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Got Stuck in Your Career? See How Switching to Digital Marketing Can Make Your Career Exciting

Got Stuck in Your Career?  See How Switching to Digital Marketing Can Make Your Career Exciting
November 20, 2019

Got Stuck in Your Career? See How Switching to Digital Marketing Can Make Your Career Exciting

Nov 20, 2019
Surya S. Das
Surya S. Das is a budding Digital Marketer with great dreams

Hey, if you are reading this, then chances are you too have the same story as mine. Truth is most of us have the same story. And the story goes like this: we take birth, are sent to school for learning, sent to college for a degree, and finally we end up in a job which we have to do because we need money to make a living in the society. And in most cases, the candidate or the child is confused and never chooses this life but finally ended up going into it because he was going with the flow or in India, “Neighbour’s advice” as in many cases.

There are people fortunate enough to have got the right advice, and they selected the right career path for themselves. And some are even smart enough to have figured out the best path for them in their own way. But there exists a majority of people who couldn’t figure out what they want from their lives and have just settled in for what they found on their way. These people are not happy and not even sad, but they just don’t enjoy their work as much as they should. Are you one of them? Are you like me(previous me)? Because I too had gone through the same thing, and here I’ll tell you how I overcame this state of my life.

If you too are stuck in your career like I was, then the first thing to know is that it’s time to wake up and move ahead in life if you want to make it meaningful and exciting. Losing the excitement in life and leading it like every other person surviving, sounds so boring. Instead, you should focus on making it exciting, if not adventurous.

You should also understand that if you are doing a job and staying stuck in a career that hardly interests you, then you are doing no justice to your existence. It only helps in making your productivity level go down. You could have performed better and would have risen high in your career if you were engaged in something that you love. So if you are facing such an issue in your life, then maybe it’s time to explore!

I cannot suggest or direct what you should be doing with your life because that would go against what I said a few minutes back; instead, the decision is upon you. I can only introduce you to my story and tell you about the hero in my life that has helped me be more productive in life, and this might change your life forever as well!

I was working in boring customer care where I had to take calls from aerated customers and trust me; I never enjoyed it. I was good at my work, but there was a void inside me. That void in me wanted something better and something more exciting than reading those scripted replies and getting abuses from people I didn’t even know!

One beautiful day I came across a course in Digital Marketing by Digital Ready, and I decided to quit my job and experiment with my life. The day when I left my job and registered myself for a course to learn Digital Marketing was a turning point in my life. People said I was crazy, but I knew what I was doing, and today, I am happy enough and enjoying my path in this field. There’s a lot to achieve here, and I have just begun. Now I would like to put forward a few points that I recognize as the driving forces in the field of Digital Marketing. When you find out what drives you at work, then your work won’t seem a burden anymore, and that is why I am putting forward these points that can make your life exciting in Digital Marketing:

Opportunity to unleash your creativity

Everyone is creative; they need the right platform to trigger that creativity and make a mark. There’s a reason why apps like TikTok, Dubsmash, Likee are trending, people always want to showcase their talent, and they feel happy by doing it. Digital Marketing gives you the best platform to be creative and deliver unique content that the world will praise. The world of digital marketing revolves around content, and every day there’s an urge to create something new that will drive traffic.

I don’t blame other jobs or opportunities for being boring, but it’s the need for that particular job to be repetitive, and this may seem boring to some. So if you are a creative person and want to implement that creativity in your work rather than just doing repetitive tasks, then Digital Marketing is the right platform to make your work life exciting.

Experience the Leader in You

Leadership quality is very crucial in digital marketing. If you have the guts and the zeal to be a leader, then Digital Marketing has a lot to offer. You need not be a ‘Team Lead’ to be a leader; starting from the beginning of your career, you can be a leader too in this field. Start taking the lead with small responsibilities, do it in your own way. Here you get the opportunity to experiment and learn because every day, the world needs something new, and that opens up opportunities to bring changes and be a leader.

And once you go up in your career path, you are expected to manage teams, take initiatives for campaigns, and more. So the leader in you always gets a chance to flourish.

