will allow the user to quickly select the kind they would want to hear and remove the need to type for the user.

Fall Back Message

There can be specific instances a bot cannot help the user, then you must let the user know about the bot's capabilities and send a message apologising for the bot's lack of understanding and tell them that they will be contacted by a human. You must keep a record of such instances so that you can later add these capabilities to the bot.

By including Facebook messenger bots in your marketing strategy, you can build a strong bond with your audience. Facebook Chatbots are a great way to increase interaction and engagement with your audience. You can also deliver content with a personalised touch. They can provide personalised offers based on your client’s preferences and interests. You can also provide information and FAQ. If you keep getting asked the same question over and over, you can use chatbots to answer the question automatically. It can also be used to give users information like service locations, hours of operation, prices and stock availability, etc.

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