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How to Integrate Emotions into Social Media Marketing

How to Integrate Emotions into Social Media Marketing
Seema Reddy
July 3, 2017

Emotions almost influence every decision and action in our daily life, this is why Social Media Marketing is taking a boom as advertising focuses mainly on appeal and consumers are more influenced by social media. We can't ignore the fact that emotions play a role on their habits. Campaigns with pure emotional content work twice well than rational content.

Emotional intelligence plays a pivotal role in social media marketing majorly in like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Posts having happy reactions are shared more. Negative emotions like fear and anger trigger high reactions if used wisely while happy reactions have long lasting relationships with the public. The style of understanding our own emotions and then the consumers can have a better response. So in this post let us explore on how to use emotions as the key in social media marketing.

Types of Emotions

The most basic emotions in social media marketing are happiness, sadness, anger, fear, surprise, disgust. The remaining are the combination derived from different reactions from the palette of emotions. Studies have found that in social media marketing positive and informative content is more preferred over the negative themed content on social media. If we have to map most shared articles on the web to the emotion, then the most shared emotions will be as follows.

Most Shared Emotions

Let us discuss the effect of each emotion by categorizing them into the following

1. Awe and Amusement
2. Laughter and Joy
3. Inspiring and Informative
4. Anger
5. Fear
6. Sadness

Awe and Amusement

Awe is most popular emotion evoked in social media. People like to be surprised. Research says that people crave for the unexpected. Unpredictable content can go more popular in social media marketing. Here creativity plays a significant role, the more creative you are, the more the content will be liked.

Using list posts can have more people attracted as lists posts bring awe-inspiring reactions. “The Ultimate List for Marketing Statistics for 2016” posted by was ranked as 2nd most shared content in 2017 by Forbes magazine.

Surprise your audience with timing. The best example for this is the viral tweet that Oreo sent out when the lights went out in New Orléans during the Super Bowl. This is known as the most iconic moment of social media marketing. Perfect timing can make a small content also into a viral post on social media marketing.

Oreo Power Outage Tweet

Having your content packaged in a delicious headline can attract many people. Try and be witty with your statements. Post content that surprises your audience with the value and entertainment.


Humour is the best way to attract people and get social media followers. If you have a good understanding of what kind of humor your followers will like, you will have a great engagement on social media especially Twitter. The content can be photos, statements, memes, videos anything that can attract people in social media marketing.

Keep your post content in line with the trend and different. You can promote your product with laughter such that the audiences feel connected to the product. A light-hearted conversation is a great strategy to make a long way impression in social media marketing.

Let us see this example of how Taco Bell uses a humorous survey to get people engaged in the conversation.

Taco Bell Tweet

Inspiring and Informative

Try to add and share your achievements on social media to cultivate curiosity in your followers to know more about you. Publicizing your achievements is an important part of social media marketing and you can do this by posting inspiring breakthroughs in your company. There is a difference between showcasing your achievements and boosting about them as it will lack the honesty. Share information that can be valuable for your followers. Give links on your posts.

A good example for this kind of post is Elon Musk's tweet on the breakthrough of Tesla.

Elon Musk - Tesla


Anger is a strong emotion when used strategically in your social media marketing can get you high engagement. Anger is a high arousal emotion, but anger can have a negative impact on the product. When you consider using anger as your marketing strategy, it is important that you use it sparingly and wisely. Imparting anger in social media can be dangerous, so be cautious. It might get you good traffic but at the same time will trigger bad impression and even let down the brand value. Have a light-hearted debate can be good practice without negative impact.

For example, the post by DiGiorno Pizza got very controversial just for hashtags. People couldn't relate the tag to the post, so the post got a negative impact. So, even the hashtags matter in social media. Be careful. Think before posting.

DigiOrno Pizza Tweet


Fear plays the most pivotal role in social media marketing. Marketers can use this to have high traffic. Try to use statements that highlight some main points that need action and people might react to it. The best example how people feel fear on social media is FOMO. FOMO is the form that shows anxiety in people. FOMO is the abbreviation for Fear Of Missing Out. So, due to this anxiety that people are always checking internet for updates and are more active on social media. Use this fear for marketing by keeping your followers excited. People are excited to see new updates. But people mainly follow you cause they want to be rewarded. People are always excited about gifts and offers. So, have some exclusive offers and rewards sometimes, you can have limited edition offers.

For example, we have the image of Heinz ketchup offer.

Heinz Limited Edition


Sadness, in particular is a major emotion in human beings, but in social media marketing, it has the least importance as it has a low arousal. It is least exists in viral content, but we can still use it in few ways.

For example, there is a YouTube web series, “The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows” which portraits sadness beautifully. The channel is run by John Koenig, who defines sad and negative emotions in a unique, powerful and admirable way. The channel has over 100,000 views on every episode and over 180,000 subscribers. This shows that even sadness can be portrayed beautifully and it can even go viral on social media networks.


Deep within, we humans are social animals and are emotions are triggered in some or the other way. Emotions can be used as a lethal weapon in social media marketing strategies by enticing your content in a way that people will relate to it. Try not to use controversial content as it can have negative effect. Start marketing using emotions on social media and bring great differences in your traffic.

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