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How to Improve Communication Skills and Get Your Dream Job

How to Improve Communication Skills
October 19, 2021

How to Improve Communication Skills and Get Your Dream Job

Oct 19, 2021
Akriti Raturi
Akriti is an UGC Net Qualified Assistant Professor. She is an alumni of Miranda House, University of Delhi, and has a passion for teaching.

Man is a social being and cannot live without the company of other fellow beings therefore communication is the key to our existence. Without communication, the world would be nothing more than an empty vessel. There will be no cues, no gestures, no exchange of feelings or expression of emotions. 

Excellent communication skills have become one of the benchmark parameters for ensuring growth and success in any field. Being a global means of communication, English has gained importance in all the major fields ranging from education, commerce, and employment. English aids in maintaining and establishing relations at any level. Thus the knowledge of the English language is the most crucial weapon for an individual to survive in this ever-increasing competitive world. 

Now, the biggest question- How to Improve Communication Skills and Get Your Dream Job? 

Every organization seeks to hire a candidate who possesses strong communication skills. A good communicator attracts all the limelight as he/she is better able to maintain relations with the company members. Effective communication can help solve problems or can even halt them from developing in the first place.  

Top 5 Hacks to Improve Communication Skills and Get Your Dream Job. 

Active Listening   

Good communication skills not only focus on communication but also involve listening. Active listening focuses on paying full attention to what the other person is saying as well as asking clarifying questions to demonstrate interest and understanding. We have a tendency of giving more importance to putting across our points and proving their validity and less on listening. Listening is the first step towards effective communication, as it allows you to build relationships with your fellow co-workers. 


Clear Message

Whenever you are communicating with someone, keep your language and message very clear and simple. Usage of fancy words might look very appealing but could become an obstacle in your communication process as the other person might not be able to grasp the context of your phrase. Keep your message to the point and use very simple English. When you clearly express your goals and ideas, you are better able to persuade others which results in increased productivity. 



A good communicator will not only provide feedback but will also accept feedback. Feedback enables us to receive and give solutions. Feedback helps you to identify your shortcomings and offers you the path to rectify them. They also aid in better decision-making. Positive feedback helps an individual to grow and achieve his/her goals. 



Presenting your views and ideas with confidence is a major check for all the recruiters. Confidence can be showcased by using a strong voice, an assertive tone, and maintaining eye contact. People who communicate with a lot of confidence get a lot of attraction and it is easy for them to persuade others with their ideas. It is said that confidence is the key to success and it is definitely true. 


Reading and Writing

A well-read person is always respected in every community. Why? Because their horizons are broadened and they are better equipped with ideas, thus they are able to answer and offer solutions to people. Reading also enhances your vocabulary and perspective. It strengthens the language and sharpens the sentence structure which are the building blocks for effective communication. Reading also paves the way for imagination as well as creativity. 

Reading and writing always go hand in hand. Whatever we read provides us a structure for our writing. Writing is not just a job skill, but it is also a life skill. Progress in communication can only be achieved by the means of penning down your thoughts. Your writing skills determine the desired action from your reader. Whenever you communicate in the formal structure, writing skill comes into play. The way you formulate your letters, texts determine your thoughts and actions. Writing allows you to organize your thoughts, explain your arguments, present your supporting evidence and lead your reader to a shared conclusion. 
Communication skills are a prerequisite for landing your dream job. Besides working on the concepts and practical training you must also work on your communication skills simultaneously. According to the GMAC Corporate Recruiters Survey in the year 2020, 81% of recruiters identify interpersonal skills as more important than any other kind of skills.   

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