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How Artificial Intelligence Affects Digital Marketing?

How Artificial Intelligence Affects Digital Marketing?
March 31, 2017

How Artificial Intelligence Affects Digital Marketing?

Mar 31, 2017
Ronald Rajesh
Ronald Rajesh is a Digital Marketing Professional

Life has become hard without "Artificial Intelligence" (AI) these days. AI has changed our working culture rapidly. To be more precise, AI has taken over human brains in all the fields in this digitalized world. John McCarthy is known as the “Father of Artificial Intelligence”. AI is capable of performing tasks like learning, visual perception, recognizing speech, translating languages, decision making. AI has its impact in areas like medical, automobile, education, robotics, aviation, financial, gaming, entertainment, marketing and many more. AI can perform multiple tasks in a fraction of a second. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing everything in this phase of digital modernization from manufacturing to healthcare.

AI in Marketing

The importance of artificial Intelligence in business organisations is to make their lives easier. Marketers and consumers have to depend on artificial intelligence, its tools and technologies to automate their work and reduce manual effort. It is the beginning of the future for how marketers will use AI to better understand, connect and create great experiences to their consumers. With artificial intelligence, it becomes very easy to search and analyze the behaviour of consumers through huge volume of data and information.

How Artificial Intelligence Affects Digital Marketing

The artificial intelligence affects digital marketing in a huge way. Business organisations are opting to work on digital marketing strategies other than traditional ways, to build up their brand image and reach targeted customers as quickly as possible to cope up with the huge competition in their respective fields. With the radical increase in the usage of internet, most of the customers depend on search engines to find their desired product or service. This made the leading search engines like Google to opt “Deep Machine Learning”, which makes search engines to understand the humans situation and provide them with relevant information and further developing the scope of artificial intelligence. Hence by obtaining the buyer’s personal data through artificial intelligence, digital marketers are able to forecast the buyer’s needs and reach their targeted audience in a much better way. Here are few important areas where AI affects most in digital marketing

1. Website Designing

Website designing Do you have any idea of designing your own website? No? Yes, you can design it all by yourself. This is exactly what artificial intelligence is doing in digital marketing. AI, based on the provided inputs like content, images, page layout and other required information builds a website within minutes. You don’t need to have knowledge on programming at all to do, AI takes care of everything. This idea of self designing a website effectively in very less span of time is fantastic.

2. Website Optimization

Website optimization Does the website take care of its own SEO strategy as well? Obviously No. Artificial Intelligence, again does it with provided information by us. AI based tools help us in providing a bunch of hypothesis to the software and the outcoming algorithm is capable to sort and optimize these inputs into actions. Ultimately, this advanced technology is completely machine driven of building websites and optimizing them in fraction of seconds, where it takes days of time for experts to attain these similar results manually.

3. Reaching the Right Person

Reaching the right person In traditional marketing, it was very difficult to reach to the exact targeted people physically due to the vast geographic structure of our planet. But in today’s digitalized world, the artificial Intelligence can penetrate into the vast data which is available through various sources of internet and, help digital marketing in reaching the right audiences through segmentation and depending upon the demographics like age, gender, interests, income, education, profession etc,. Through digital marketing, consumers can sit at their respective homes and browse through millions of websites available for their desired product from their desktops and smartphones.

4. Content Creation

Content creation Artificial Intelligence can not only automatically generate and optimize ads, it is also capable of creating content to promote these ads. AI can now, by using certain tools and programmes convert raw data into well written content in different formats, from blogs to product descriptions. AI can produce 2000 articles per second and according to a survey it is estimated that by 2018, machines will create 20% of the business content. Many multinational companies like Associated press, Yahoo, Samsung etc, are already using this automated content creation system by the AI.

5. The Evolution of Chatbots

Content creation Chatbot is a computer program created to discuss with human clients, particularly over the Internet. This means, it is the artificial intelligence which interacts with consumers on a personal level, without human staff who are generally costly to afford for this job. Beauty of the chatbots is the fact that they can be integrated in a huge bunch of platforms from messaging apps(Messenger, Skype etc) to professional tools(Slack). Users can easily expedite a chatbot and engage with the services which are provided like holiday bookings from Hipmunk, lifts from Uber etc. Chatbots are pretty much in existence now a days which are still basic. Over a course of time there would be significant updates.

6. Smarter Decisions

Smarter decisions AI is not only about personal assistants and chatbots. There are different other forms of artificial intelligence which are helping digital marketing to make increasingly intelligent decisions about their marketing and strategies. Based on information, settling on digital marketing best practice can overwhelm for regular humanoids faced by an abundance of measurements. Machines are great number-genius and can crunch the details to give clever data about possible "next steps". There are tools like Quill which can create Google Analytics report in seconds and are becoming useful in digital campaigns, displaying problems and pinpointing the areas for probable improvements to be made.

7. Sales Forecasting

Sales forecasting Forecasting of sales in traditional marketing is merely impossible as there are so many attributes and variables, but artificial intelligence can do this very easily and it has access to huge data which is required for this purpose. AI can be used in different methods like analysis of inbound communications and interpret them to make actions according to the previous behaviours. AI can help filter the vast amounts of data to focus the probability of a conversion, which a human can take very long time to do.


Artificial Intelligence is slowly creeping into our lives. Increasing number of marketers are using AI to intensify their campaigns and give the customers better experiences. AI is helping marketers to make impression of the vast data available, learn about the changing trends of markets and customers, generate leads, optimize campaigns and streamline operations. When the generation of digital marketing is creating new opportunities for marketing, the progression of artificial intelligence took marketing into completely new heights. Last but not the least, AI surely carries off the workload of human beings doing things much faster and precise with accuracy.

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