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How Start-Up can Leverage SEO to Drive Huge Organic Traffic?

How Start-Up Can Leverage SEO to Drive Huge Organic Traffic?
August 1, 2020

How Start-Up can Leverage SEO to Drive Huge Organic Traffic?

Aug 01, 2020
Chiranjeevi Maddala

Chiranjeevi Maddala is an award winning digital marketing strategist with over 18 Years of experience in Digital Media and Marketing. He is the Founder and Chief Mentor at Digital Ready.

Today's business ecosystem has witnessed numerous individuals taking the reins and bringing alive their business ideas - paving the way for multiple Start-ups to mushroom, approximately over 1300 entities in 2019 alone, as denoted by an Economic Times article. 

While some Start-ups focus on traditional or e-retail, others identify a need in the market and capitalize on them. However, the one factor that binds many industries and start-ups, in particular, is the headfirst investment in digital marketing efforts. What is it that digital marketing offers to start-ups that vis-à-vis traditional mediums falter in?

Most start-ups have a substantial gestation period before they can recover their capital investment and be profitable. In this scenario, they have to pick up a cost-efficient yet valid marketing route that promises maximized recognition and impact, digital marketing.

Digital marketing, directly speaking, is a broad term that covers Social media marketing, Google search, display, email marketing, and content marketing, to name a few. A cost-effective and high-impact digital strategy is SEO- Search Engine Optimization for startups, an absolute necessity, and the fundamental step every start-up should adopt.

But what does SEO do?

Contrary to popular belief, Search Engine Optimization, which drives organic traffic (unpaid) to your landing page, is the key to building credibility. No one moves to page 2 of search engine results, so appearing as top results should be the goal if a small business wants to marry the google algorithm. And for this, eye-grabbing content with landing page optimization is the way to go!

Why should your Start-up adopt an SEO-first digital strategy?

Why there Is a Need of SEO for Start Up?

One thing you'll have to understand is that Google's SEO configuration is uniform to all – across industries, products, size of the organization, and beyond. And once you crack the SEO code, you're all set! Primarily, Google considers a few broad aspects to determine the ranking of your website, which include:

  • Relevant and Quality content
  • A seamless landing page experience
  • Accessibility and traffic.

The above are some of the key characteristics among the different variables that Google employs to judge if your website is worth it, in simple words.

Getting started with SEO for a Start-Up

Getting Started with SEO for Start Up

Google's machine learning and the artificial intelligence-enabled algorithm are continually watching your website, particularly its performance, content, accessibility, and engagement rates. As a start-up or any organization, your goal should be to impress this algorithm to be considered pertinent, impactful, and meaningful to your audience. In the light of mastering your SEO strategy for your start up, the following elements are incredibly significant to nudge you in the right direction, at this nascent stage.

1. Content development and curation

Statement "Content is king" holds good, especially when it comes to building an organic traffic route to your web page. Producing quality, well-researched and relatable content is the first and foremost move to ensuring a good association with your audience, that would make them want to come back to your site for more, bookmark it or even share it amongst their peers!

2. Selecting the right keywords 

Google's SEO employs keywords to enable content mapping, i.e., matching your content to relevant queries, thus keeping tabs on how topical or contextual your web content is. Further, the emergence of multiple sites such as Uber Suggest, Yoast SEO, KW finder, etc., in addition to the existence of Google Keyword planner, have enabled easy access and adaptation of keyword planning.

The variation in keywords is simple–

  • They can be either long-tail keywords or short-tail keywords
  • Further, any regular content piece – for example, a blog post may have a singular primary keyword followed by a few particular secondary keywords.

Determining the perfect keywords by ascertaining what works best in your domain marks the fundamental step to an effective SEO strategy and outcome. However, just employing keywords doesn't guarantee your website a high ranking, as consistency, quality, and goal-determination plays a massive role concerning the same.

3. Mobile Optimization

A large part of India accesses the internet via their mobile phones, beyond laptops and tablets. Therefore, irrespective of who your core audience is, everyone is on their smartphone these days, thus channeling a substantial portion of your web traffic from mobile devices. The bottom line is, your website has to be portable and multi-device friendly! This should be your prime SEO strategy for your start-up.

What does it mean for your website to be mobile friendly?

  • Speedy landing page experience – If your website takes more than a few seconds to load, this only results in an increased bounce rate. Slow sites are an indication of failure, even if your web content is extraordinarily mind-boggling or revolutionary.
  • Mobile interface optimization – An efficient navigational structure and layout of your website has a significant impact on its performance. A user-friendly experience leads to a magnified effect that has the potential to transform leads into conversions.
  • Visually-enriching and actionable content – People like to have strong visuals to attract their attention, rather than verbose paragraphs. When your visuals tell a story, you communicate your brand message better, via-a-vis a substantial text-oriented webpage.

4. SEO Automation strategy

Did you know that you don't have to input, monitor, and analyze your SEO strategy for your start-up manually every single time? SEO does not guarantee overnight fame; it reaps benefits when your start-up adopts a consistent, process-oriented, and gradual approach. As a start-up, you'll have to focus on your core business, and therefore SEO automation is the way to go!

SEO automation can be set up right from fixating on your regular keywords, automated responses to any webpage queries or broken links, or even a bunch of tools to enable sharing your content across social networks. 

It provides an easy, quick, and efficient way to analyze your web performance and make suitable changes for more desirable results!


Marketing to today's picky customers who are bombarded with a hoard of web content every day is a tricky business. But a carefully devised SEO strategy among multiple alternatives may do the trick that today's start-ups need. Without burning a hole in your pocket, digital marketing provides solutions to attract, retain and form relationships with customers of the 21st century!

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