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What it Takes to be a Full Stack Digital Marketer?

What it Takes to be a Full Stack Digital Marketer?
Harsha Chaitanya
November 21, 2016

There were many articles published on the concept FULL STACK DIGITAL MARKETER and many of you have read them. But somehow I feel, they acted as blurbs written in the process of content marketing done by the guys in the marketing departments of the companies who try to sell their course or whatever intended. So here is what I decided to write, to never confuse anyone who read and give a raw and honest idea what it really means.


In my schooling days I used to listen to a proverb so often. It says “Jack of all trades but master of none”. Recently when I was reading a generic article, I came across this again but in a different form. “Jack of all trades but master of ONE”. So as a novice and aspirant in the field of digital marketing, I have been going through the latest trends in the field. In a spurt of moment after reading the above sentence, I realized the latest desideratum.

The Study and my Inferences

So when going through a comprehensive study, I have came across various positions which are clearly categorized according to their work scenarios. For instance, a web designer has to take the necessities of his customer and has to design a blue print or maps of the website. Then it has to got to a web developer, who works on the actual building through coding. A content writer has to develop the relevant and un-plagiarized content and SEO guys has to optimize it and the list goes endless. So where does the need of this FULL STACK DIGITAL MARKETER arise?

There is still no doubt that most of the established and big players hire people who are experts in a particular field so that they value their experience and depth in that area. But never forget, there are a lot of new companies and startups with their own peculiar need of employing people who have a comprehensive idea of the whole process of online marketing. It doesn’t mean the major firms never recruit them. As the chain of command goes up, they need people who have command over all the stages in the process i.e., the people who can control and understand the whole marketing funnel. So a FULL STACK DIGITAL MARKETER is always in demand.

What does it take to become a FULL STACK DIGITAL MARKETER?

Yes, it takes a lot of determination to study, understand, exercise, experience, adapt, absorb, replicate all the areas of study. In bare terms, if one wants to aim for this position, he has to start from the scratch even much before the marketing terms enter the process or channel.

As I said there are lot of things to be done before the real marketing processes come into place and strategies work. Here is a list of them.

UI/UX or Webpage development

Gone are the days when UI/UX designers are called a separate clan and their work never overlap with digital marketing. Now a digital marketer has to have an idea of one of these programming languages so that he can be a part of designing and creating the webpage.

Let’s have a look:

  • HTML - Hyper Text Markup Language which is a standard for creating web pages and applications.
  • CSS - Cascading Style Sheets, a style sheet language used for describing the presentation of a document written in a markup language.
  • JavaScript - A dynamic programming language when applied to a HTML document provides interactivity on websites.
  • Python - It’s a high level dynamic language which can express its concepts in fewer lines than C++ and Java.
  • Ruby on Rails - A server side web application framework which uses HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT for display and user interfacing.

Actual Marketing

When it comes to the actual marketing scenario, the job profiles are divided into various portfolios like SEO, Google Adwords professionals, Social media marketers, Content writers, Email marketers, Analytics people etc., One should ought to have a concise idea of all the above concepts and expertise in one of them. That choice depends on the psychology of that person and one should know what his traits and where their interests lie.

Let us consider all the above areas briefly

1.SEO - This is the foremost and the most important area of the whole digital marketing process which embeds everything into it right from optimization of the site to checking the rankings, traffic and what not. It is a vast area of opportunity and offers the most number of job opportunities.

2.Google Adwords - It is an area which is blooming and in current trend as it acts a source of revenue. It requires tactical thinking and a foresight of things towards business approach.One has to find the right keywords as the space available is low and due to cost of the words. The actual running of ad campaigns and monitoring them constantly makes it a challenging process.

3. Social Media Marketing - The social media is ruling the web world now. So all the social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter etc., became the most hard hitting and influential platforms to share and market. So the people who work in this area have to design and create ads and target them to the specified groups which will create the desired impact of conversion.

4. Content Marketing - Writing content is the most important thing of all as every process revolves around the content. Lot of brainstorming is involved in it. So producing content becomes the top most priority of all. The content marketing is a very exciting and tedious process that views the concept of marketing in an entirely different angle. The best marketing never appears to be marketing.

5. Analytics - All the processes of creating ads, optimizing, marketing has to be done with a single aim i.e., to attain conversions. So one has to track which mechanisms were yielding results and which were not. This is a very technical area and one has to have analytical perspective of validating things. This is a very lucrative area for the prospective people who wish to work at the same time tiresome.

There are many other aspects and sub aspects other than these like Email marketing, Marketing automation, A/B testers etc., that one has to be aware of to a considerable extent.

Final Insight

One has to be well aware if not thorough in all these processes in order to become a full stack digital marketer. As the new players are entering into the market at a rapid pace than ever before. The need for people who know and can manage the total funnel of marketing had risen. Hence, FULL STACK DIGITAL MARKETER term came into play and is in higher demand these days. Training plays a very important role here. A best trainer who is well aware of the market requirement and who is equipped with experience can train students as our trainer did at Digital ready, Hyderabad. But in spite of training, the practical exposure has no substitute. A person who intends to be a FULL STACK DIGITAL MARKETER has to indulge himself into the various actions pertaining to these processes and equip his arsenal with the right arms for the intended victory.

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