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How Digital Marketing Will Transform Real Estate Industry in 2020

How Digital Marketing Will Transform Real Estate Industry in 2020
January 9, 2020

How Digital Marketing Will Transform Real Estate Industry in 2020

Jan 09, 2020
Curtis Brown

Curtis Brown is writing a blog for perfect agent, a blog dedicated to a real estate agent in the process of selling or renting a property. Also, offer the best service in the real estate industry by connecting customers with top performing real estate agents. He has written articles on most real estate, real estate agent, and home related topics.

Today, most of the marketing strategies are focussed on the visibility of their product, service, or organization on the internet". The real estate industry is no exception. Truth is digital marketing has brought a transformational change in the real estate market.

Today, buyers, as well as renters, do most of the search on the internet. They shortlist the properties and then go for a visit. Digital marketing has made the entire process of buying and renting a property quite convenient and easier. Hence, it all comes down to "what they see online, have a lot of impact on their decision regarding the property."

Digital marketing has changed the way real estate agents used to work. With buyers taking the property tour online and filling papers online, realtors can save a lot of their time and effort. With digitalization, numerous potential buyers can see the same property at the same time. This way, a realtor can deal with numerous buyers without giving each a personal visit.

Digital Marketing has become the key to become a successful realtor. It has become the present and future of real estate marketing. Let us discuss some transformation that the real estate industry is going to face in the year 2020.

Social Ad Campaigns

In the past few years, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media channels have become an important marketing tool. More and more real estate agents and organizations have started focussing on making their presence felt at various social media platforms. With the help of social media platforms, realtors can not only reach their target audience more effectively but can also increase their customer base.

Realtors need to identify the right social media platform and then need to have a marketing strategy that aims at fulfilling their marketing goals.


Chatbots are an advanced digital technology that is used to talk to the customers via voice/ messages/ text. Demand for chatbots is increasing day by day as it allows the organizations to be in touch with their customer24*7. These can be used for the promotion of products/ services and also as a customer service support system. Chatbots give the customer a more personalized experience.

Changing Site Visits

The biggest and ongoing transformation that digitalization is bringing in the real estate is in the field of site visits. Realtors are using custom software and websites to fulfill pre-site visit requirements like filling of forms, ID proofs, deposit, etc. and also to schedule property visits as per the client's availability.

Another major change is that now the interested buyers can have a 360-degree tour of the site on their smartphones, laptop, etc. With the use of virtual reality apps, buyers can view the entire property, look around the site, and experience the room size, placement of rooms, look at the fixtures, check out bathrooms, kitchen, etc. that too without actually visiting the site.

Digital Documentation

The most tricky, boring, but important part of any property deal is the paperwork. One mistake and the deal could get delayed by numerous days. Buyers can face more issues in the case where the property to be purchased is in some other country; the reason being they need to take care of property-related rules and regulations of that country. Digitalization has made documentation easier. Today, buyers can complete the documentation within no time with the help of automated tools and websites. These websites also enable buyers to check the authenticity of the deal by checking all the related credentials. As a result, buyers can prevent getting into fraudulent transactions.

Digital Marketing Automation

Though digital marketing allows sellers to reach their potential customers effectively and efficiently, you need to be quite active as far as digital marketing is concerned. Digital marketing is quite demanding as realtors need to update their website regularly, post new content, be interactive with the audience, etc.

Realtors can either hire professionals to handle digital marketing or can go for automation of various digital marketing tasks like sending promotional e-mails, delivering content to the target audience, etc.

Benefits of Digital Marketing in Real Estate

This is an era of digitalization. Having a smartphone has become a basic need. You can see people surfing the internet to look for all kinds of requirements, be it the best restaurant, shopping, property search, etc. Having visibility and a good reputation on the internet is very important. Some of the benefits of Digital Marketing are:


The cost involved in real estate projects is as such very high. Developers look for ways to reduce their expenses. Digital marketing is more effective and cost-efficient as compared to traditional marketing techniques.

Boost Exposure

A single real estate developer or a realtor might be involved in more than one project at a time that varies in size, cost, and location. Realtors and developers can promote all the projects on their website. Also, by using digital marketing strategies, realtors can increase their reach and can even customize their marketing approach as per the needs of the targeted audience.

Performance Analysis

One of the essential advantages of using digital marketing strategies is it allows realtors to track the overall result of the marketing strategy used by them. Depending on their analysis, marketers can easily find out which marketing strategy gets the best response from the target audience. Some of the analytical tools that help in checking the performance of a marketing strategy include reviews, feedback, likes, shares, etc.

Brand Building

Building a brand is all about what customers think about the product, service, or the organization itself. The real estate industry is very competitive. With digitalization, realtors not only have to face competition from local realtors but also realtors from other states. Hence having an internet presence won't be sufficient. Realtors need to build a strong and positive reputation among their target audience. This can be achieved by using the right digital marketing techniques like posting original and informational content, interacting with customers, answering their queries on time, etc.


With the advancement in technology and easy access to the internet, marketers are creating unique, engaging, and smart ways to attract new customers and retain their existing clients. With the right marketing tools and strategies, realtors can give their buyers a unique experience.

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