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How to Make Money Using Freelance Affiliate Marketing Business?

How to Make Money Using Freelance Affiliate Marketing Business?
April 23, 2018

How to Make Money Using Freelance Affiliate Marketing Business?

Apr 23, 2018
Reshma Mandal

Want to start something new this year? Then I have a good news for you. 2018 is going to be a lucky year for more and more people to start their freelance business on. The reason is the maximum merchant from the world has now entered and will enter into the Affiliate Marketing Program to sell their products and services. Affiliate Marketing business is now one of the finest online business to make some extra income every day. It is the easiest business model that can help you make money without any fail. According to Pat Flynn, the American Entrepreneur, Blogger, and Podcaster, who is known for his smartest way of passive income, “Affiliate marketing is the marketing process of earning income by promoting products and services of other people. You liked a product, promoted it to others, and earned profit per sale.” Affiliate marketing is more like freelancing based on referral marketing that helps marketers to earn income. Through this article, I will explain how you can make money using freelancing in affiliate marketing but before that, let me explain to you what exactly affiliate marketing is and how the whole affiliate marketing system works.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an association between an affiliate marketer and a merchant. The whole affiliate marketing process comprises of four steps. First, a user decides a product to buy. Second, the user lands on an affiliate site. Third, the user is now redirected to the merchant site. Finally, the shopper will make the purchase, and the merchant will get a reward for that sale from the affiliate. The main principle of affiliate marketing is:

Affiliate Marketing Principle - Digital Ready

Affiliate Marketing - Digital Ready

Not clear? Let me explain it again. Suppose you are the publisher here. Someone from your audience buys a product from your merchant site by clicking on those links that you provided on your site. You will earn a profit from that sale. This is the whole affiliate marketing cycle. You can do affiliate marketing through blogs, social networking, email, and SMS marketing etc. It’s the most successful form of business which can assure everyone to make money. Affiliate marketing is a four-step marketing process:

  • Finding the product you want to promote
  • Signing up for an affiliate program
  • Get your referral promotion link and paste it into your site or blog
  • If any sale happens, then you are going to get the commission for sure

Advantages of Affiliate Marketing

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing - Digital Ready

  • Making more income compared to other freelance online jobs because you are not seeing or promoting your own product here. You are earning for promoting and selling other merchant's products
  • Earning money 24x7 without any physical stores involved
  • Getting exposure is the key to any marketing strategy. The advertiser, as well as the publisher, get more exposure and traffic
  • You will get higher growth in SEO rankings because the traffic that you get from the publisher’s site will help you increase your site’s ranking
  • No inventory required as you are not responsible here for any shipping or returns
  • You get paid when someone else buys. You will get a commission for every sale your visitors made on merchant’s site by clicking on the links on your site
  • You do not have to invest any capital to start up your affiliate business, and even the affiliate marketer doesn’t pay you if it doesn’t work. So it’s a win-win situation for both
  • Affiliate marketing is cost-effective as the advertiser will only pay if customer or visitor clicks on links to buy a product from their site
  • It’s a freelance job. You don’t have to rent or need to have an office to run your affiliate marketing business. You can work from your home
  • No time limits are there for this job. You have the freedom to spend your time as you want. You are the boss of your own job here. You can choose timings of your work as per your wish
  • Affiliate marketing business is free to join. You don’t have to invest to start earning

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

How Affiliate Marketing Works? - Digital Ready

There are lots and lots of online merchants there who are either don’t have time to market or promote their products and services or are improper in applying their marketing strategies. So what could be the solution here? Yes, you got the right track. Affiliate marketing is the two-word solution for the issues, and that’s the reason this form of marketing is rising day by day. You are the one who gets a part of their profit in their whole business.

