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How to Generate Leads Using LinkedIn

How to Generate Leads Using LinkedIn
December 21, 2020

How to Generate Leads Using LinkedIn

Dec 21, 2020
Chiranjeevi Maddala

Chiranjeevi Maddala is an award winning digital marketing strategist with over 18 Years of experience in Digital Media and Marketing. He is the Founder and Chief Mentor at Digital Ready.

Did you think LinkedIn is just a platform to search for jobs and upload a resume?

Well, you were wrong! LinkedIn is the gold mine for lead generation!

In 2020, LinkedIn turned out to be one of the most successful lead generation platforms for any B2B organization.

What is Lead Generation?

For businesses to buy your products or services, you should be able to convince them in various ways. Social media and digital platforms are becoming increasingly popular for businesses to promote their products & services due to the broad reach and immediate feedback.

Lead generation involves all the activities related to finding persons or organizations potentially interested in your products and services.

It focuses on a target group rather than marketing to everyone. This enables increased awareness and brand loyalty.

How to Generate Leads using LinkedIn

You should know that there are more than 690M professionals on LinkedIn across the world.

As per statistics from LinkedIn marketing, 80% of the conversions for B2B marketers come from LinkedIn, which is the highest, followed by Facebook and Instagram. This makes LinkedIn the #1 platform for lead generation.

So, what are the ways to use LinkedIn effectively for lead generation?

Here are the top 10 strategies that always work (without spending a penny!):

1. Use the LinkedIn Navigator Tool to Find Your Target Audience

Discover your ideal leads. Find out the ‘target’ profiles through the LinkedIn Sales Navigator tool with about 22 different filters to narrow your search. For example, you can search based on location, keywords, industry, company size, language, relationship, job title, roles, industry experience, etc.

2. Send a Connection Request/follow Interested Audience

Once you view a target profile, they will know about it. If your targets are slightly curious, they will view your profile back. You can then send them a connection request or follow them to find more about their interests. This will also help them view your profile and see how your services or products will bring value to them.

3. Send out Personalized Message and Introduce Yourself

Make sure you send a personalized connection request – this will make an excellent first impression, and the ‘target’ will remember you for the first impression you make on them.

Follow-up messages are a good way to understand if your target is interested or not, but you shouldn’t seem desperate. If you don’t get a response from a particular target, they are most likely, not your target.

4. Create an Optimized Profile for Your Business

When a target views your profile, they should be able to get an overall picture of what you want to offer. This means you should have an optimized profile – a catchy tagline, a headline that summarizes what you do, your experience, background, keywords, education, projects, and everything you want to showcase. For example, add business marketing videos that capture the essence of your business in about 15-20 secs.

5. Post Crisp and Professional Content

It is crucial that you keep a check on the kind of content you share and agree with on LinkedIn. Your content (images, updates, posts) should be relevant to your business and target audience. It should be the right blend of organic and curated content. Avoid posting personal views or any content that will distract a user from building a professional image of your brand in their mind.

6. Set Specific Time and Days for Posting

The next important strategy is not to load your feed with a lot of marketing content. Post once or twice a week, and keep the post interesting enough – something that your target audience looks forward to and can engage with. Also, make sure you find out the best time to post - whenever your target audience is most likely to be online so that they don’t miss your posts!

7. Be Concerned, Friendly and Active

Remember that the best way to maintain a relationship is to also take an interest in other people’s posts. Congratulate someone on their achievements, like their posts, comment and engage, share their achievements, connect on a personal level – they will most likely do the same! If someone engages in your posts, reply to them as soon as possible. This will not only make the audience remember you but help you expand your network.

8. Join Relevant Groups

Join groups that will help your business grow, give you opportunities to showcase your services and products and help others. Groups will help you understand your market position, how your competitors are doing and what others are posting about you and your peers. Post content that will give you a good visibility and reach. Groups will help you reach more people in less time.

9. Write Recommendations

Give genuine recommendations for your most important contacts and customers. As it will show up on their account, it will also serve as a promotional content for your profile! This will help other similar clients and profiles discover you.

10. Last But Most Important - Be Consistent

Your online presence should be consistent. Your prospective clients and followers shouldn’t feel that you are active sometimes, and then disappear all of a sudden, and then pop out of nowhere again! If you post every Friday - follow the same religiously. Most people like to see a pattern and that builds the trust for them!

Is LinkedIn Really Effective?

There are so many social media platforms – so why LinkedIn? What makes it unique?

It is the quality of users that use LinkedIn, which makes it the best platform for lead generation. About 75% of LinkedIn users have an income of $50k to $75k, and professionals from various big companies, including Fortune 500, are all on LinkedIn. What’s more, 76% of them check their LinkedIn profile on a regular basis.

As per Hubspot’s statistics, LinkedIn is 277% more effective than Facebook and Twitter for lead generation.



LinkedIn comes across as a trustworthy professional platform, and 93% of B2B marketers consider LinkedIn to be the best place for lead generation. Here is an example of how SAS generated millions in their sales pipeline through LinkedIn.


It takes time and effort to build a strategy and make it work. However, with the right leads, you can get there faster! Your audiences should trust your brand, and they get the first impression by looking at your profile. Make an awesome profile, send personalized messages to your target audience, engage with them productively, use the LinkedIn marketing tool, and wait for the magic to happen. Read the LinkedIn marketing guide trilogy to get more information.

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