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How to Optimize Your Content for Voice Search SEO?

How to Optimize Your Content for Voice Search SEO?
March 23, 2017

How to Optimize Your Content for Voice Search SEO?

Mar 23, 2017
Abhilash Kalverga

Nearly one-third of search traffic come from the mobile users in recent days. Many of the people are using the mobiles so, the website should be the mobile friendly. To make an easy process for mobile users and the site developers are concentrating on voice search SEO. Because it is easy to speak than type in phone or computer. In recent days most of the voice search is done in mobiles than desktop.

What is Voice Search?

The voice search process is advancing step to all sites it helps for customer inquiries and gives the results. The content based calculations of the past or present searches helps in the voice search for finding the SEO results. For example, in content search, we use it as “Where is Digital ready” in voice search we pronounce the same way like “Where is Digital ready”. The SEO devices for voice search and content search are almost to be the same and we will use it as same for voice search moreover.

What Is SEO & Why Is It Important?

The important part of search engines clients will probably type on one of the main 5 proposals in the results pages (SERPS), so to exploit this and pick up guests to your site or clients to your online store you have to in the top positions. Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the visibility of the website in the search engine results. It might seem like a simple thing to do it requires a great effort, right approach and ability to fulfill all the challenges coming on our way while optimizing the task. In today’s market, SEO is more important topic. Many of the people asking questions and at the same time they are getting solutions. SEO can help to be on the top, if two websites are selling the same thing, the search engine optimized website will have more customers.

What is Voice Search SEO?

The important factor for voice search seo strategy is keyword discovery. The website boom will be created through the search when they analyze which keywords are most applicable to meet business objectives, and then utilize SEO strategies to get the better position in search engines. Voice search is been changing traditionally to favour natural context. The long-tail keywords are highly used in the voice search than the short tail keywords. Common voice searches can exceed the seven-word phrases, highly long tail keywords comparing with the traditional desktop and mobile searches.

Reasons People Use Voice Search

  • It's quicker than writing. You can talk 110–150 words for each moment, rather than the normal individual's writing rate is of 38–40 words for every moment.
  • People just want quick answers.
  • People are generally second screening or otherwise occupied.

Voice look has a higher rate of recommended scraps. Many of them says that 43.3% for voice questions have included bits, balanced with 40.6% for content inquiries.

Rank Brain and Voice Search

  • More grounded impact on 15% of inquiry inquiries Google has never observed, and they have a habit to be voice looks.
  • You're ready to better ranking in casual inquiry questions with keywords.
  • It's the third fundamental positioning sign, behind the object and connections.

Voice seek questions are longer than content hunt inquiries. The normal inquiry length for voice is 4.2 words, and the normal question length for content is 3.2 words.

How Human Speaks?

Many of the senior SEO managers says that optimizing for voice search begins with the standard best SEO practices.

  • Build-in-depth content was we should collect questions around us like brands, services, products etc., including content answers should also been taken.
  • Use Structured Data to increase depending upon the substance sort.
  • Work to know and get knowledge on your brand.
  • Call center, live chat and email data is useful to find commonly asked questions about your product, service or brand.
  • Use different tools for finding the keywords for voice searchers.

voice search

Voice Search Tools

There are many tools which helps in the process of voice searching like ok google, cortana, alexa, siri.

1. Ok Google

Ok Google voice search tool

The people who want use the ok google to search, you can say “ok google” on your Android phone or tablet to start voice search. Ok google is a Google product that allows to use google search by speaking on your Android mobile or Tablet. It helps users by voice process, most the people are using ok google in Android phones.

2. Cortana

Cortana voice search tool

Cortana the service provided by the microsoft for windows 10, windows 10 for mobile, windows 8.1 where people can easily search information by using cortana. Cortana can easily understand and recognize the natural voice and gives the answers. Presently cortana is available in many languages like French, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish,...e.t.c., based on the software platform. Cortana is useful to many people in the process of the voice search.

3. Siri

Siri voice search tool

Siri is also a tool which helps in voice search in Apple ios, Watch os, Tv os, Mac os. The feature uses natural language to answers the questions of the voice searches. Siri has become integral part of the ios since introducing a feature in Iphone 4s and at the same time siri has become feature in Apple watch os and tv os. Siri is hand free you can ask questions and it provide answers to users correctly.

Optimization Strategies for Voice Search SEO

1. Long Tail Keywords

While I don't trust that short tail keywords will give results the long tail keywords influence the search engines. The long tail keywords or phrases are usually longer can easily find for results. we consider the common expressions utilized as a part of voice searches. We have to concentrate more attention than any time in recent memory on casual, long tail keywords.

2. Provide Context

The HTML add-on in the context helps the searches engines to understand the context of your content and helps to be in the top in searches, you will be more applicable to specific searches or queries you made in voice search.

3. Optimize Your Site’s Micro Data

When you perform voice search, users will generally refer micro data such as business locations, contact number, price of the product etc, Ensure things like directions to physical locations and XML Sitemaps are accurate to guests and search engines on your site. You can do favour yourself by providing the information about the sitemap of your site, providing your address and personal information, and also directions from the main highways and interstates.

4. Add Pages that Answers FAQ’s

When voice search as a question, they ordinarily start it with different questions like and they're searching for answers that satisfy a quick need. To answer these inquiries, make a FAQs page and start each question with these verb modifiers. At that point answer them generally to engage voice search.

5. Do Keyword Research on Conversational Queries

Keyword research tools like Rank Tracker (disclaimer: my instrument) will let you auto complete inquiries utilizing a keyword and a special case. Construct the questions with respect to the FAQs described above and search for usually needed long tail keywords to make sense of what questions you need to reply.

6. Use Question Phrases

Think about the many questions you use in voice search. How would you ordinarily express your question ? Many of them start with adverbs like who, how, why etc, the most google searches start with adverbs only. For example “Who is Abhilash”, “Where is closest gaming zone”. According to search engine land the 61% of people are using the question phrases to find the solutions.

7. Be More Mobile Friendly

Mobile friendly is most important thing in these days many of the people are mostly using mobiles for voice searches so, the relationship between mobile and voice search should be like Fish and Water, but shouldn’t be like Fish and Fishermen. A study in that 40% of smartphone owners are using voice search for their inquiries.

Voice Search Is Now Capable of Clarifying and Responding To

1. Spelling Corrections / Queries

If you ask the picture of dolphin then you will get back the pictures of dolphins. In voice search you should only pronounce the sentence clearly, there is no chance of spelling mistakes.

2. Previously Said Words / Searched

If you ask to google "who is Abhilash" and follow with queries "I want to see pictures of him". google collect the information and give search results and show the pictures of the Abhilash and his bio-data. On the other hand, if Google can't answer an inquiry, you can help it down the correct response through setting. Along these lines, on the off chance that you ask that many question google and follow up the questions and saves the previous data

3. Context Based on Location

The context based on location queries are frequent searches in voice search, many of them uses the voice search for location based enquiry. The location based inquiries are mostly done in voice search.

4. App-Based Context

The voice search is helpful for app based context. In case you're visiting about a particular restaurant form an app then we search for menu information by the help of voice search. Then google voice search helps to find and give accurate information for the users.

5. Context you See On Screen

Looking up in wikipedia about Telangana State Chief Minister KCR, you can ask google by voice search “show me the pictures of kcr” and get back CM Kcr photos, because he’s the CM Kcr you currently have on screen.


The Main purpose of this Article is to help the sites to make their websites as voice search friendly. Many of the people in the recent days they are using mobile phone so, the mobile users mainly search by voice search process. The keywords for voice search seo process should be focused correctly.

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