Different Key Parts of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Process - Digital Ready

Affiliate Merchant - Affiliate Merchant here can be any retailer, brand, or a company that creates a product or service and offers it to sell via affiliate networks. Affiliate Marketer - Affiliate marketers, are the distributors who advertise affiliate products and enjoy their profit part through the merchant or affiliate network. Customer - The ones who purchase from the merchant site through an affiliate site. An affiliate marketing campaign is run by affiliate marketer which aims at converting a user to a customer for affiliate marketing merchant. And the affiliate marketer enjoys the commision. Affiliate Network - Affiliate network is the link between an affiliate marketer and an affiliate merchant. It’s the base for the promotion of various products and services through freelance affiliate marketing. Here is how an affiliate program works:

Role of an Affiliate Network - Digital Ready

Signing Up for an Affiliate Program

Here are the Top Freelance Affiliate Marketing Programs of India:

  • Amazon
  • GoDaddy
  • Flipkart
  • BigRock
  • TripAdvisor

You can check the commission rates of Amazon, Flipkart, and GoDaddy to get an idea of affiliate programs. First of all, you should have your website as per your niche. Then sign up for an affiliate program by checking their marketing reputation and commission rates. Once you sign up for an affiliate program, you need to provide an affiliate link to your blog or site.

Getting Affiliate Links

Here is a step-by-step guide to create an Amazon affiliate link.

Amazon Associates Affiliate Program - Digital Ready

Go to the product page on Amazon Website once you log in to your Amazon affiliate panel. You will get the option “Amazon Associates Site Stripe.” Click on Get link-> text. See the below image for reference

Getting Affiliate Link - Digital Ready

Here is another way to get an affiliate link. Log in to your Amazon associate account and click on Product Linking -> Product Links. Check the below image.

Getting Affiliate Link from Amazon - Digital Ready

You will get two options here “Search for a product” or “Add ASIN/ISBN Code of a product.” You will get the ASIN code on the product detail part of a product on Amazon.com site.

Finding ASIN Code - Digital Ready

Add the ASIN code on the “add a product link page” and click on “Go."

Add the ASIN Code on “Add a product link page” - Digital Ready

You will get the text or image links which you will be able to paste on the HTML editor of your blog or website. Watch the below video by Harsh Agarwal to learn the complete process of getting Amazon affiliate links.

Now let me explain you the most critical part of the article, “How to start an Affiliate Marketing Business and Get Paid?”

How to Start an Affiliate Marketing Business?

To start an affiliate marketing business, you must have your website and blog with at least 500-700 unique visits on a daily basis because you need more and more visitors to promote the products. Here is the process plan to start up a business:

  • Create your website
  • Then register an account as per your niche to start an affiliate marketing business
  • Choose the product you want to promote
  • Create a blog on that affiliate product and start promoting the same. Your blog should be convincing and compelling enough to attract more and more visitors and click your link and buy the product
  • You will get a commission every time a visitor buys something by visiting your blog

How You Get Paid?

How Do You Get Paid Through Affiliate Marketing - Digital Ready

Now how do you get paid for the efforts you made? Here is the answer.

  • You need to first create an account with “Freelance Affiliate Marketing Programs” like Amazon, Flipkart, GoDaddy etc
  • Then get through the above-explained process of getting their links and pasting them into your site or blog
  • When visitors click on the links on your site, they will be redirected to the merchant site where they can buy the chosen products. The best part is you will get a commission for this and the amount per buy will be credited to your account immediately. There are some websites which use PayPal to pay you the commission and some will do the same through cheque

Must Avoid Mistakes When Starting Affiliate Marketing Business

Must Avoid Mistakes of an Affiliate Marketing business - Digital Ready

  • Don’t go for marketing products that don’t match your content
  • Don’t expect immediate income as it takes time because the process needs connections, huge traffic, content, and trust
  • Focus on good and quality content with occasional affiliate links. SPAMMING will earn you a bad reputation
  • Don’t go for promoting bad products even if you get a high commission as people are not going to buy those
  • Don’t choose a niche which you have zero interest in because you will not enjoy talking or writing about its topics. So choose a niche that you are interested in
  • Don’t publish bad or low-quality content as it will not help you gain traffic and redirection.v
  • Not providing product reviews is the biggest mistake that you can do in your business because they are the biggest key part of an affiliate marketing website. People will only go for buying the products that have product reviews
  • Don’t go for joining any and every affiliate program you see because every affiliate site doesn’t have traffic. So there is no point in joining them

The above video by Homemade Entrepreneur is an explanation of five common mistakes of affiliate marketing that marketers must avoid.


Affiliate marketing is neither a risky, nor a complicated job. It will make you money for sure literally while you are sleeping. It won’t cost you a fortune either to get started. You just need to put much dedication on your work and streamline your plan before applying them. This a time and effort consuming job. So you need to have the patience to run this. Rest is upon you. Keep trying until you get success.

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