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How to Get a Job After Completing a Digital Marketing Course?

How to Get a Job After Completing a Digital Marketing Course?
July 16, 2020

How to Get a Job After Completing a Digital Marketing Course?

Jul 16, 2020
Chiranjeevi Maddala

Chiranjeevi Maddala is an award winning digital marketing strategist with over 18 Years of experience in Digital Media and Marketing. He is the Founder and Chief Mentor at Digital Ready.

The term digital itself has been a popular commodity for some period in the market now. When you add "marketing," it is even more so as it plays a central role in every company's marketing strategy. The same is the case in the job market. Digital marketing jobs are the latest online mainstay job vacancies in India.

Higher budgets, better salaries, and more job opportunities are just some advantages that digital marketers can foresee this year and beyond. The accelerating pace of change is great about the digital marketing industry. By 2020, 150,000 digital jobs are available and inadequate professionals to occupy them.

How do you get a Job with No Formal Experience?

Nobody can find their first marketing job easily. Whether you're new to the marketing sector or fresher from college, every company or brand wants those with a few years' experience. Many people with minimal "real" experience are getting great jobs at reputed companies. 

How can you get this exposure without a job? 

Below are a few ideas to get the first job in digital marketing.

Strengthen your digital marketing skills

Carnegie Institute of Technology reports that "85% of your financial success results from your personality and potential to communicate, negotiate, and lead. Shockingly, technological expertise accounts for just 15%." But unlike other industries, it's not that hard to get an excellent job in an organization if you have skill, knowledge, and confidence. Now, it's not a big task to gain skills for a fresher, as many institutions offer digital marketing courses. Modern digital marketers today should consistently develop their skills.

When you begin your career, you may look about and compare yourself to your fellow employers - those with more significant expertise than you, stronger credentials, more fabulous internships, and more connections, and you can feel upset. Don't panic. Start with a broad mind-set and know that there are thousands of opportunities to get. Let's start working initially on getting confident. Although firms are looking for hard skills and relevant training experience, far more dominant are your soft skills.

Start Your Digital Marketing Blog

It is an excellent way to start building your identity as an expert marketer if you have no websites and, in fact, no blogs. Today everyone can create a WordPress site with basic technical knowledge. You can exercise your SEO, social media, design, and global marketing skills with a website. There is no need to become an expert to start writing. You can do much research on the topic before starting; it will help you learn from the real experts, compile everything you've learned, and presented it to create a great post.

Choose the Right Discipline

There are various digital marketing fields, and each has a specific career path. When applying for the first time, pick the one that matches your current interests and digital marketing skills, promising lucrative career rewards.

Earn Certification

After you've chosen a few disciplines to add to your resume, it's time to start learning! Next, skyrocket your career growth with few specializations and certifications on SEO, Google Advertising, Facebook ads, inbound marketing, and email marketing. The digital marketing field has many free certification courses that you can add to value to your resume. 

Gain Advertising Experience

This step can take some time, but it's worth having experience with Facebook Ads and Google AdWords. If you have a little more cash, consider AdWords practice for a family member's company or your business offerings. Just note that there will be a right balance between spending more money on learning and becoming a real AdWords or Facebook Advertising expert with actual company interaction. Gain the most from online tutorials and try to work on as many as possible.

Start Knowing Social Media Marketing

The next move is to continue social media advertising after you obtain the Google Ads Certification. As a digital marketing professional, you should know and learn different social media networks, namely Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. 

Know Google Analytics

Get as familiar as possible with analytical tools. Google Analytics is a natural starting point, but several others are available – from Matomo, Woopra, and GoSquared, alternatives to platform-specific tools, such as Facebook Analytics and LinkedIn Campaign Manager.

Once you know the Analytics part, you can understand how many people visited your campaigns, how many ad clicks and conversions you gained, and many other aspects covered in the campaign.

Start as a Freelancer

It is an excellent chance to check your latest skills and start some predominant job before applying for the first professional digital marketing position. As you are just beginning, you should not concentrate on making profits, but helping people improve their online presence and gain useful knowledge to develop your portfolio.

If you do this job well, you can add to your resume and earn a considerable recommendation to the next level. It also allows you to learn from your peers and build connections with colleagues. Also, freelancing jobs helps you work with top clients that make you land on your own. After having a freelance experience under your field, add to your portfolio, resume, and LinkedIn profile about the great companies you freelanced.  

Stay Tuned with New Updates

The digital marketing industry is all about gaining knowledge and practical experience. Digital Marketers should continuously update their skills with changing marketing practices.

Proactively Apply for Jobs

Apply for jobs, even if you are not 100% ready. Begin here for the best outcomes! Check for entry-level marketing positions at job portals such as Indeed, and LinkedIn. Potential recruiters view most of the resumes on these top web portals. While applying for jobs include a custom message in the cover letter section that should reflect your expertise, skills, and commitment to the job role.

After getting a call from the employer, look at the company's website to know about their brands, products, services, work areas, and employee reviews. Try to learn the marketing leadership and get an idea of the culture with its social media accounts. Sometimes, many companies will hire you if you're a "culture fit."

By the Way 

If you follow these steps, you’ll rock it! You can land at the very first digital marketing job and can now shape your trajectory. Do precise strategic jumps into new positions to leverage your initial experience and grab jobs that come with a six-figure payout.

Just step into the Digital Marketing position right now!

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