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How to Attract Recruiters to Hire You for a Digital Marketing Role

How to Attract Recruiters to Hire You for a Digital Marketing Role
Chiranjeevi Maddala
August 3, 2017

With the increase of internet users, more and more companies are using the tactics of digital marketing to generate a large number of leads and skyrocket the sales, which is opening new career opportunities for the youth today in the digital marketing sector. However, it is not easy to impress the recruiters to hire you for their digital marketing unless you have some unique skills. During an interview, recruiters look for candidates with proper understanding and expertise in digital marketing. But how will you impress your recruiters that you possess the skills that they seek for their role?

Well, follow the steps given below to crack an interview for a digital marketing position.

Create a website, post content and generate leads for it

If you have your site with posts that have successfully garnered the attention of a vast number of online audiences, then it will help you to crack a digital marketing interview. When you have a website, and you are successfully running it, then it proves that you have considerable knowledge about the technicalities of digital marketing.

When the companies hire a candidate for a digital marketing role; they look for an individual with exceptional skills in Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Optimisation as well as marketing, link building and several other things that a company website needs to reach out to their target audience. And if you have a successful internet site; then you have already proved to your recruiters that you are highly qualified for their work. So, if you do not own a website; then create one and post content in it to generate leads from it.

Show that you are proficient in Social Media

We all know that how important social media is for digital marketing. Social media is a great way to generate leads for a company website. But posting on social media will not be enough to get the attraction of the recruiters during a digital marketing interview. So, what do you need to know?

Here, check them out:
You already know that posts with a hashtag reach out to more people than those without any hashtag. However, if you post on twitter with multiple hashtags, then it will work much better than you can even imagine.

Do you know about LinkedIn? Of course, you have! But you know; you can use it to help you in an interview for digital marketing interview. Yes! Create an attractive yet detailed summary of your career and list your experiences; include recommendations from five or more companies that you have worked with mentioning your achievements and lastly add samples of your job. It will act as an impressive resume for the recruiters, and they will take an interest in you.

Moreover, you need to know the basics of sharing content on the robust platform of LinkedIn. You must have a clear view of the standard pulse feature of LinkedIn.
If you can do the above-listed steps then obviously you will be able to impress the recruiters during the interview.

Open a YouTube channel and create videos with a unique number of views

YouTube is undoubtedly a powerful platform that every company wishes to use to reach out to their target audiences. So, they always search for candidates who are proficient at making viral videos on YouTube. So, if you have a YouTube channel with a myriad of subscribers and a plethora of views on the videos; then you will be able to create a good impression among the interviewers instantly. So, open a YouTube channel; create highly engaging videos which can get a larger number of views from YouTube populace.

Participate in Quora Discussions

Quora is, of course, a highly popular forum where people post their questions in the hope of finding the appropriate solutions to their problems. What you need to do is to participate in such discussions on Quora and solve the queries of as many people as you can with utmost efficiency.

Why do you ask? In digital marketing, addressing the questions and answer the complaints from the customers is a critical task. And the recruiters search for people who have excellent problem-solving skills. Hence, participating in Quora discussions will help you to showcase your problem-solving skills to the recruiters. Of course, that will impress them greatly and improves your shot at securing the digital marketing job.

Make guest posts

Making guest posts is a great link building exercise. It helps you to generate traffic from other websites, and you can use it to your favor in impressing your recruiters. Create successful guest posts and back link it correctly to your site to generate traffic from it. It will help the recruiters to understand that you are quite proficient in link building as well as to creating successful guest posts which they can use to their digital marketing advantage.

Show-off your Email Marketing skills

No matter what latest developments occur in the world of digital marketing, the email marketing will always remain an important digital marketing tactic. And the recruiters search the email marketing skills in their recruits. Showcase your talent in building a proper email list and strategies that you have successfully used in your website to attract your recruiters.

Acquire expertise in using the digital marketing tools

There are several digital marketing tools available on the internet like HootSuite, MailChimp, etc. Acquire a proper knowledge of using these tools skillfully; as they play a great role in determining the success of the digital marketing strategies of a company. If you can convince the recruiters that you have talent in using these tools, then you may very well be selected for the job of digital marketing.

Digital marketing is a booming career option for the young generation. Every day companies are recruiting people for several digital marketing jobs. So, follow the steps above; acquire proper skills and impress the recruiters to have yourself hired in a digital marketing role.

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