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How to Start a Tech Blog and Start Making Money from it

How to Start a Tech Blog and Start Making Money from it
November 20, 2017
How to Start a Tech Blog and Start Making Money from it
Nov 20, 2017
Abdul Aamer

Nowadays Tech blogs are such trends in search engine results, there are a lot of technology blogs available on the internet, you know how to start a tech blog and looks like every blogger who are interested in technologies owning a tech blog. You may be thinking that every tech blog site becomes a success, this is not like a game; there are so many factors behind to building a great tech blog site. It depends on the niche, market and what kind of topics are focusing. If you take “Smartphones” categories, they are highly competitive in a search engine. Many Blogs are available in smartphones topics. Whereas you can’t take on software like CNET or PC World, those are dominating the tech market by releasing great information in their websites. They do cover everything from kitchen gadgets to tablet PCs. Also, they provide excellent information by personally reviewing the products, and hence people go there every time looking for useful information. Blogging becomes a trend nowadays, no matter for whatever reason, you are blogging or want to know how to start a blog, but everyone had a new blog. Someone is on BlogSpot; someone is using or a self-hosted blog. After reading this article, you will get to know from every step by step how to create a tech blog site which is successful. The road to your blog writing success is going to long so much longer, but if you can do it right now, you might make a handsome $5000 - $10000 per month. So, let’s cover up all the requirements you will need to know how to start a tech blog on WordPress or BlogSpot platform.

How to Start a New Tech Blog When You Have no Audience

There are so many skills that a successful blogger should have, and if you are running a blog or creating one of yourself, you are one step ahead of the regular life, you can add in designation as a blogger. But sure you don’t want to be found in lost blogger, so it’s better you should have particular skills like Writing, Analytics, Reading and much more. An essential skill is now I am writing. Yes, I know that everyone can write the best article and unique technical articles, but can people connect with your writing message. It is straightforward to understand. You can enhance your learning and writing skills in the concept of an article by comparing from others people writing content on the internet. Let’s discussed with you how to start a tech blog, You just need an interest in yourself-learning new things, and sure you have it, and that’s why you are here.

CMS Selection

Everyone can have own blog in the blogging, and this is the best platform to launch when your complete newbie. But, if you are thinking of a long-term, you should know how to start a blog on WordPress platform.

Selecting a Niche

A niche is a layman term means the topic. Most of the people make a mistake by mixing various issue on a blog. It is suitable for a personal blog site, where you can talk and whatever you talk about anything your interested or you like, but if your goal is anything else apart from creating the personal blog. The recommendation would be stick on the niche. For example, if you like to write about politics, write only about politics if you want to write about the schools and colleges, then write about strictly on niche education only. Yes, I know you are thinking about niche and made up with blogging ideas to make money. But selecting an appropriate, correct niche topic is a foremost thing to do. Don’t run behind the favourite slot. Find which is not in your interested niche category for your blog and working on that and it looks: “Something did without personal interest“.

Web-hosting and Domain

Now, we have a topic in mind, and we need an area and hosting to get started. Now, if you're planning how to start a tech blog, anyhow you will get a blog with a subdomain of Better you start with your domain with web-hosting from host providers. Select a catchy and attracted domain name related to your blog niche, and it should be short and remembering domain name. If you're using your brand name, then it is the best try for brand name domain your own. Don’t make your blog irrelevant and don’t make it sound too funky.

Learn SEO

If you are just getting started with a new blog, you may or may not have heard of SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimisation, and it is a set of rules and guidelines which we follow to make blog more search engine friend. How do you find something on the web? Through search engines only and search engine optimising techniques just. Learning SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has always been the most challenging job for all the bloggers. You don’t need to spend a complete day on SEO tactics entirely. You just need to focus one or two hours a day also its enough for you. Just you need to focus on basics critical concepts like

  • What is Importance of keyword research?
  • How to perform a keyword research?
  • How to improve PageRank of the website?
  • Is it your website getting sessions, users and traffic or not?

There are plenty of SEO learning resources; I would strongly suggest you follow SEO section and learn the essential topics.

Creating or selecting a Good design

Now few things you need to know how to make your blog appealing and attractive. After all your blog is not like a book, to write continuously on a blog, parallel you need to show interest in design user interface part also. So, you can quickly create an everlasting impression of your blog with a great design. An excellent looking and fast loading blog have always attracted back its audience. It helps you to get a reasonable bounce-rate. For a selection of theme it's depend on your choice, you can select a premium theme which depends on your budget and requirement, or else can choose a free theme for your website. In many other open source tools

Getting Traffic and Social

Once you have established your blog, socialise yourself let all blogging sphere know your presence. Bookmark the articles you write. Submit it to favourite Bookmarking websites like Stumbleupon and Reddit. Pin images of your post at Pinterest. Make most out of Twitter and Facebook. Remember this is an organic traffic but they are regular, and they are a high audience.

What else you need to know about the next steps levels of blog?

Now, you need to know, be careful like newbie blogger you need to repeat such mistakes in your blog, here you have a lot of sources to make money with tech blog, after getting full traffic to your website you need to register your blog site with Google Adsense. If you’re looking to make more money, you can use many other techniques like Affiliate marketing, CPM ad network and much more. Prepare a mind map of all the above points, and you can have a good head start. At blogging world, we always wish that there were someone who can guide us right from the scratched when we think about how to start a tech blog. While that may not be possible there is a lot of forums; blogs are available on the internet. You can raise your doubts in your forum profile. Experts will answers your doubts and clarify. There are plenty of people in a world to help you out on the internet, welcome to blogging.

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