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How To Market Your Brand On Pinterest

How To Market Your Brand On Pinterest
January 31, 2018

How To Market Your Brand On Pinterest

Jan 31, 2018
Reshma Mandal

Every business has its own shareable story. Every brand has some visual contents that they want to share with their people and target audience. And yes you got your answer. What could be best without Pinterest in reaching your goals? Pinterest is a social media marketing platform that allows users to share high-quality images, collages, and visual graphics quickly and easily with users. Users love Pinterest because it is an image-based and a heavy-hitting marketing tool brand out there. You are missing out the opportunities of reaching new potential customers if you don’t have the solid plan of how to use Pinterest in your marketing strategy. So let’s look into the Whats and the Hows of Pinterest.

What is Pinterest and Why Should You Use Pinterest?

Reasons Why brands should use Pinterest Digital Ready

Pinterest is an image-based social media site. Pinterest is like an online pinboard for collecting images. Here you can create boards for your pins which is great for your organization. A pin is simply an image, infographic, or a video that you can save to Pinterest and keep your pins organized you have boards. For an example if you are collecting pictures for your different beauty products then, you can create a board named “Eye makeup products,” and you can include all your eye makeup product’s images as pins under your board. Pinterest users interact with each other through likes, comments, and repinning each other stuff. For this very reason, it's becoming a hot social networking platform these days. Pinterest pins are 100 times more shareable than a tweet, and the half-life of a pin is 1,6000x longer than a Facebook post, and for that very reason, Pinterest has become a hot ticket for business marketing. Pinterest provides visual marketing, and as visual marketing is in trend now, so it’s no wonder why brands see Pinterest as the heavy hitting social marketing platform for promotion. You can easily upload and share images through Pinterest. Pinterest was launched in March 2010 and has over seven million users, and 500,000 out of these are business accounts. So you can think how crucial Pinterest can be in engaging customers. While some brands have quickly included Pinterest as their marketing strategy to target engagement, but many are lagging behind and needs an awareness of the power of Pinterest. If you are among the individuals who are not making the most out of Pinterest, then be ready to get the inspiration. Here is how you can use Pinterest for your brand marketing?

How to Use Pinterest for Business?

Pinterest for a business account is different from your personal Pinterest account. Business accounts on Pinterest offer the ability to use Pinterest advertising and business-specific features like analytics. You can create your personal account to business account even. Just fill up some additional information about your business and accept the terms and conditions of service. People use Pinterest to get inspiration. Let's begin with how to set up a Pinterest business account.

How to Set Up Pinterest Business Account

If you don’t have any Pinterest account, then begin by creating one for your business.

1. Create Your Pinterest Business Account

  • Go to Pinterest Business Page and click on “Join as a business.”
  • Enter all the details like email address, password, business name, website, and choose your business category from the drop-down menu with options like professional, public figure, media, brand, retailer, an online marketplace, local business, institution/non-profit, or other.
  • Check the terms and conditions and click on "Create account."

Pinterest Business Account Creation Digital Ready

2. Complete Your Profile

Once you are done with your business account setup, complete your profile by providing your profile details to make your business credible.

  • Log in to your Pinterest account and click on “Settings” in the top right corner.
  • Set up your profile picture with an optimal size of 165 x 165 pixels.
  • Complete your about you section by writing relevant points about your business and add your business location and then click on “Save Settings.”

Personalizing your Pinterest Business Account Digital Ready

3. Confirm your website

Confirming your website allows you to see what people are saving from your site and adds a logo to any Pin that comes from your site.

  • Scroll down to your profile section and click on “Confirm website.”
  • Copy and paste the provided text into the HTML website’s index page and then click on “Finish.”

How to confirm your website on Pinterest Digital Ready

4. Create Boards and Start Pinning

Your account is ready now. It’s time to share your valuable content to the “Pinners”. Click on the red “plus sign” on your “Boards” tab to create a new board.

Create Board Digital Ready

Once you click on red plus sign, you will get the below screen, where you need to fill up all details regarding your board, board name, description, category and then click on “Save”.

Creating a Pinterest Board Digital Ready

Now it’s time to add your pins to each board. Under the Board section that you created, you will get the “Create Pin” option. Check the below image for reference. Click on the red “plus sign”.

Create Pin Digital Ready

You will get the below screen when you click on the plus icon. You can either select images from your device or from your website.

Upload Pins Digital Ready

If you click on the web option, you will get the below screen and you can enter your website’s URL and select images directly from your website.

Upload Pins from your website Digital Ready

You can select your appropriate Pin cover picture once you add several pins in your Board.

The above video by Life Styling Space will explain you the complete process of how to use Pinterest for your business and how to leverage the platform in the right way to get effective results. You will get to know what people are doing on Pinterest to get a huge amount of traffic and sales. This is all about how to set up your Pinterest account, creating boards and adding pins. Now let’s look into some top strategies for using Pinterest for your business.

