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How To Keep Your Customers Coming Back Again

  How To Keep Your Customers Coming Back Again
Reshma Mandal
February 1, 2018

Having your customers return to your website or your store, time and again, is not a matter of game. Getting a positive review for once doesn’t mean that the customer will return to you. It takes many efforts than what you think. Returning customers are like the lifeblood of your business because they not only become your customers but also become your brand advocates and can help promote your brand to attract more traffic. Taking returning customers for granted is the biggest mistake that a marketer can do. You worked hard on your marketing plan to make your business stand out of the crowd and to drive customers to your doorstep, it’s time to get them to return to your website.

Finding and then retaining the customers are the two biggest challenges for a new business. It’s very important to develop and maintain a loyal customer base. So how can you make your customer come back? The article below will explain you the tips to do that.

1. Engage and respond the customers

Businesses in the super-connected world today have ‘n’ number of communication channels like social media channels, Email, calls, etc to interact with their customers. But the communication channels keeps on increasing day by day. So get familiar with all the channels to engage with the customer. No engagement should be left behind or ignored. You should respond to each customer within a short period or adopt a policy in your company that ensures no ignorance of customer engagement.

2. Use Content Marketing Strategy to Improve Customer-Retention

Content marketing strategy not only allows you to reach a wide potential audience, but you will also remain on top of your existing customers who can then retain with valuable reasons. Simply writing content is no longer enough to bring the ROI for you. Write useful and valuable customized contents and share them with your peers, and followers to ensure the best results in engagement and retention.

Content marketing strategy Digital Ready

3. Invest in Distribution

Just creating content is not enough. If no one can see your content, then it’s a total waste. Whether it’s the optimization of your content or sending it to relevant bloggers, you should get as many eyes as possible to create a massive amount of traffic for your website and to retain your existing customers. Find the right social marketing channels and spend more time to learn numerous free and paid ways to distribute your content.

4. Know your Customers and What they need from you

Know your customers and what they need from you Digital Ready

Learning about your customers and understanding the customer’s needs is very important in your customer retention journey. Don’t go for the “One size fits for all” approach when communicating with your customers. Segmenting your data can help you build your ideal customer profile. Customer’s data segmentation narrows down the type of customer based on the following information:

Demographic data

Information that is related to customer’s age, occupation, gender, and socio-economic status.

Geographic data

Information about the place of the customer.

Behavioral data

Data about how a customer uses a product, their shopping habits, and propensity to become loyal.

Social Graphic data

Information about how customers behave using different social media platforms.

Psychographic data

Data about the personality and lifestyle of customers.

By segmenting customers on the basis of above data, you can reach out to them with specific offers according to their needs and can value them as they need.

5. Be Accessible

Communication between a company and its customer today is different than what it was before. It was a one-way street before. Companies sold their product(s) to the customer, and that was all. But now, negative feedback on social media can ruin your business like hell, and positive feedback can raise you up for anything. If a customer can reach you out through social media, blog comment, or email, you can be certain that they want a personalized and an on-time response. Consider the following examples of good and bad customer feedback on social media.

Bad customer service post example on Twitter Digital Ready

This tweet was seen by 76,000 users, and on top of that, the British Airways correspondents failed to respond the tweet within eight hours, giving time to go viral with negative feedback.

Bad customer service example on Twitter Digital Ready

Take an example of good customer service. WholeFoods have responded within half an hour of the customer’s tweet and provided a quick and easy solution to the minor problem of the customer.

Good customer service example on Twitter Digital Ready

By making a company accessible through social media, a company can guarantee many customers to be loyal and some of them to retain as much as possible.

6. Provide Offers to Your Loyal Customers

Provide incredible values to the customer who is loyal and can be your brand advocate. When customers buy something from you, they expect something to get in exchange for their hard-earned cash. So give them the reason to return. Provide added value before they turn up to some other competitors.

The Value of a loyal customer Digital Ready

Offer your customer with coupons and other deals. You industry type doesn't matter here. If you can provide your products at a discounted rate, then your customer will appreciate it and be likely to continue business with you in the long term. Use segmented data of your customers to provide specific offers according to their interests and needs.

Whether it's after or before the purchase, you should provide your customer with supplemental materials that shows how you care about your customers in person. You can provide your prospective customers with materials before they purchase so that they can get to know your product(s) and can prepare themselves to get the full out of your product and service. By providing more than what your customer expects, you are positioning yourself higher in your industry.

7. Ask for Frequent Customers Feedback

How customer feedback benefits your business sales Digital Ready

There are tools, like Analytics, which give you all insights of what customers want from your business and what they think, but getting straight answers right from your customers would be the best way that can help you in engaging and retaining. Customers’ feedback is the answer if you are looking for retaining customers. Set up a short survey for your customers once they purchase something from you, or you can ask for feedback through text or email. Taking feedback is as important as answering and acting on them. Surveys, reaching out directly, usability tests, feedback boxes, and user activities are some ways to get feedback from your customers. So if you are looking for your customers to come back, then it's essential for you to leverage your customer's feedback strategy.

8. Go Extra Mile for your Customers

Go extra mile for your customers Digital Ready

Going the extra mile is often helpful for any business to stand out. Here are some tips to go the extra mile:

  • Engage and follow up with your customers on social media with the aim of providing help in any way you can.
  • All customers complaints, reviews, and feedback should be recorded because this information is helpful for engagement opportunities
  • Respond with thankful notes to the cases where customers are referring their friends on social media by mentioning you.
  • Leverage your VIP and loyal customers.
  • 70% of the complaining customers will do business with you if you resolve their complaint. So do follow up with your complaints even after resolving it to go extra mile for your customers.

9. Utilize your Customer’s Accounts

Customer’s accounts can be beneficial for the customer to purchase as it gives the customer easy access to their past orders and pre-filled shipping information. Provide an option of creating an account just after the first purchase or order. In this way, you can effectively implement and encourage customer’s account without hindering conversions of the first time customers. If customer’s accounts are optional, then you can send invitations through the mail to encourage your customers to create their accounts after their order.

10. Send Regular Newsletter Email to your Customers

Email list plays a vital role in customer engagement and for maintaining a good relationship with your new and existing customers. Email is proven to be one of the top converting channels in the marketing field. Email conversions are much higher than social and organic search. An email campaign can be quickly implemented and can produce profits for you.


Understand what your customers want and provide them just with it to grow your business. Don’t ever forget to appreciate your existing customers as it’s 7x more expensive to get a new customer than to retain your existing one.

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