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How to Monetize YouTube Videos? What are Best Practices?

How to Monetize YouTube Videos? What are Best Practices?
April 18, 2017

How to Monetize YouTube Videos? What are Best Practices?

Apr 18, 2017
Karthik Reddy

YouTube is the largest video portal on the internet and second largest search engine in the world. It supports the users to keep videos and clips, music videos, TV videos, funny videos, video blogging and educational videos etc, the people who registered in YouTube they are permitted to upload unlimited videos and add comments to videos while unregistered users are not permitted to upload videos they can only watch the videos on the site the people who wanted to register they should ensure that they are at least 18 years old.

Youtube Monetization in 9 Easy Steps

First Step: Create a Youtube Channel

In order to upload a content on YouTube you have to set-up one channel and you should take care about design, look, and appearance the channel which includes keywords. Entire outlook of your channel should be more attractive and as well as informative to engage the users and they should feel good while seeing otherwise they won’t show interest to visit your channel and to watch videos. Make sure that the keywords should be related to your content and sometimes we make slight mistakes that result from cancellation of your subscription as google treat it as misleading tactics as spam by the result of this you may lose the chance of monetizing your YouTube videos. And you should be very careful while deciding the name of your channel, and make sure that the name of your channel should not be the tongue twister for the audience because small mistakes may go wrong so the name should be very generic and original and easy to remember it. It is always better and beneficial to keep only one account for this purpose. So, that users can easily remember it. If you going on changing accounts constantly it will be confusing for both audiences and for you.

Second Step: Add Content

After completion of the YouTube channel in a good framework successfully the next step is to add content and the main thing is your content should be of top quality. In present days all the people are like to see the clear cut and smooth, high-resolution videos if you do not carry this you will lose and people don’t show interest at least to see your channel also you have to take care of the sound quality. It should be smooth and noise-free experience with high and perfectly clear. You should not post the videos which are very lengthy. Videos and blog post range should be from 2 minutes to 15 minutes maximum. Otherwise, the people who are watching your videos they get bored and they lose interest and migrate elsewhere without proper feedback & engagement. So, you should be very alert in the case of an audience.

Third Step: Engage Audience

Engaging people and build them that is the key to monetizing your YouTube videos. Once you post videos on YouTube these videos will get ads by YouTube to showcase them to the audience. In order to get ads by YouTube first, you need the audience to watch those ads. Here the main thing is you need to make unique and best content. Keep on doing this the things will happen sooner or later your audience will come to your surely. Quality is the best support to you here. You should ensure that videos should be like engaging the people and invoke the interests of users. One thing keeps your quality, clarity good and first, you learn the things from other popular channels by watching their videos and channel how they are doing well and maintaining quality and uniqueness and how they are engaging people which type of content they are maintaining to attract the users on YouTube. By analysing these popular channels will help you with your own SWOT analysis. By this way, you will get to know what are the strengths you have and how to polish them, and the main thing is that you should focus on your weakness and get a hang of the opportunities which you can exploit along with keeping watching of your competitors.

Fourth Step: How to Generate Subscribers and Videos

This is the important thing you should do if you successfully want to monetize your videos, once you started gaining the audience to your side from that point you are a winner on YouTube. By this, your channel ranking improves and your ratings begin to improve, as they go up you become more search-friendly there is a more chance to get more audience than the past. So start keeping your content more trending and featuring this helps to increase more traffic in the form of regular Viewers & Subscribers through this the Ads which is given by YouTube is being viewed by more users you get paid. For this, you have to promote your YouTube channel and videos elsewhere also. Once your term started you should not give up you need to move on that to earn money.

Fifth Step: Monetizing Youtube Videos

In order to monetize your videos, the thing is simple that you can do easily, for this the first thing is you have to enable the monetization in order to allow YouTube to place Ads on your videos to the video which is monetized. And also you confirm and agree legally that your video doesn’t contain copyright content apart from yours. Manually you can monetize your video by checking the monetize with Ads box in the monetization tab which is in video manager. Building a slight traffic is beneficial before you monetize your videos. This is because your audience gets irritated by seeing the Ads for the first time only. First, you have to start with Ads-free videos to improve as much as viewers and to retain your audience in the form of subscribers.

Sixth Step: Setup Google Adsense

After your monetize done successfully to your videos then you have to go to AdSense. Here you must be wonder by seeing, how can you efficiently track and analyze your income and devise withdrawal mechanisms. You can set up a Google AdSense Account which is done for free. For this process, you need two things

  • First one is you should be an adult just you need to be crossed 18 years old.
  • You should create a PayPal account which is the online platform to store the money which you earn by Ads in American Dollars. From here you can easily transfer or exchange your currency for withdrawing from any bank account you mentioned.

