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How a Digital Marketing Agency Works? Advantages of Working with Agencies

How a Digital Marketing Agency Works? Advantages of Working with Agencies
May 11, 2017

How a Digital Marketing Agency Works? Advantages of Working with Agencies

May 11, 2017
Sharat Bhamidi
Sharat Bhamidi is a digital marketing professional.

The advent of technology has not just changed the way we live but also has brought a change in the way industries function across the world. The world of marketing and advertising isn’t an exception to this and has seen dynamic changes in the last few years. From the traditional forms of marketing, the paradigm is now shifting to the digital modes in form of digital marketing. So, what is digital marketing and how has it changed the marketing scenario currently? Let us try to understand.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing can be defined as the process of promoting or marketing one’s goods and services online with the help of various tools and services available. It is data centric and is extremely dynamic in nature. It provides enough scope to a digital marketer to remarket the products and gain optimum profits from the resources available. Compared to the traditional forms of marketing, digital marketing offers a scope for better return of investment and an accurate measure of customer's response. Adding to the above, its cost effectiveness is also resulting in more and more people to invest into digital marketing. Although the traditional marketing is here to stay, the meteoric rise of digital marketing has attracted one and all. This has resulted in a substantial shift towards digital marketing and given rise to number of digital marketing agencies. Which leads us to the question, So, what does a digital marketing agency do?

What Do Digital Marketing Agencies Do?

In a nutshell, digital marketing agencies do everything that involves in the process of selling and promoting a client’s product and services online. The structure and the departments may vary by organization but the functions remain the same. Let us dwell deeper and see in a systematic way how an average digital marketing agency functions and various departments involved.

Content Development

This is one of the most important function of a digital marketing agency as it is the content that will drive any business. It is the job of a digital marketing agency to produce and develop attractive content/copy for the clients. The content could be anything ranging from blogs, videos, e-mails to the prospects, social media posts etc. It is their job to create unique and catchy content to make sure that the leads are generated for the clients. Hence it becomes extremely important that the content creates a certain connect with the audiences.

Social Media Marketing

With every organization having a presence on social media websites, it is no longer just a means to connect but also a means to market oneself. Social media has become extremely competitive sphere for the companies and there is a neck to neck competition on this medium. Every company wants to outdo one another and that can be done only with the help of a proper social media strategy and creative and unique content. This is where digital marketing agencies come into the picture. A Digital marketing agency also provides social media services where they not just handle the accounts but make sure that the posts are reaching more and more number of people. With timely and creative content and a well chalked out strategy, one can create a strong support base online through social media. Facebook currently has over 1.9 billion active users which makes it more populous than any country in the world and with Twitter at 319 million active users, one can clearly understand why it is so important to have a strong digital media presence.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is another key aspect of digital marketing. This function enables the visibility of client’s websites or landing pages right on the top of search engine results. This enables in generating traffic and leads in an organic (non-paid) manner. Again, the content plays an important role in the maximizing the website’s visibility. The more unique, engaging and descriptive the content is, more the chances of landing at the top of the search results. SEO can be done on the basis of various on website and off the website factors. It is the responsibility of the digital marketing agency to make sure that all the factors are taken care of in order to maximize the client’s website’s visibility.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

In general, SEM can be defined as a function which is exact opposite of SEO. This means that the promotion of the client’s website or posts are done in a paid manner in form of ads. The ads could be either in a textual or display form. Search engine marketing makes sure that client’s ads are visible whenever a relevant search is made. Which in turn generates traffic to the website. Google AdWords is one of the main tools which helps in Search Engine Marketing. A digital marketing agency makes sure that ads are created and visibility is generated within allocated budget with the help of proper planning.


Now that the ads are placed, promotions are done and content is created, a certain traffic will definitely be generated. This is where analytics comes in. It is the job of a digital marketing agency to make sure that the figures, traffic and various other metrics are recorded and analyzed in order to formulate future plans. With digital marketing being a more dynamic form of marketing compared to traditional forms of marketing, there is always a scope for remarketing. With the help of analytics, we can always remarket ourselves and make sure that the message is being carried ahead to the targeted consumer base which results in optimizing benefits.

Email Marketing

E-mail is one of the most popular forms of communication. According to a survey by Radiciti, by early 2020, there would be around 3 billion e-mail users in the world. These are not merely numbers but a potential for a massive consumer base for the companies across the world. More and more organizations are investing in the E-mail marketing techniques for acquiring customers. It is hence the job of a digital marketing agency to make sure that a proper campaign is created and prospects are targeted systematically through e-mails in order to generate customers for the clients. Constant Contact, Mail Chimp are some of the famous tools used for email marketing.


