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How Much Money do YouTubers Make?

April 21, 2016

How Much Money do YouTubers Make?

Apr 21, 2016
Vamsridhar Reddy

YouTube has paid out USD 1 billion-plus till 2015 to channel owners who monetize their YouTube channel with Google Adsense. Making money on YouTube is a real deal. YouTube reported that more than one million advertisers are using Google advertising platform, YouTube has more than 1bn unique visitors every month, and over 6 billion hours of video are watched monthly. With those huge numbers in place, anyone who wants to start a YouTube channel will have many questions arising in mind like: How much money do YouTubers make per view? How much money do YouTubers make per 1 million views? How much money do YouTubers make per subscriber? and more... They want to know, how can they be successful at a long run with YouTube. Here we will try to answer few of this questions and make you get out of confusion.

How many ways can you make money from YouTube?

1. AdSense (Google Monetization for YouTube videos) 2. Promoting other company products. 3. Affiliate Links of products that you review. 4. Selling your popular video for commercial companies promotions. 5. Adding subscription fee for your channel.

How much money does YouTubers make per view?

This is a tricky one and according to Google Adsense Revenue Sharing terms, Google pays 68% of its ad revenue to the channel author. YouTube gets ads from Google Adsense where google has it, advertisers, placing ads. According to YouTube experts, YouTube only charges the advertisers, only if a viewer watches the ad for 30 seconds or more. It is a viewable ad impression and for that google charges around $.18 per view. But out of all the viewers only 15% of them which the entire ad which is counted as PAID VIEW but the remaining viewers will skip those ads. So even if you have 1000 views to the video you monetize, only 15% is what actually pays you. That means for 1000 views you are left with 150 paid views. As mentioned above Google makes $.18 per view, then with 150 views google makes $27 which is paid by the advertiser. As the author of the channel you are going to make 68% of what google makes, so probably you are going to make around $18 per 1000 views. Sounds Complicated, Right? Let me make it simple: Out of 1,000 views –> 150 views of visitors completing the ad $0.18 per view x 150 views = $27 charged to advertiser $27 advertiser charge x 68% revenue that is shared by google = $18 paid to channel author per 1,000 views I hope this will clear you most of the doubts regarding how much money a YouTuber makes per view as well as per thousand views. This is a general overview and this is totally on CPV pricing but we also have CPC which varies every time and can’t give accurate calculations. If the numbers do not excite you then you may go with the other methods.

Promoting other Company Products

YouTuber’s makes around 10,000 to 15,000 USD. per 100,000 views by promoting other products on their channel. But this type of income is possible for those tubers, with huge audience base i.e, subscribers and the channel’s marketing objectives of what they are and what are they promoting. Like you being a non-guitar player teaching guitar lesson to an audience and selling them the guitar that you endorse. From an Advertisers point of view, this is a risk factor as one can’t predict how many views a video can get will real audiences.

Affiliate links in your video post

Most YouTubers who lost their channels monetization from google adopts this model to make money from YouTube. They review products which are affiliated based and attracts viewers with unique offers. What they are making is varied from affiliate network to network. Usually, it depends on CPA (Cost Per Action) on what they make. For example, a YouTuber talking about hair loss products which have huge demand in the market, for which the YouTuber may earn CPA of 100$ or more while a YouTuber talking about iPhone with an e-commerce affiliate link makes a fixed amount of 3 to 5% of the price it bought for.

Selling Popular Video that you Produced

A viral video which stays forever and has a wide range of audience can be sold for commercial companies for their branding purpose. The price range varies from what you made, the quality of audience, etc.,

Subscription Based

This is entire upon your subscribers count, as the number of subscribers increases you will make that much of money. For a channel to get into subscription based modelling it takes a lot of time and also do follow YouTube's guidelines.

Top 10 YouTube Earners

Well that’s how people are making money from YouTube. So what is your plan of action to get started with YouTube? Hope you got the answer for what you are searching. Start your own channel then comment below.

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