You gain money per Ad click and a little amount per Ad view. So, don’t expect more money in the beginning itself, keep on going to improve your content and traffic to your videos. So, gradually earnings will begin to increase and become more regular. If you do well definitely you will earn more income. Have a good luck for your future.

Seventh Step: Check Your Analytics

You can monitor your video performance in YouTube analytics with up to date metrics and reports. In YouTube analytics, you can find tons of data of yours in different reports like- Traffic sources, Watch time, Demographics reports, Ad performance. In this analytics, you can estimate earnings, and views, traffic to your video etc. You can go to this page directly through this link otherwise follow the steps given below.

  • First, you sign into your YouTube Account and click on your account Icon - Creator Studio.
  • Next, Analytics which is on the left side.

Choose the report which you want to know about. By this one can use these tools efficiently to see how their content performance is? And they can rectify if is there any improvement is needed. It also gives you an idea of the success of your content marketing strategies which can be polished to improve performance. There are more benefits for you is you also can check the positive & negative comments, shares, likes, by users to your videos which you have uploaded. If comments are positive you will get to know that your content is good, another hand if you get negative comments you will know that you should improve your content to be better.

Eighth Step: Market Your Videos

If you think that just uploading a video in YouTube is enough, you are totally wrong. You should promote your videos by online marketing and in social media, where the places that you have chances to share like in Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, google+, WhatsApp like so many platforms are there and also you can keep them in your personal blog also. The thing you should do to bring more traffic to your videos is promoting or advertising in many possible ways and you can share the links to your circles through email marketing, this is one best way to push your content to people with best. This always brings more traffic to your channel and organic views to your content.

Ninth Step: Youtube Partnership

Youtube Partnership If everything is going right and you start ranking in views and money in YouTube then there might be more chances to become a YouTube partner. In this, the channel owners who got more views and earning money very well they are access to advanced content creation tools and they can win prizes for the particular number of viewers they have, and also they have intensive community support and tips. Anyone can apply for this, you also can apply for this partnership at any time by going to YouTube partner page but it’s not easy to achieve to access in this powerful partner programs you need to have at least 15000 cumulative watch hours for your channel in past 90 days.

Best Practices & Most Popular and Earning Figures in Youtube

Here, I want to introduce some people to you who are earning more in YouTube nowadays.

Nisha Madhulika

She belongs to Noida, she is 56 old women and Madhu like started to post videos on YouTube and her first video uploaded in YouTube on May 16, 2011. And her YouTube channel name is maa ke haath ka khana Now she became one of the top five stars in YouTube from Asia.


she got 772739 subscribers not only from India and also from other countries like Africa, Australia.


Hold your breath before hearing this, the total views is 236 million. Really it’s a wonder and number of views per month is more than 18 million, and the number of average views she is getting daily is between 575,000 - 625,000. All people who are following her, they used to learn her variety cooking like students who are far away from home are following her mostly and housewife’s also. Top chefs coffee table book is YouTube’s one, recently YouTube featured madhulika in it. Channel link:


He belongs to Hyderabad city, and he has experience of 25 years in working with computers and he is a Programmer and Tech reviewer in YouTube. He has more knowledge on gadgets/smartphones/tech which is using in daily life. The thing which helps him to become famous is his honesty reviews he never supports any company or brand, he just uses the gadgets which he is going to talk and gives review the number of subscribers to his channel is 835112.




199581. Channel link:

Kanan gill

He is a stand-up comedian, YouTuber, actor belongs to Banglore, his age is just 27 years. And he used to give reviews of bollywood films mercilessly with fellow stand-up comedian Biswa Kalyan Rath. The movie they gave the first review to Gunda and so many films. Kanan worked as a software engineer in past for 3 years. At present he is earning a lots of money through YouTube.




1907234. Channel link: -

Shruti Arjun Anand

she is running a channel in YouTube named as DIY (do it yourself) here she make videos of hair and makeup videos and she is running YouTube tutorials with different hair style, henna designs. So, all the beauty queens out here, check out her here and now she is on the list of top 10 famous YouTubers in India and earning more money and subscribers to her channel is 696716 really it's a wonder.




186556. Channel link:

Sanjay Thumma of Varenvah

He is a person from India and with wonderful skill, all Sanjay loves to make the simple Indian recipes with the easily available ingredients in the market. He became a famous person in YouTube subscribers to his channel is 400000 members. Due to his popularity he gets to endorse different kitchen products in those one such product is Philip AirFryer and both shot and edited the videos by his wife Rajni.




1351124. Channel link: -


This Article tells about YouTube monetization and the best practices and it’s useful to people who are interested in running a YouTube channel and monetizing it. In this article I covered maximum information about YouTube and how could a person create YouTube channel and run YouTube successfully and get monetize in nine simple steps and I introduced some people who are in top position by earning lots of money through YouTube monetization.

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