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How To Promote Your Content on Reddit Effectively

Promote Your Content On Reddit Effectively
October 22, 2018

How To Promote Your Content on Reddit Effectively

Oct 22, 2018
Vinay Appalla
Vinay is a Digital Marketer.

Are you spending a lot of time on the internet? If so, chances are you have heard of Reddit. Reddit being a Link Sharing, Social News, Web Content Rating and Discussion website, gained a lot of attention of Digital Marketers as its reach and influence are undeniable. Even it is the most controversial major websites on the internet, a few stats will shock you and not let you ignore selecting Reddit as one of the major platforms to share your content with.

Learn to Promote Your Content on Reddit and its Terminology

Let us quickly go through some of the interesting statistics and understand why we should promote content on Reddit before going into the actual topic.

  • Reddit has 330 million active users.

  • 3rd most visited website in U.S and has a global rank of 16.

  • 1.4 million active communities.

  • 14 billion page views in a month.

  • 15 minutes is the average visit time in Reddit.

  • 58 million daily votes.

  • 2.8 million comments daily.

  • Over 40 million searches in a day.

  • Reddit is available in 70 languages.

So, by seeing all the above stats, content promotion on Reddit is definitely a good move if you are looking for an increase in organic traffic to your blog or website.

Explosive Growth of Reddit’s Community Which Shows the Importance of Content Promotion on Reddit

How Reddit Works?

Reddit is one of the best link sharing websites. Unlike other websites, it is not mandatory to create an account with your email. An Email is just an option, still, it is recommended to go with that which makes your account more trustworthy.

Reddit’s Account Creation and Login Page

Verifying email results in an award in the user page. Once you are logged in, you will have full access and there are different activities to be engaged with.

Different activities include submitting your own links or text content, clicking on the links shared by others, up-voting and down-voting submissions which determine the popularity and visibility of any given link, engaging in conversations attached to the links.

What exactly a Reddit and SubReddit means?

Reddit is broken into millions of communities which are named as SubReddits. Each SubReddit deals with different topic. URL Structure of SubReddit begins with /r/. For example, people are talking about health products, the subreddit can be given as /r/healthproducts

If you are a beginner, you might be a bit confused with what you are seeing on the homepage and how to promote your content on Reddit. The homepage shows various posts which are trending. There are lot variety of options you can sort out like new, trending, hot, rising, controversial, top and even the location. Content promotion on Reddit can give you the results but one should spare some time to understand the homepage before performing the actual task.

This is How Reddit’s Homepage Looks Like With Lot of SubReddits and Different View Options

Anybody with a Reddit account can create a SubReddit for any topic and are managed by moderators who have the access to edit the appearance, dictate the type of content allowed and even remove the posts if they are against the community guidelines.

Let’s go through the common terminology used in Reddit


These are like subcategories within the Reddit website. Reddit contains various SubReddits and almost posts and comments can be done even without a subscription.

This Shows How to Search Required SubReddits or Related SubReddits

Upvote/ Downvote:

This is like approving or rejecting in Reddit’s voting system.

Submission Score:

It is determined by the number of upvotes and downvotes. It is simply the difference between the number of upvotes and downvotes. For example, if your submission was upvoted by 13 members and downvoted by 8 members, your score would be 5. Here the vote numbers are not real. They are fuzzed. For instance, as said above if there are 13 upvotes and 8 downvotes, it may show 20 and 15 respectively or any other thing which shows the exact score but fuzzed upvotes and downvotes. Submission score is not displayed immediately after the article is displayed. It takes a few hours to display. Till then it will be shown with a dot. To promote your content online, especially on Reddit, you need to develop quality and useful content which attracts the audience and also thereby your submission score gets improved.


Sidebar contains rules, guides, links, frequently asked questions, moderator’s contacts etc.

Front Page:

Front page displays the trending topics. This is common for the users without registration but varies for registered users depending on the SubReddits that users subscribe.


