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How to Become an Influencer on Instagram?

How to Become an Influencer on Instagram?
December 19, 2018

How to Become an Influencer on Instagram?

Dec 19, 2018
Rakesh Peketi
Rakesh is an MBA graduate from GITAM University with a great interest towards content creation and digital marketing.

This post helps you briefly understand the concept of Social Media Influencing, the job role, and the activities of an influencer. Most Importantly, the steps of becoming an influencer? A Social Media Influencer is a user who has established trustworthiness in a specific field has a large audience and can influence others by their legitimacy and reach.

Influencers can be on any media. For example, your neighbors who suggest you to buy a product is an influencer. So, anyone can be an influencer. Social Media Influencers are those users in any platform of social media who can trigger the buying cycle of a product/service.

In this post, I have focused on the steps to become an influencer in one of the largest platforms of social media where the trend of influencer marketing is increasing rapidly. Instagram is one of the rapidly growing platforms in social media with more than 1 billion users across the world. This is because of the visual interface which presents a unique way of storytelling.


How to become an Influencer on Instagram

Lets first discuss the necessary steps to gain a strong community in Instagram.

Create Interesting Instagram Bio

An interesting Instagram profile can be the face of a person on the platform. Rather than focus on getting a maximum number of followers, the primary focus should be on the quality of your profile as the person who follows or yet to support you, can visit your profile, see the description and the posts in your profile. So a profile with a decent story, and links (website, product/service, etc.;) can help you discoverable and exciting to the audience.

Produce Content Consistently

Consistency in producing content can be a useful measure to add strength to the profile. If a user/follower visits your profile and finds empty, he/she might leave your profile without following you. So consistent feed in your profile allows the user to revisit your profile.

Create a Theme for Your Profile

Posting a number of photos/videos randomly and irrelevantly may not help and can leave an ambiguity among the users. So before setting a profile, set up a goal to yourself, what do you want to do? In which field do you want to become an Influencer? What would be the theme of your profile? Once you are good enough with your identification, post pictures with consistency in frequency(postings), quality(relevant posts), and the theme of your profile.

For example, a fitness influencer can make a theme regarding fitness programs, tips on how to be fit, his daily routine, the food he eats, etc.; instead if he posts about movies, web series, cricket feed, etc.; can make users confuse his identity and he may lose the quality of his profile.

Master the Art of Taking Pictures

As Instagram is a visual medium, your feed must tell a story, the images posted must be striking otherwise your users might not find the profile interesting. Learn to show the picture in a unique perspective nobody else has seen, which makes the image interesting. Even you take a great photo with fantastic quality, unique perspective in showcasing the picture gives more impact.

Make use of Hashtags

Use relevant hashtags for the post to make the job more discoverable. Maximum of 30 Hashtags can be used for every job and a minimum of 11. The primary use of hashtags is only to make the post discoverable, however, using relevant hashtags can make you discoverable to users with identical interests and engage. Some of the generic hashtags also can be used to make the post discoverable to a more significant number of audience.

Engage with other Instagram Users

Getting followers alone is not an achievement, but creating engagement with the audience makes any meaning. The ultimate goal of an influencer should be able to make a conversion out of his/her audience.
Commenting on relevant profiles and posts may give a genuine impact on someone, rather than liking the pictures. This may lead to gaining Instagram followers. Comments reflecting publicizing one's profile won’t help in learning followers.

Resist the Urge to find Shortcuts

A shortcut can be termed as paid ad where reach is high, but conversions are not up to mark. Many services help to grow followers quickly where these followers are inactive and can be bots. These can show the number of followers as high in number but when it comes to engagement the plot can be different, let’s say inefficient and ineffective. Organic followers can make you engaged with the audience which helps to build an active community which can be the biggest asset to become a strong influencer on Instagram.

The ideal metric of popularity on Instagram is the number of followers a person has. Achieving the required number requires patience and endurance. If you are a beginner in Instagram and aspiring to become an Influencer on Instagram, entering the first “K” (1000 followers) can be said to be a milestone. Entering the number is possible by following necessary steps and tips.


Create Brand-Centric Content

Content is the only weapon for an influencer. However, the challenge comes when the material should be of brand-centric that matches the user preferences.

