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How to Get a Job After Completing a Free Digital Marketing Course

How to Get a Job After Completing a Free Digital Marketing Course
September 1, 2020

How to Get a Job After Completing a Free Digital Marketing Course

Sep 01, 2020
Chiranjeevi Maddala

Chiranjeevi Maddala is an award winning digital marketing strategist with over 18 Years of experience in Digital Media and Marketing. He is the Founder and Chief Mentor at Digital Ready.

Things are changing fast in the world. Learning something new is more important than ever. With the work from home scenario, there have been a lot of opportunities for everyone to learn more. We have been seeing a lot of institutions / learning platforms offering Free Digital Marketing Courses for people to learn quickly and make use of that learning. 

Can a Free Digital Marketing Course Get You a Job In the Current Situation?

I doubt it. I would see a Free Digital Marketing Course as a quick starter to understand the basics of the Digital Marketing process. It may not give you an edge in the Digital Marketing process especially if you are a beginner. You need apply the knowledge you have acquired somewhere to gain the practical skills.

How to Get a Job After Completing a Free Digital Marketing Course

You need to find opportunities to implement the things you have learned. Following are some of the tips you may use to reach your goal of getting a job in Digital Marketing. 

Gain Real-time Advertising Experience

You might have learned what is advertising and how it works in free digital marketing courses but, you have not experienced it. To get better exposure it is good to check out your latest skills and continue your hands-on work before heading to the first professional digital marketing job. Because you're just starting now, you shouldn't aim to make money, but on supporting people to improve their online exposure and develop their portfolios.

Help an old friend or even a family member with a small local business and is not involved in the social network. Bring them up with Facebook Advertising. To help them out, use your fresh SEO chops. In any event, you can help local businesses grow your digital marketing portfolios and develop useful skills by monitoring ROI and using sound techniques. This process will gain you a lot of confidence and take you closer to get a job after completing a free digital marketing course.

Do Not Stop Learning

Skills Needed to Get a Job After a Free Digital Marketing Course : Best Practices

The digital marketing industry is continuously changing. It is all about knowledge and inherent skills. Marketers have to develop expertise in their field and keep in mind that best practices in marketing change always. It might not work the same for the following week. In addition to the free digital marketing training done, you should also strive to learn the following from the heart.

Create Your Website

The free online marketing course might have helped with the basics of website creation. So, it is easy to start creating your website to show clients and employees their work to impress and win trust. As a guest blogger, you can write blogs on sites that allow blogs from various blogger communities. If you choose to develop your identity as a professional marketer, you can even start writing blogs if you don't have blogs.

It helps you to practice SEO, social media, design, and other marketing expertise. A great deal of research on any subject provides the starting point for writing a blog. Have a glance below for several reasons why you need to start a blog. The first reason is that once you purchase a domain, it is free and low cost. If you don't know marketing strategies, you can create mock campaigns. These campaigns help to showcase their best work and challenging projects in their portfolio and resume. 

Start Digital Marketing as a Freelancer

Check freelance sites and register as a freelancer account. First, add the list of your work portfolio projects that have performed fantastically for free to your current profile. This content will strengthen your overall prevalence that leads to more work interest. Secondly, create your competitive freelance rates based on your industry/fields.

Make sure you highlight your skilled platforms like Google AdWords and Analytics. Finally, improve your identity, connect with other freelancers, and reach out with an introduction to anyone seeking digital marketing assistance. You can add more work to your portfolio once you land some project contracts.

Understand SEO 

Ensure that you grasp from the bottom line on your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Implement the concepts you understood in the free digital marketing course. It is one of digital marketing's core pillars. And the trick of doing digital marketing work with no background is to get a firm understanding of how to do it and what Google likes and dislikes. 

Offer Free Work or Take Internship

Many of us must start at the bottom. You might not have the experience the ideal career requires at the moment. Structure your financing so that you can offer your free work for a short duration or apply for an internship or entry-level position instead of spending money on high paying jobs.

Consider working with big companies and enterprises that you can add to your resume.  Yet it is practically just as good. It is not a "true" professional experience.  That's perfect for landing in a job after a free digital marketing course – your background doesn't mean much if you can generate results.

Optimize your Linkedin Presence

To get a job after completing a free digital marketing course your primary social media focus should be on Linkedin. Ensure that your profile is completely filled out with as many recommendations as possible. If you don't have a great deal of work experience, please list community partnerships and volunteer expertise. Add any associations that you have made with professionals or academics and adjust the headline to mean your marketing job search.

Get Internship

A lot companies look for interns in the area of Digital Marketing. Check websites like Hello Intern, Internshala etc to find such opportunities. Joining a team which is working on Digital Marketing projects and gaining the practical experience is a great way to accelerate your learning. You can also consider guided internship program created by us.


All these metrics with the support of free digital marketing courses will enable your potential to the fullest and will make an easy route to your job after completing a free digital marketing course. Firstly you deserve to be represented as a digital marketing expert to get a good job in digital marketing. It is necessary to build an industry connection, and you must be known as a digital marketer. Do not strive for job openings on the job website and send your resumes to the HR department. In most cases, reference networks first fill good jobs, and they go for the job portal if the HR department cannot find talent.

You should be known to prospective employers as a confident digital marketer. Go ahead and start-up and create your market value and make your mainstream. When you have completed a professional course in digital marketing, this will continue to make yourself recognized and learn further and more that will take you to land on successful jobs. Finally, always strive to leverage your knowledge and stand out unique from your peers. Yet you want to learn from live instructor led digital marketing training which can benefit you in many ways like getting job assurance and very detailed knowledge on the subject.

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