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Grow User Engagement With These Instagram Stories Ideas

Grow User Engagement With These Instagram Stories Ideas
November 6, 2018

Grow User Engagement With These Instagram Stories Ideas

Nov 06, 2018
Alexander Slichnyi

Social media is continually giving businesses new ways to connect and engage with their customers and followers. One of the most recent and more popular ways is Instagram Stories. The feature was launched in 2016, and ever since its birth it has gone from strength to strength. Today, it has more than 400 million daily users. Those under 25 spend on average 32 minutes a day viewing Stories. 

Just by taking a look at these numbers you can see that it is a feature that could bring significant exposure to a brand, so it is not something that businesses should be missing out on. For those who don’t know, an Instagram Story is content that you post to your account which automatically disappears after 24 hours. You can include a range of great features onto the post, including gifs, locations, polls, stickers, and hashtags.

Another option is to create live videos with effects such as the ever popular ‘boomerang.’ If you think a particular piece of content that you post is worth lasting more than 24 hours, you can pop it on your highlights reel, where it will stay until you choose to delete it. 

A huge number of brands are already making use of this marketing technique and are getting a good amount of exposure and user engagement in the process. Take a look at some of the cool ideas that have been used by some well-known companies below. 

  • The popular makeup brand Maybelline New York uses Instagram Stories to promote new products through the use of influencers. Hiring influencers always tends to sell products better than just posting product images.
  • One of the most well-known companies in the world, NASA, uses Stories to share its behind-the-scenes footage, offer additional information, and provide more visual elements to keep users engaged.
  • Airbnb used Stories in the form of a poll, asking users to identify destinations it was showing images of. This helped to pique the interest of users for destinations they may never have thought of visiting before.
  • MAC used Stories to show step-by-step tutorials for using its products, which many users found more than useful. 

These are just a few of the brands using Instagram Stories to their advantage. You can find a lot more examples by taking a look at the infographic below.


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