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How to Move from Frustration to Satisfaction - Few Tips to the First Time Jobseekers

How to Move from Frustration to Satisfaction - Few Tips to the First Time Jobseekers
December 17, 2018

How to Move from Frustration to Satisfaction - Few Tips to the First Time Jobseekers

Dec 17, 2018
Soundarya Durgumahanthi
Soundarya is a Digital Marketer

India is unquestionably a country rich in assets, with the highest populace. Where this involves pride in having a large workforce, on the other hand, it is a cumbersome task to bolster the hands and brains with work and guarantee a steady gaining. Tragically, India isn't a place of permanent, long-lasting jobs. The world we live in is quite unpredictable; jobs change, markets change, the job pool is "elastic." Jobs vanish, and employment is made simultaneously.

Unemployment of the educated is normal in a country like India, where no skillset matches the exact job requirements. So, why are there episodes of depression carried by every unemployed youth?  Most importantly, is this indeed the field you wanted to excel in, for you've made that depression elevate to such an extent? Let's sort it out now.

The Story of a Typical Indian Jobseeker

Every lad/lady's future is already stamped to a white-collar job from the very beginning. That's because no one wants a risky life. An elite job which pays you high and provides with all the amenities is something everyone would die for.  And we, being the youngsters, under societal and peer pressure, are reminded now and then to carry forward the dignity of the family by studying hard and getting placed in an MNC. In this acute procedure, we're neither asked nor given the time to ask ourselves about the career we want to pursue and go ahead in our lives. And then comes the education system. Every elite education institution promises that they create wonders. Once out of an elite educational institution, you are introduced to the most awaited, the 8th wonder of your life: Unemployment. And from there, the live series of job hunting, dissatisfaction and then, depression begins. Below are some of the tips to move from frustration to satisfaction in your career journey.

Make Inactivity Your Enemy

Dealing with depression requires action. And action here doesn’t mean undergoing acute medications and therapies to cope up with it. You just need to burn the midnight oil in the daily activities you do and you’ll realize how powerful you are to defeat depression in your way. The simple activities illustrated below would help you to fight depression in the name of finding your passion for life.  

Discover the Power in You

Life is all about how you balance your highs and lows. Depression due to unemployment is such a low in your life that can only be compensated with highs like Passion, happiness which can make your life colorful again. So, how can you find your passion in your daily activities and craft a career out of it? Well, let’s see how.

1) Write it Down

Ever tried penning down all the unresolved emotional experiences on a piece of paper? Unresolved emotional experiences consume a tremendous amount of energy from us in the form of emotion. When you write about your experience on a piece of paper, it transfers from the subconscious mind to the conscious mind coz’ you’re reliving it. The emotion from experience gradually flows through the hand to the piece of paper. Ok, so now, does this help destroy the emotion? No, because you cannot destroy energy. But, what it does deliberately is lessening down the emotion attached to the experience. And who knows, writing away all your emotional experiences may mold you into a writer someday. More surprising, Writing was your passion you’ve never discovered yet.

2) Become Social

Everyone is ready to hear the ill effects of social media but have you ever heard of the under-reported positives social media offers? No one can deny the fact that the issue of social media and mental health has positives and negatives too, but when it comes to raising awareness of mental health, social media has made convincing strides. Many depression support groups are all harnessing the power of targeted digital campaigns to raise awareness of mental health issues, as well as to disseminate information about available support and health events. Being online for a considerable amount of time releases Oxytocin, a hormone that causes the human behavior to be positive and bond with people. Building and maintaining strong online relationships make people happy which follows good health (both physically and mentally). It will eventually result in a longer and better-quality lifespan. All human beings need to communicate with other human beings. That, of course, is at the heart of social networking.

You must be following a handful of people in people over social media platforms. If I’m not wrong, you might have always had thoughts running on your mind about how that particular post would have been portrayed better if it were like this. That’s exactly the point where you’ve discovered your niche. You can develop content and post it on various platforms and if strategized correctly, you’re on your way in becoming the next social media influencer.

3) Get Inspiration. Get Creative

While watching TV or Youtube, you come across some ads, which resonate so much that you keep thinking about them days later whereas some just zone you out immediately. Ever wondered why these 1-2 min ads place us in a state of captivation? Studies show that emotional narratives create powerful memories in people’s minds that motivate them to buy the company’s product. One of the best ad campaigns I liked was SBI life’s ad campaign where you can see how a father protects his child in every aspect of life. For a brain activity, which requires less than 3 secs to take action, such type of emotional narratives create lasting, instinctual impressions; and actually, predispose us to follow the same course of action in the future. All these things apart, even though some of these ads leave us in tears, triggering emotions, our quirky brains always show a pop-up with an add-on to the existing ad. Some may seem way too overjoyed or teary that you might want to infuse some practicality into them. Try visualizing the ad once again with your idea. Spend some time analyzing it. Did inspiration strike you at that instant? Now you know what to do in your life.

4) Showcase Your Talent

Your true passion is not found overnight. For some, it may take an instant whereas, for some, it may take a fusion of skills to work on. Be it playing with words and phrases and creating SEO friendly content, editing videos, ad-filmmaking, social media marketing or writing content on various topics, coding or a whole bunch of different things; if you are passionate about a specific field, none can define you with a single skill. Where these exercises infused in our daily activities could help fight depression due to job dissatisfaction, unemployment and find your real passion in life, it is also important to get a profound knowledge on a particular subject if you wanna excel. While making a switch in your career, make sure you get the right guidance from educators at the right place.

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