Strategies for using Pinterest for your Business

Create Informational Content that your Audience Loves

Pinterest contents last longer than any other social media platforms. You can keep pinning the post that you posted ten weeks ago due to Pinterest's powerful algorithm. This makes it more important to create quality contents for your audience. But you have to know what your audience wants and what they are looking for to become an informational hub and here is what you have to do to get it:

  • Look for the trending images of your domain for the competitors Pinterest account to see what images are already there to resonate with the audience.
  • Go through Pinterest Analytics to check the domain activities and to explore your audience interests
  • Check and consider clicks to get an idea of what images are driving back to your site
  • Consider your original pins to get an idea of what images people are choosing to share from your site

You can start testing which images are performing best after you baseline what is working for your audience.

  • Images with a soft white-light background with single focal point and tilt-shift work best for blogs
  • Images featuring the product on context tend to perform better than ones on a stark white background works best for retail

Quotes are easy to create if you don’t have product images or your products are not photogenic. Use simple tools like Canva, PicMonkey, and Post Planner to design quote graphics and pull tips from your articles and website to attract more traffic back to your product. See the below image for example.

Quotes Digital Ready

Only sharing content is not a big deal. You have to share quality content then only Pinterest will be a go-to source for your goals. You should have at least 12 boards, with at least five pins in each. According to Pinterest’s nature, you can replace your old content with new content. You can redirect your products if they are no longer available and can use rich-pins on your products to alert pinners to product sell-outs. You can even rotate your boards based on the popularity by using Tailwind Analytics and fixing your mistakes is a good practice.

Consistent Pinning

Consistency is the key to keep your business up and running on Pinterest. Whatever may be your social media platform, a consistent sharing strategy is very crucial to build your goals. Pin at least once per day during the peak hours. Consistent pinning is best to optimize your audience reach. The good practice is pinning several posts per day rather than posting all of your valuable pins all at once.

Pinterest pinning frequency Digital Ready

Focus on Quality Visuals

Pinterest is an image-based social media platform so, it’s necessary to create great quality images for pinning to attract more traffic. Your images should be focused, well-composed, clean and clear. There are plenty of websites available today which can provide you quality visuals that you can use in your website content and for pinning. Lifestyle images work better than product images. For example, posting a model wearing a fashionable dress is more worthy than posting the dress alone. You should add a few texts to your images to give an idea of your content. Don’t just go for overloading texts for an image. A few words to define the product are enough for giving the idea of your content.

Connect with Right Pinners and Build Trusted Relationships

  • Browse for the pins appearing on your website - and use the same trick for your competitors -
  • Take advantage of Pinterest Discovery Engine and go for targeted search
  • Check the boards that have pins from your domain as they will let you know what pinners are actually liking from your domain
  • Watch the “Pinterest Analytics” activities and check the data about your audience from the same
  • Use the info that you found as keywords for guided search to find the users who are pinning about your brand
  • You should build a relationship with your influential pinners because they are the ones who will help you share and spread your reach. Don’t just go for the accounts with a vast amount of followers because vast followers don't mean that they are right for your business. Go for the account with 50,000 followers as it’s more effective than accounts with 2 or 3M followers that don’t do anything or pin for your industry. Consider the “Constant Contact” accounts who have targeted audience of more than 70,000 followers

Constant Contact Pinterest account Digital Ready

You can get influential followers by Pinterest Analytics - Check the brands with high engagement and find the well-targeted ones and reach them. Tailwind Analytics - Check for the most clicks pins.

Create Reliable Traffic from Pinterest

Understand your audience interests as it is the key to drive traffic and smart feed.

  • Pay attention to what drives traffic and pin more to get more pins seen
  • Check for what works best. Go for call-to-actions and a certain style of pins that can make your audience buy from your site
  • Share data example with top shared pins and go for the craft pinnable images for each of your post
  • Go for pinnable images of portrait styles as they can take up more real estate on Pinterest
  • Timings are very important. Post your pins when you think you can get more audience to see your pins and thus can get more traffic.
  • Use relevant keywords to search for relevant boards and find group boards on PinGroupie

Leverage from other Social Media Platforms

You have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google plus, etc as your other social media channels. They have more users and better targeting all around. So you can use these social media platforms for better targeting and your brand promotion. Here are the ways through which you can use these social media platforms for your targeting and promotion.

  • Test your advertising on different social media platforms to check what works best
  • Pin from Instagram through Post Planner to find and share popular photos from anywhere on Instagram
  • Leverage the audience that you already have to help you grow your Pinterest reach

Post Planner Digital Ready

Pinterest Paid Ads

Pinterest Paid Ad Digital Ready

Anyone with a Pinterest business approved account can go for Pinterest’s paid advertising. Pinterest advertising is different from other social media platforms because it is helpful for both small and large businesses and can scale your advertising campaigns to fit your needs. Promotion always works. Promoting your brand to get your pins seen more creates a new exposure for your brand. Promoters got a good response and more organic clicks once they put the “Promoted” word below their pin. Promoted pins are like regular pins only. It’s just that you are paying for it to get seen by more people. They don’t interrupt Pinners, rather they help people to find right products and services. Promoted Pins make it easier to reach over 200 million people easily and give you actionable ideas and measurable results.


Pinterest has the great potential to reach out to a wider audience in a small time. It can make a larger number of immediate prospects with positive impacts in a relatively small amount of time. People love visuals so it’s time for all the businesses to include Pinterest in their business planning strategies as it can drive a large amount of traffic to your website. Enhance your brand and business with effective Pinterest marketing strategies and methods to get fruitful measurable results.

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