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How to Improve Your Confidence and Face Interviews

How to Improve Your Confidence and Face Interviews
November 12, 2021

How to Improve Your Confidence and Face Interviews

Nov 12, 2021
Charvi Sethi
Charvi is an HR Psychologist with Digital Ready. She believes that in order to bring a revolution, the change starts with oneself. She is a social butterfly who is also altruistic in nature.

My life seems to have taken a different road during the past few years. I haven't become richer, thinner, or more intelligent, but I am CONFIDENT. Confidence is the most vital accessory one should wear. My understanding of who I am has always been fairly solid, however in these past few months, I have been eager, willing, and able to share it with anyone who can benefit from it in dealing with day-to-day struggles and challenges.

Confidence has that effect. You can use it to develop the voice you need to be you. That is why I ramble about it so much. If you want a rich and fulfilling life, filled with all the things you love, you've got to handle this issue. So make a plan and start working on it right now.

My confidence crumbled a few months back after several significant life events took place both personally and professionally. A moment ago, it seemed as if I would never recover. Perseverance along with some helpful tricks have allowed me to recover and overcome my fear sets.

1. Practice Making eye contact- Instead of looking here and there, try and look straight in the eyes of the person you want to communicate your point to. Making eye contact makes you look more convincing and assertive with your point.

2. Practice Maintaining good posture and positive body language- It is very important to sit up straight while conversing with anyone. Sitting up straight with hands in front helps to imbibe positive thoughts and makes the person look desirable.

3. Do not panic. Practice breathing techniques- Our self-confidence tends to plummet during dark periods of our lives. We hesitate, doubt ourselves, and question our existence. Every aspect of our life and business is affected when we forget who we are and what we're supposed to do. For such instances practice breathing in and breathing out techniques at least 20 times/ 2 hours. Scientifically, taking in oxygen helps to replenish the cells and think with a broader perspective and ideology.

4. Try to restrict yourself from fidgeting with any object in order to cover your fright- It is ok to be nervous!... but make sure others do not get to know this. Do not fidget with any of your hands, clothes, or any other object in the room as these cues are indicative of social fear or fright.

5. Prepare and rehearse your answers- DO NOT ROT LEARN! It is always wise to have pointers in one’s mind as to what one has to communicate but mugging up the answers doesn’t help. Jot down the important pointers and make them your focus area.

6. Try to Talk slowly and precisely- Deliver concise information yet make sure it's clear and you are not beating around the bush. Do not try to deliver all the information you know in a hurried way as it might not help.

7. Dress the part- As it is said, 'dress to impress.’ Whether it is for an Indian or Western formal presentation or interview, it is very essential to dress appropriately. Self-grooming is a very important part when it comes to presenting oneself in front of the recruiter.

8. Think positively- Going for the interview with a positive mindset always helps to spread good vibes within ourselves and our environment. Do not assume the consequences of the event and be scared of the interview. Put in your best foot forward and keep trying.

If you're currently suffering or having a problem, don't sweat it. Don’t fear personality grooming because we are there to help you overcome this issue. These challenging instances can turn out to be positive and life-changing. In the light of adversity, we gather a lot about ourselves, discover our strengths,  our weaknesses, and areas of expertise. When we start to make progress and overcome obstacles and hurdles of life, we take those vital and significant lessons, teachings, and learnings to apply them to our life and work, improving ourselves, our ventures, and outshining the work we do. 

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