To create a digital presence and acquire a consumer base online, it becomes very important for any organization to have proper mediums available. Apps, websites, blogs etc. are some of the most famous mediums for the purpose of marketing oneself online. Digital marketing agencies have a development team for this very purpose. It is the job of digital marketing agencies to make sure that the customer expectations are met and proper mediums, be it an app, website or a blog are created as per client’s preference. The agencies take care of development, handling, maintenance and any kind of troubleshooting if required. Apart from the above-mentioned functions, a digital marketing agency performs various other miscellaneous functions as per client’s requirements. From promoting the client’s products on their own channels to creating proper backlinks for the client’s websites, any function that acts to client’s advantage are performed by the digital marketing agency.

Advantages of Working with a Digital Marketing Agency

Despite the world moving to a global platform and the companies battling it out digitally, there is still a certain section that is not reaping the benefits of digital marketing by joining the game and is still carrying on with the traditional forms of marketing. Not saying that traditional forms are disadvantageous or obsolete now in any manner but main reasons for this inhibition to move on to the digital platform could be attributed to lack of awareness and certain skepticism still prevalent. Let us examine all the advantages of working with a digital marketing agencies.

1. Trackable Results

One of the major advantages of working with a digital marketing agencies is that we can always track our results. We can keep an eye on what campaign is fetching us leads of which pages are generating how much traffic, what post is attracting maximum people. Everything is documented and can be quantified in digital marketing. The data driven nature of digital marketing is beneficial not just to the clients but also to the digital marketing agencies. This tracking of data results in better implementation of campaigns and optimization of results.

2. Return of Investment

Another unique feature of working with a digital marketing agency is that they are responsible for every single penny of investment made on the client’s behalf. All the money flowing into the campaign is tracked and is made sure that the proportionate returns are generated. It becomes the job of a digital marketing agency to deliver maximum results with minimum investment. With digital marketing techniques being comparatively low cost, the chances of returns become higher if the campaigns are well managed. The cost effectiveness results in the higher returns on the investment.

3. Economical

Hiring a digital marketing agency is definitely a more economical and practical option especially if you are a small or a medium size business. Imagine having a full-time team of copywriters, SEO team, developers and hiring them full time and paying them throughout the year. Now, compare the same to hiring a digital marketing agency which has their own full-fledged team of professionals for all your digital requirements, who are at your service at any time to build your campaigns and market your products. The latter is definitely a more cost-effective measure. Not just that but the facilities and infrastructure that you might have to provide to your in house team will definitely cross the budget that you might have to allocate to a digital marketing agency.

4. Industry Expertise

Digital marketing is a continuously evolving world. Every other day a new update or a technology might come up which changes the game. Digital marketing agencies are the best to keep a track of such developments. Your business might have numerous other functions but for a digital marketing agency, keeping an eye on the latest developments is one of the primary functions. This provides them with an unmatchable expertise which could take your products and campaigns to much greater heights. Hence it becomes increasingly important to hire a digital marketing agency to stay ahead of the competition.

5. Centralization

Be it creation of content or development of website. Whether it is about paid promotion of your business or increasing organic reach. Your requirement is of creating an app or promoting your own website. You want to enhance your social media reach or build a campaign for a soon to be launched product. A digital marketing agency will take care of all your needs and make sure that you are delivered the best of results to your utmost satisfaction. All of it under one roof.

6. Proven Experience

Digital marketing agencies have individuals who have proven online marketing experience across various industries. Not just that, a digital marketing agency has a better insight into the consumer behavior and their response to various campaigns. As a result of their experience in the industry, digital marketing experts have data which might be extremely crucial for the success of your campaigns. An in house team might not have an access to such vast resources hence it is always safer and beneficial to outsource the online marketing activities to a digital marketing agency.

7. Lesser Workload

A business might be having numerous other functions for itself. Between all this, digital marketing might just be another business function that it has to undertake. By outsourcing the digital marketing, you will end up lessening your workload. This not just leads to ease of business for the client but also results in better output on the digital marketing front as a digital marketing agency will always be having better resources and market knowledge. In the end it can be said that digital marketing is the future of marketing and it’s about time you also jump into the wagon if you already haven’t because digital marketing is definitely here to stay.

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