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How to market your brand using Tik Tok?

How to market your brand using Tik Tok?
April 23, 2020

How to market your brand using Tik Tok?

Apr 23, 2020
Aayush Narang

Aayush Narang is the founder of Spark Eighteen Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd a Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi. He is a Startup Evangelist. Entrepreneur. Business and Tech Enthusiast.

Since its initial release in 2016, the Chinese-owned social app TikTok has grown enough to become one of the most profitable and downloaded apps in the world. With over 500 million monthly users (source: Wikipedia), the app has successfully surpassed other popular social media apps. 

So, what is TikTok?

TikTok is an iOS and Android media app that is used for creating and sharing short videos. 

The app has become a sensation among the population all over the world.  It doesn’t surprise that there are a lot of celebrities using the app.  We bet that most of your favorite stars are there on the platform like Ariana Grande, Shahid Kapoor, Ed Sheeran, and the list is never-ending.

Fun Fact: In November 2019, TikTok surpassed 1.5 billion downloads and almost 500 million are from India only! (source: The Next Web)

Apart from the app’s clear appeal to young audiences, it also provides a growing range of ad  options. Therefore, with the app’s growth, brands started leveraging TikTok into their marketing strategy. TikTok has grown to become one of the most powerful platforms for marketing. 

Also, renowned brands are seen campaigning on TikTok. For instance, Pepsi with its #SwagStepChallenge in 2019, broke records seeing over 5.4 billion views on over 1 million user-generated videos. It further led to an increase in sales for the brand as well. In December 2019, the brand continued the initiative, collaborating with Salman Khan- starring Dabangg 3. Currently, the hashtag has over 37 billion views  on the app.



♬ PepsiKaSwag - Dabangg Ki Pepsi

So how can your brand use TikTok as a platform for its marketing strategy? 

Here we give you key pointers to nail your TikTok marketing endeavor!

Influencer Marketing Is Valuable

Influencers have taken over the online marketing game like no one! Brands approach influencers to reach a more specific as well as a wider audience. And just like Instagram, these influential groups of people have taken over TikTok as well. These influencers have an audience who wants to buy your products. Also, it is believed that consumers trust more on what an influencer has to say than what a brand says as such activity adds value to the brand. 

Therefore, influencer marketing can be one of the most effective ways but keeping in mind the brand story and concept. Not all brands can pick up this activity but don’t worry we have got you covered, keep reading.

#UniqueHashtags For The Win

TikTok users are always up for a challenge! There is probably one on-trend right now while you are reading this. All you need to do is, set a specific challenge with an interesting hashtag(#). This might get other TikTok users to get inspired and do it. Hence, reaching more users.

Nowadays, Bollywood marketers and promoters have jumped on the band-wagon of promoting their movies in the form of challenges. For example, Akshay Kumar-starring Housefull 4 promoted their song by urging users to participate in #BalaBalaChallenge. The hashtag went viral with over 500 million views on the app currently.

Create content like none other

TikTok is based on virality, or shall we say trending content comes out of TikTok? It’s the same thing! Is making viral content an easy task? The answer is NO.

You don’t need high-quality or high-polished content anymore. It’s the originality that matters. Making original and relevant content on TikTok may not look hard enough but it takes a lot of creativity, resource, and energy to make you stand out from the crowd.

The app generates over a million videos per day but not all of them go viral. So you have to make sure your content is original and up to the mark so it can make the audience gaze.

But again, what can make your content viral?

TikTok has a very specific demographic. According to Wikipedia, 41% of its users are between the age group of 16-24. It means that most of its audience is young. Just create content keeping in mind what can attract your audience like a food brand can create videos on recipes, similarly, a fashion brand can make styling videos.

Advertisement is crucial

You can advertise on TikTok itself just like any other social media platform. There are two ways you can do that, one is in-feed advertising and the other, banner advertising.

In-feed advertising makes your ad appear on the feed itself with a direct link to your website. On the other hand, banner advertising appears as soon as you open the app. The user can easily click on the ad and reach you. 

These are skip-able ads and have multiple other options on them as well for designing the ad. The usage of the ad can be traced by click-through rates, total views, impressions, engagements received and video viewing time.

Brands like SHEIN, BUMBLE and many more are using this feature.

Engage User Participation

The most effective way to advertise on TikTok is through user engagement. User-generated content is used to promote the brand with tools and features which makes it easy. It helps since users are creating content themselves.

For instance, a Chinese restaurant Haidilao decided to add a DIY option to their menu where people can choose the way their food is made as per their choice of ingredients.
This grabbed the attention of the audience because of its exclusivity.

Thousands of users filmed their experience and posted it on the app, making it a grand success.

Live with the audience

Another feature which most of you might not be aware of is TikTok live. It will not only help in brand promotion but also connect you with the audience. Although, unlike any other social media platform, TikTok has its own set of rules for going live. According to The Daily Dot, you need a minimum of 1000 followers to unlock the live feature on the app but as per some other reports it is being tested right now and is available to limited accounts. Check it out, your account might be one of them!

Create Your Own Branded Lens

The lens feature on TikTok helps you create videos with effects including different face filters and much more. These lenses are fun and many users seem to be attracted to them.
You as a brand, can create your own lens on TikTok and promote your products through it. This will let users interact with your brand through the lens and play with it.
TikTok is definitely rewriting the world currently. 

If your brand wants to captivate the attention, TikTok is exactly the platform where you need to be! The app had its major share in brand marketing the previous year. Who knows, this year it might get even bigger!

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