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How Learning Digital Marketing Can Help Women Restart Their Career

How Learning Digital Marketing Can Help Women Restart Their Career
December 5, 2019

How Learning Digital Marketing Can Help Women Restart Their Career

Dec 05, 2019
Sonali Sharma

Sonali Sharma is a professional freelance writer. She has covered a wide variety of topics in her freelancing career right from web content writing to digital marketing and technical blog writing. She is also a published poet and story writer. Her works have appeared on online sites “Indian Periodical”, “Poetry Magazine”,“Indus Woman Writing”, “Psychside”, “Newsonline.media and 'Swarnim Times'. She is the co-author of anthologies “Woods of Rame”, “Whispers of Heart”, “Shadows of Soul”, “Fervour”, and “Shades of Ink”.

The present time can be called the era of Digital Marketing and Empowered Women. Talking solely about digital marketing, it is one of the top-rated professions. As more businesses have gone online, companies need individual digital marketers to speed up their online promotions. 

As such, it proves to be an unbeatable match for women willing to restart their careers. It not only offers them a wide spectrum of home-based work opportunities but also boosts up their morale. And the best part is - It can be learned quite quickly and gives the feel of being a true entrepreneur. 

Isn’t it great?

Challenges Faced By Women While Restarting Their Careers

In many patriarchal societies, women find it hard to carve out their path of independence. And after marriage, the thought of seeking freedom in career choice takes the shape of a dream for many. According to a study by the World Bank and other major organizations, only 27% of Indian women are a part of the active workforce. Well! That doesn't sound so good.

Furthermore, at times women after marriage find it hard to return back to the same work profiles as there may be abrupt changes in the industry’s norms. The lack of cooperation from home and the thought of professional and personal life imbalance are also the prime hurdles.

Job Profiles Suitable For Women

It is not hard to guess that in today’s scenario, there are a whole lot of opportunities for women. But, as a married woman, you may have to think about your job options in a different way. This is especially true if you are thinking of starting a new career journey. The best options for you can be:

  • Online jobs like content writing and digital marketing
  • Sales and marketing
  • Beauty and cosmetics
  • Teaching
  • Nursing
  • Fashion designing

Did we mention online jobs? Of course, this seems easier for women who want to gain an identity while still looking after their homes. Then, why not try digital marketing - The most popular online job of today!

Why Choose Digital Marketing

As already stated, digital marketing is a priceless choice for women seeking a brighter future. It places before them a huge array of choices. For instance, there are around 550 million blogs worldwide generating huge sums of money. You too can begin a well-defined blog after learning the ins and outs of digital marketing.

An estimated 16 million population of freelancers exists in India. Therefore, gearing up for digital marketing ensures flexible work hours and being your boss.

Areas of Digital Marketing You Can Choose From

Digital marketing is itself a sea of diverse fields and growth. For most women stuck in a dilemma to rebuild a career, these areas of digital marketing can be of major help.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a revolutionary tactic to score high on Google search engine. Many new online businesses are looking for SEO Managers to work upon this aspect. Knowing about both On-Page and Off-Page SEO can get you decent bucks.

Search Engine Marketing

Have you heard about Google AdWords, Bing Ads? If yes, then as a career woman you can explore this strategy of paid marketing. You can work upon PPC, a digital marketing method to promote a company’s name on various platforms. 

Content Marketing

Content is the core of digital marketing and also an ongoing practice. You can put this option in your pocket by educating the customers through well-written content. 

Social Media Marketing

From Facebook to Twitter, social media marketing provides you with huge scope to occupy the portfolio of a perfect social media marketer. Most startups pay a high amount for social media promotions and you can easily contact them online.

Email Marketing

As an email marketer, you need to update the subscribers regularly. It is associated with building the brand image of a company. 

How To Learn Digital Marketing

Since numerous people are opting for digital marketing nowadays, so you will find plenty of sources to select the course. 

You can visit the below-mentioned links to start an online learning experience.

Apart from online learning, you can also try excellent internship opportunities with popular digital marketing companies. If deep learning is your goal, then you can even think about good classroom training.

Benefits of Classroom Training

Despite the inflow of online education, there are plenty of people who still enjoy the art of classroom training. For a course like digital marketing, it sounds even more perfect especially when you want to build relationships with people. There are other innumerable advantages which are:

Practice Makes Perfect 

Classroom training is the best place to practice until you attain perfection. Likewise, you can also put up new questions to your trainer. The best part is you can always expect guidance.

Round of Discussions and Debates

Discussing different topics with your peers can acquaint you with their points of view. It also sets the table for active interaction and improved learning of a topic like digital marketing.

On-time Clarification of Doubts

While doing e-learning you may encounter a phrase that makes you disinterested in learning further. However, in-classroom training your doubts can be instantly cleared by your trainer. This will keep you interested for a longer period.

Quicker Schedule For Faster Learning

Most of the technical certifications have now been reduced to 2 days course in classroom training. This appears impeccable especially for married women who cannot dedicate weeks or months learning a particular subject.


As a woman, you should pay attention to the fact that your education, skills, and talents are valuable. A path like digital marketing assists you in taming your skills in the best possible manner. Since this innovative field has a gigantic scope in India, you should be a part of it too.

Pursuing an excellent digital marketing course can get you the key to success. And such success becomes even more praiseworthy when it reaches your door after a break. 

So, grab a certificate in digital marketing now!

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