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How Salesforce Marketing Cloud Creates a Go-Getter Approach In The Market?

How Salesforce Marketing Cloud Creates a Go-Getter Approach In The Market?
June 5, 2017

How Salesforce Marketing Cloud Creates a Go-Getter Approach In The Market?

Jun 05, 2017
Mridul Kabra
Mridul is a Digital Marketing Professional.

A marketplace can be described as a quagmire of the various products and services. A quagmire, because it literally drags the customers in it and hardly any of them can escape cleanly handed. With more technology comes more management. Likewise, marketplaces are also becoming organized and moving away from the typical term of “fish market”. Salesforce plays a leading role in this transformation and with this comes Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Not only it tracks the buying behaviour of the customers, it also connects the dots from the introduction to retention. It is the most organized digital marketing platform. With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, customers experience a personalized one-to-one journey, which triggers the optimum customer satisfaction. Among the sales cloud and service cloud, marketing cloud pops up as a connector. Yes, it performs, more than we can think of it. Many big names such as L’Oreal, Accenture, Dunkin Donuts swear by the cutting-edge approach of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. They can connect to their vast pool of customers like never before. Salesforce Marketing Cloud is an umbrella term for various customer related campaigns. Also, along with providing the utmost assistance, it gives the leeway to choose your own ground. It is like taking leverage of all marketing strategies on your own terms. The intelligence of marketing lies in the depth of its data. The whole procedure revolves around the data science and its technicalities.


Salesforce Marketing Cloud expands into below channels

Email Channel

This can be called as advanced email campaigning. Email Studio in Salesforce marketing cloud displays an integrated platform for all the customer data, embedded with advanced features. Now, despite working in a black-box of basic email marketing, you have a broader path with features like dynamic content blocks, drag and drop features and also smart content with Einstein.

Mobile Channel

This may seem outdated, but marketing cloud has given a whole new shape to this old-school campaigning mode. This is a wonder tool to generate quick yet personalized customer experience. This assures that, none of your potential clients slip away from your hands.

Social Channel

To give you a mouthful of matured leads, social studio of marketing cloud is a revolution in itself. The tool gives you the super powers to create an over-personalized customer experience. What more could you ask for, when it gives you the live customer reviews?

Advertising Channel

Advertising gives you the chance to manifest your business in the best possible ways. The role of advertising is to beautify your products and services. What if you could reach your exact audience with your attractive ad campaign? Advertising studio puts that extra effort to create an engaging campaign.

Web Channel

This is a way to convert your static experience into a dynamic customer oriented experience. This gives a real-time insight into your customers’ world. Web Studio is a detailed platform which checks into every nook and corner of customer aspects.


Salesforce Marketing Cloud manifests the modernism in the digital marketing world. It creates a secured periphery of your small world. Marketing cloud follows an architectural approach through which, it carves a glorifying brand image. Salesforce Marketing Cloud works on various defined platforms. These are acutely segregated platforms which define the core values of customers.

Journey Builder

A customer should experience the best interaction when they come across your brand. The journey builder takes this notion forward and builds a trail of interactive customer experience. The key is to make them feel special and valued. It’s like adapting to customer behaviour without moulding your basic ideas. With every customer experience, it strives to spin yarns which add to the brand value.

Audience Builder

More than following a blind path, a specified approach saves time and cost. Audience Builder is a prompt approach towards creating a common backdrop for marketing executives. This includes simplifying the intricate data, seeking new opportunities with the product and also detecting the future behaviours of the buyers. The Salesforce Einstein glances on every footfall of the customer and gives you the future possibilities with that.

Personalisation Builder

A smart content with the right view is the key to buyer’s heart. Personalisation Builder acts as your virtual assistant and forms a sweet symphony between you and your clients. A right approach is an emboldened form of a basic idea. This platform of marketing cloud dives deep into buyer’s mind and helps you to create a personalised content.

Content Builder

This is a single frame to put all your searched data. The core mission is to make possible one-to-one customer satisfaction journey. The content builder works to make your job easy with the help of a content editor. You can simply drag and drop the templates to make it quick and effective.

Analytics Builder

This is like getting the instant reward for your efforts. Checking on the website visits and app visits, gives the right outlay of customer behaviour towards your company. The score of audience engagement is the right motivation for your sales team.

Marketing Cloud Connect

The motive is to build a permanent connection between every customer and the brand. Sending personalized messages at every step make them feel valued. With this platform, marketing cloud becomes the powerhouse of the sales and service cloud. Salesforce marketing cloud works in the direction of building integrated customer experiences with Salesforce customization. With every knot of effort, they build a chain of delightful customers.The marketing cloud is an intellectual yet humble approach towards building a pool of everlasting customers. It eliminates every scope of taking benefit of doubt from the customers. Marketing cloud creates your way towards the customer mindset and helps you to create a dynamic approach for your customers. It is like when you take a leap, you know where to hit.

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