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How Facebook's Move towards Metaverse Will Change the Social Media Space

Metaverse in Social Media
November 11, 2021

How Facebook's Move towards Metaverse Will Change the Social Media Space

Nov 11, 2021
Priyanka Das

Priyanka Das is a Digital Marketer and a Trainer who is also a vivid reader. She is an enthusiastic educator with more than seven years of experience.

All of us seem to be curious about the Metaverse since Facebook decided to change its name to Meta. So why is it called Meta and what does it mean? Probably by now, we all have a pretty good idea of what it is. Despite the fact that the social media space will be transformed by Metaverse, today, we are going to take a closer look. 

1. Social Media Posts Will Come to Life

Social media is all about images and videos at present but very soon it is going to change. Not a social media geek yet? Metaverse is surely going to make you one. Have you ever wished by seeing travel videos to jump right to the place and feel, smell, and experience the place for a moment? Well, Metaverse will make that possible. You can teleport yourself to all the places you see on your social media. There would be a convergence of physical-world experience and digital experience. Images and videos will come to life and make your social media experience magnificent. Doesn’t that sound like something amazing?

2. Live Videos Will be Really “Live”

Imagine somewhere across the world your best friend is attending a live concert. Wouldn't it be great if you could join him/her? What if there is a party held out of the station and you could go there without traveling or spending money? Metaverse will help you with that. You could connect to as many people around the world as you wish. Metaverse in social media - I would say “Metasocioverse” will add new layers to the world and also give us a richer experience of interacting with people online. Also, Metaverse will bring unique and expansive opportunities for all the creators and artists. 

3. You will Share a Sense of Space in Video Rooms

Think about Metaverse as an embodied internet- You can literally be in a room with your friends who are across the world. You can make eye contact, feel the presence of your friends. That means if someone is sitting on your right side and speaking to you, you would be able to exactly sense his/her presence on your right side. Just like how it happens in a real-world but this would be a virtual-world instead. In essence, I think the future of social media is going to be something like a hybrid of the social platforms we see today, but with an embodied environment.

4. Online Groups Will Transmit You to a Room Full of People

Can you imagine a  synchronous environment where we all can be together? In Metaverse, there would be tools that we can use to place digital objects into the physical world. People can interact with them and rather than simple visual effects, Metaverse will support 3D objects that will respond and react realistically. Including a realistic sense of occlusion and depth. It feels as though this is somewhat of a far-future vision even though certain parts of it are becoming visible now. Overall, it strikes me as a very idealistic vision of the future of the web.

5. Digital Shopping Experience will Give a Butterfly Effect

“A horizon marketplace” as Mark Zuckerberg says. Once creators are inside Horizon they can sell and share their 3D Digital products. This will enable significantly more commerce and help extend the Metaverse economy. One of the huge parts of the Metaverse would be Commerce. Creators will be able to sell both digital and physical items to their customers in this virtual world. The butterfly effect will make us zoom into an astonishing world. Metaverse is a boundless possibility of our imagination. As a result, I think the future of the internet will be shaped by this area. It will be a big focus, and I think it will be the next chapter after mobile internet.

There are a bunch of other aspects in this area we are yet to know. There is still a lot more to explore about Metaverse. But I think that Metaverse is very much sustainable and will change the way we interact with people, how we work and how we use our social media overall. Of course, every technological development in this world has both pros and cons but that discussion we will keep for another day.

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