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How to Become a Digital Marketer in 60 Days

How to Become a Digital Marketer in 60 Days
January 22, 2021

How to Become a Digital Marketer in 60 Days

Jan 22, 2021
Devyani Paliwal
Devyani is an ACJ graduate with a bachelors in English Literature. A voracious reader since her school days, cinema aficionado and music enthusiast, she has been doing content writing for some time now.

We live, work and earn in a digital world. This is why it becomes imperative that every business out there have a good digital presence that can help them in reaching more people and boosting sales. Becoming a digital marketer will help you in taking your work to a whole different level. Not only will becoming one bolster your brand but also contribute a lot to your personal growth.

A digital marketer is someone who has a working knowledge of all aspects of digital media such as websites, emails, social media platforms, and others. It’s not an easy task but digital marketers can do it, provided they know what to do and how to do it. Under the digital marketing umbrella, there are a number of channels or areas that one can specialize in, some of them are social media marketing, content marketing, data analytics, and PPC. To help you out, some important steps that every aspiring digital marketer needs to remember are:

Learn Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

This is a very obvious step for every digital marketer out there. However, the digital form of marketing is a tad bit different from the traditional one. To start with, you need to know how to make use of search engines, content management systems such as WordPress, online ad platforms such Google Ads, and social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

If you don’t have a good enough knowledge about these basic web tools, it’ll be hard to build a strong foundation as everything that you’ll need to be a good digital marketer will stem from these. Following this, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), planning content strategy, content marketing, and paid online advertising are the next steps.

Become an SEO Expert

This is one of the most important steps for a digital marketer who is just starting out. SEO is vital to digital marketing as it helps in optimizing your content and making sure that it reaches as many people as possible. Optimization makes your content accessible to many more people because well-optimized content ranks higher on Google search.

Start A Content Marketing Campaign

Before attempting any marketing strategy, one should always have a solid strategy in place. The work of a digital marketer is only as good as their content strategy. From ideation to creation and lastly, publishing, every step needs to be well thought out. A successful content marketing campaign can bring in a lot of business provided you plan it well.

Further. it will also increase the efficiency of your various departments such as customer care and production. Digital marketers can also make use of such campaigns to analyze what all corrections can be made to make the content better for the new audience as well as your existing customers.

Learn How to Use Digital Marketing Tools

Knowledge is power and this holds true for every field. Essentially, what digital marketing is, is a collection of tools and platforms that can be used together to widen the reach of any business. Not only can you further any business, if you know digital marketing well enough, but you can start your own business.

In order to utilize the digital economy, which is going at a speed ten times faster than the online one, you need to learn how to use the tools. In fact, you don’t just have to be good but really good at this because the number of digital marketers in the market is steadily rising as nobody wants to not tap the amazing potential of the online market.

Master PPC Targeting

Another important lesson for a budding digital marketer is how vital PPC targeting is to your digital marketing strategy. While the ads are faster in getting an audience for your business, you need to make sure that the target audience is going to lead to increased ROI. This is done by doing research so that you can determine what is the right audience for your product/service and what will be the right time and place to place those ads.

Build Social Media Marketing Skills

As we all know, social media is all the rage these days and it is not going away any time soon. The faster you learn how to use this to your benefit, the better a digital marketer you will emerge. The different social media platforms cater to different demographics and social groups and your role as a digital marketer is to push the right content that resonates with the different groups.

Create an Email Marketing Strategy

The oldest form of digital communication and still relevant, contrary to what many believe. It is a highly personalized form of marketing and has a pretty high percentage of ROI if the content is created smartly. Further, it is not costly and all you need is a viable email list and the right content which should be easy for digital marketers.

Enhance Team Management Skills

When it comes to handling the digital marketing of any given company, there is usually a team involved as it is not possible for one person to handle everything. This is the reason why every digital marketer should have quality team management skills so that your collaboration is fruitful and the end results are good. When people don’t work well together, it hampers the overall progress of the company and the same can be said for digital marketing as it is a group effort, and the best results are only established when everyone works together.

Get Certified in Digital Marketing

This is an important one for all digital marketers but especially for digital marketer freelancers. It will not only give you a professional boost and be a good addition to your CV but will prove to your employer that you’re committed to the role and have certified skills as well. Further, doing a digital marketing course can be very helpful in reviving your career as well because it is a very sought after course right now.

Stay On Top of Latest Digital Marketing Trends

Marketing is a field that is constantly evolving and in a digital world, the speed at which trends keep changing is even faster. Therefore, every digital marketer should make sure to always stay up-to-date with the latest trends as they change according to the consumers’ preferences, and marketing is all about them.


The demand for not digital marketers but good and efficient digital marketers is only going up and up. So if you do choose to foray into this field, make sure that you enroll and get certified from a good institute as it can make all the difference. Content creation is not as easy as people like to think but if you do believe you have that creative bent of mind and a passion for marketing, becoming a digital marketer might just be your true calling.

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