Write on Topics that will Resonate with Your Audience

Content chosen should be in the match with the audience preferences so that it strikes the audience to follow you. In other words, you must find topics of your interests and readers connect to. If you are a fashion freak, you can post pictures of the latest fashion trends, the brands you use, the type of products you chose for different occasions, etc.;

Turn Readers Questions into Content Suggestions

One of the best ways to create content and make it users love is to fetch content from users itself. This can be done by making users ask questions to you in the form of FAQs once in a while. This creates a direct engagement with the audience and makes the audience feel comfortable and make the audience more connected to you by your account.

Use Subtle Placements

Don’t publicize a brand because you should promote it, instead, use the products related to your interests, give genuine feedback of the products and make audience connected to you in such a way that you can influence your audience. This way audience buying behavior can be molded, and it can take a word of mouth branding.

Keep the Content Consistent and Use Mind-blowing Photos

Content is not only the king but consistency in your content, your engagement with the audience regularly (being available), makes the profile more trustworthy. As discussed earlier, Instagram is a visual medium appealing photos can make the user attached to the profile without skimming the content (images, infographics, and visual content). They become brand loyal and follow your every moment which can change/trigger the buying cycle.


Top Instagram Updates Influencers Consider

Instagram is always looking for opportunities to make itself user-friendly and has announced some important updates. These include new features which may be game-changing for users and influencers who want to increase their follower base.

Shop Directly on Instagram Stories

Instagram enabled the feature of shopping directly through the app without even closing it, through Instagram Stories. This helps user click on shopping bag icon near a product and can buy it instantly. This feature can completely change the game for influencers and brands making Instagram not just a platform to share and posts but to drive traffic to product pages and build brand awareness. Now, Instagram will become a place where Influencers and brands can directly sell products will help increase the importance of influencers for brands as they will be able to convince their audience to use/buy new products much more comfortable.

Resurrecting the ‘Explore’ Page Algorithm

Instagram has updated it’s Explore page so that a user can filter the content based on his interests. This feature is called Channels which includes many categories the user can select from. The previous version has made it challenging for the influencers in finding the relevant audience, whereas the updated version has made it simple to identify the correct audience for their products/services. This service will display the content under the chosen category making Instagram more User-centric. As discussed earlier, the channels’ feature have more benefits for influencers. They can filter content based on their interests which is a lot easier for influencers to find the right audience.

Scheduling of Posts

An Influencer having a lot of content may feel uncomfortable in posting. Schedule of posts is one of the most useful features for influencers making them stay on track with their posts and publishing them at the right time without the admin being involved. This will help in reducing time drastically. However only Business accounts of Instagram have this feature.

Follow Option for Hashtags

Following Hashtags, help the user find more relevant content. For example, if a photographer follows hashtags related to photography, editing, etc.; he may find related content by fellow photographers and their work. This can help influencers to expand their reach and find new users who are interested in that particular genre. This may also help influencers analyze the competitors in their respective fields.


Advantages of Being an Influencer

Gain Popularity

Social Media Influencers usually have an active community. They can mold the purchasing behavior of the city by continuously being in touch with their audience. There is a chance of corporates and even startups asking for endorsing their brands in the influencers niche. This way Influencers gain popularity among their respective fields.

Make Income out of Your Interests

Social Media Influencers have already built their community by making their interests showcased in the social media. This has made them reliable and trustworthy among the audience in their field. This leads to make audience trust the influencer and can be their role model in their life.

As said earlier some companies need the right people to endorse their brands in the social media. These companies approach influencers and pay them for their brand promotions. This way Influencers make money irrespective of their primary income.

Impact the Purchase Behaviour

Recent studies said, Most of the conversions (sales) nowadays are happening through Influencers in different platforms. The interesting fact is more the celebrity endorsements the buying behavior of a customer is due to the Influencers.

Become a Trendsetter

Influencers are often termed as trendsetters. This is because Influencers are the source of information about the products (new products in the industry). They provide complete details about a product. The audience can change their perspective on a product, sometimes idolize their opinions within their categories of expertise.



Choose Brands Wisely

Most of the influencers are highly selective in choosing the brand they are ought to promote. This way they add authenticity to the message they convey about a brand to their audience.

Influencers have the decision-making option on the brand they choose. They have the flexibility of making a good fit for their image and the audience.

Create Long-term Influencer Relationship

Building a rapport and credibility among the audience is a major asset for an influencer. It gives exposure to the brands and makes them approach you for ad campaigns of their brands. Making a strong community and making conversions for a brand can make a positive relationship with the brand and can lead to a long-term relationship with the brand and can make a consistent income.

Therefore, becoming an Influencer is a tough job, but once you’re upfront and personable with your posts, your reputation has been established.

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