Process of upvoting or downvoting the submissions by Redditors is the concept of karma. A user’s karma reflects how much he has contributed to the Reddit’s community. Best way to gain karma is to post the links that others show interests in reading it. Generally, the number next to username denotes karma.


Ask Me Anything is a platform where a topic starter or Original Poster answers questions from the community.

Actionable steps to get more traffic

It is as simple as participating in the conversations, finding what works out in real and posting your first link or text content once you are familiar with what is happening on Reddit. It is a time-consuming process where you need to have a keen observation in the beginning.

Keep your content more relevant to the users

Traffic will be improved to your posts if your content is more relevant and specific to the users. You need to spare some time to study or to do a bit of research into your SubReddit to know which kind of posts are getting the high response. Once you get the pulse of the audience, you can easily mould yourself to create a highly relevant post to your audience.

Comment and reply to everyone

In general, when posts have more comments, it might be visible to more Redditors to click on your link and participate in the conversation. Even it is a good practice to post the first comment for your own content.

Address the concerns of users

Solutions you are offering should be simple and user-friendly. Sometimes you may receive such type of comments which you may feel funny. Still, address all the concerns in a humble way.

Share your posts with friends

In the beginning, if you do not have a team, you can share your Reddit posts with your friends or Twitter followers who are also Reddit users. If they like your post and upvote it on Reddit, that might gain the attention of other Reddit users and thereby increases your post engagement. Once it is upvoted by your friends or some of the Redditors, other Redditors think that the post is worth to read it.

Do’s in Reddit Marketing

  • Target your submissions to the best SubReddits. Posting the same link to more than two to three SubReddits is not at all recommended. A good move is to post it to one generalized and one special SubReddit.

  • Participate in discussions actively. Respond to reasonable comments, provide answers to their queries in a humble way.

  • Post interesting and quality content. Redditors will continuously look for Quality Content and reward quality submissions by upvoting them.

  • Check for grammatical and spelling mistakes before posting and promote your content on Reddit.

  • Find the appropriate SubReddit that matches your’s and post to maximum possible related communities.

Don'ts in Reddit Marketing

  • Do not use “caps” for titles or headings. It just annoys users rather than attracting them.

  • Do not troll, it cannot help you in any way.

  • Do not insult others for their comments or posts.

Few Helpful Tips You Need to Know

  • Use tools like "RedditLater" and “Snoopsnoo” for analytics.

  • Even a few upvotes can help you. This even may cause your submission from NoFollow to DoFollow.

  • Delete your old posts with lower scores, posts with no comments and minimum engagement.

  • Qualitative Reddit submissions get upvoted organically.

  • Get upvotes from your friends initially but do not overdo it. Make sure that your group of friends upvote your submission right after posting it but it is not recommended by Reddit. So do not do it on a large scale. But it is common practice to have some few upvotes from your friends.

  • If your posts are not engaged, study the top posts in your SubReddit. Observe clearly what they are doing exactly and replicate the same.

  • Do not try to post anything with zero karma. Start by commenting on submissions and gain some karma (comment karma). Gain reputation, the karma in Reddit. Then promote your content on Reddit.

  • Use your time wisely on Reddit. Reddit is frequently updated and has very useful content on any subject.

  • Redditors will highlight your mistakes. So, make sure that whatever you post should be in such a way that it will not play with you back.

How to Promote Your Post on Reddit without Getting Deleted?

How to Promote on Reddit Without Getting Banned or Deleted

I have experienced many times that my stuff has been deleted. If you are a beginner, first you should familiarize with the platform or homepage. This is probably one of the toughest parts as it has its own rules and markup language. Remember that content promotion on Reddit is a Long Term process. It is absolutely not something that you can do it in a couple of hours or a few days.

Start your activities by commenting on SubReddits related to your niche. Do not try to post your link immediately after creating an account without gaining karma (some reputation). After having a clear picture of what are all the things happening on Reddit, promote your content on Reddit.

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