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How To Become An Amazon Associate To Boost Income?

How To Become An Amazon Associate To Boost Income?
January 21, 2022

How To Become An Amazon Associate To Boost Income?

Jan 21, 2022
Akriti Raturi

Akriti is an UGC Net Qualified Assistant Professor. She is an alumni of Miranda House, University of Delhi, and has a passion for teaching.

Affiliate marketing has grown exponentially in recent years. All major companies such as Flipkart, Amazon, GoDaddy, eBay, MakeMyTrip, have been affiliate marketing loyals for quite some time now. Businesses are adding  affiliate marketing strategies to explore a variety of technical solutions and make them stand out from the curve. Affiliate marketing enables you to provide useful information about your service or product, as a result the audience builds trust in your brand and your website traffic grows.

Who are the key players in Affiliate Marketing?

  • The Affiliate -They are the Publisher also referred to as affiliate or partner, they promote a product or service on their website to their readers.
  • The Merchant - The Brand or a Company who sells the merchandise or service. They're looking to attach with new customers and obtain more sales, and can pay affiliates for each sale, the affiliate refers back to the merchant that converts.
  • The Affiliate Network - This network brings together Affiliates and Merchants and helps to grow the business.

Affiliate Marketing

How does Affiliate Marketing work?

The merchant who sells the products provides a unique link for tracking every product that is listed on the affiliate's website. So when someone clicks on the link a file called cookie is stored on their device. This way the merchant can easily attribute the sale to the right affiliate.

Aside from tracking, if a consumer delays making a purchase after clicking on the link, the tracking information is stored (with an expiration date) to assist the merchant with repaying the affiliate.

Affiliate Marketing Process

1. Choose a Platform

First step is to choose a platform where you wish to market your product/service. You can search on google to know about which companies are open to affiliate marketing.

2. Select Product Category

Select a product category that you wish to advertise, for ex- books, clothing, beverages, food grains, electronic gadgets etc.

3. Build Content

Build content around the product category and products that will enable you to attract your audience.

4. Get Affiliate Marketing Links

Get affiliate links and drive traffic to your website. This is the most crucial step of your entire process. Carefully link everything so that the target audience could be directed on your website.

How to become an Amazon Associate to boost income?

1. Open Amazon Associates Central

2. Login with your existing account or signup for a new account

3. After signing up - It shows "Account Information"

4. Select the option "Payee listed above"

5. "No" for US taxpayers and click on "Next"

6. Enter "Your website" click on "Add" and "Next"

7. Enter your preferred associates store id "Any Name"

8. Your Website list> Enter your website

9. Write a "Short Summary" of what's your website or app is about

10. Select the Primary Topic and Secondary Topic under which of the following best describes your website

11. Select the categories of the products that you intend to promote on your website

12. Select the relevant type of what best suits to your website

13. Select the channels "How your drive traffic to your website"

14. Select from the drop down "How do you utilize your website and apps to generate income"

15. Select "How do you usually build links"

16. Select "Total number of visitors"

17. Select the reason the for joining the affiliate program

18. Select "how did you hear about us"

19. Enter the captcha, agree to the terms and conditions

20. Click on finish

Go Back to Amazon Associates Home Page

1. Click on "Product Linking" on the menu

2. Select "Product links"

3. Search "Product" in the search bar relevant to your category

4. Beside the product that you want to promote - click on "Get Link"

5. If you want to customize the link click on the drop down beside get link, make modifications (optional) and scroll down copy the unique link

6. After the link is copied, go back to your word press admin page

7. Edit the post where you want to upload the link

8. Right click or double click on the space where you will get an option to paste the HTML link

9. To enable specific word to a link, select the word, right click on it, select insert link>paste the link copied from amazon affiliate program central

10. Click on update or publish > Now go to your website and test if the link is working or not.

Hope, these steps will assist you in turning yourself into an amazon associate. If you are looking to master Affiliate Marketing skills, join the Digital Marketing Course that will empower you to learn Affiliate Marketing Skills like an expert.

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