Collaborate with numerous people

Human Beings, by nature, like to socialize and make new contacts. And what good are your contacts if you cannot benefit from them. I don’t mean to imply that you start taking advantage of the people you know, but you work with them, learn with them and grow with them, and that is what collaboration is.

Some people love collaborating, but most of the jobs don’t offer the choice of implementing it. But in Digital Marketing, you get the opportunity to collaborate and enjoy working with new people. The work here is multidimensional, and one person cannot do everything. So this brings in the need to work with new people who have new ideas and know something better than you do. So if you love to collaborate, then here’s your chance to implement it in your work as well.

Create your Identity and leave a mark

Who doesn’t want to be famous and be recognized by others? Almost everyone loves it, but they don’t get a path to discover how to create their identity and leave a mark in the world. In Digital Marketing, you always have the opportunity to leverage the Internet and let the world know if you have something great and unique to offer. If you have something great, then the world will recognize it, and you can be a sensation as well.

The world of Digital Marketing is ever-changing, and nothing is constant, the technologies or tools that we use today will be scrap tomorrow. Every day there’s something or the other coming up, and this allows starting afresh and doing great things. You might figure out something that others aren’t aware of and spread the knowledge to be a hero! Possibilities are unlimited here.

People are sharing knowledge on the Internet to be recognized, and that is a great thing because it helps the newcomers learn a lot from Industry experts and also builds up recognition for the one who is sharing knowledge. Who knows, you could be the next Neil Patel!

Explore new Domains always

If you are a person who loves to explore new things and feel bored to stick to a single item, then you might like to acknowledge the fact that Digital Marketing allows you to explore new industries, new domains, new people, and more. Every business nowadays has to promote themselves and so digital marketers get projects or clients ranging from sectors like Agriculture, Finance, Politics, Automobile, and whatnot. So as a Digital Marketer, you get the opportunity to learn about new industries and domains with each project that you get.

To deliver the best results, you always have to research those industries concerned, and the process is super exciting. So if you want to learn and see a lot in this single lifetime, then welcome to Digital Marketing. And wait, if you are afraid of this constant change, then don’t worry because the control remains with you. You can either choose to stay with the same niche forever and excel with all clients in the sector or try for different industries if you are the one who loves to explore. The power always remains with you.

Many Career options and Fancy titles

You might have heard it from someone; Digital Marketing is like an ocean! If you haven’t heard it yet, then you better print this in your mind because Digital Marketing is a vast space that you cannot explore to the fullest even after giving your entire life to it.

And this simple fact is the doorway to many beautiful streams within Digital Marketing. Once you start exploring this Ocean, then you will realize the depth and will eventually begin to incline towards a particular stream and will begin developing a specialization in it. To mention a few, you may either go for SEO, SMM, Content Writing, Media Development, etc.

There are numerous job roles available within each stream. You can be a digital content producer, web developer, social media manager, digital CRM analyst, e-commerce executive, or a user experience specialist. The possibilities are endless when you are in Digital Marketing, and you get the chance to explore a lot here.

Keep learning new things - never get bored

As mentioned already that the world of Digital Marketing is ever-changing, and you need to upgrade your knowledge every day. This field allows you learning opportunities every day and helps you implement them as well. If you are someone who loves to learn a lot and gather new skills regularly, then you will find this space interesting.

You won’t get a chance to get bored here because you have a lot to see and explore. It’s always a good habit to keep upgrading yourself and upgrading your skills, and that makes you a better asset and a person as well. After all, Skill is Everything!

Work for self / Work from Home

The best part of this job is here! If this heading has grabbed your attention, then you are very similar to me, who loves to work from home and likes to own what he is doing rather than doing it under somebody else as your boss.

Yes, Digital Marketing gives you the opportunity to work for yourself rather than a boss. You can choose to be a freelancer who manages his work timings and days as per his convenience. You can also work for a company located anywhere on the planet, but you will be working from the comfort of your home. It sounds like a dream, but that’s true! The Internet is the backbone of Digital Marketing, and that has allowed us to work from distant places, for remote clients.

You can start your own business or use your knowledge in your own way, and you will be the master of yourself. But all this is only possible if you have skills that are in demand in the market.

So to experience these comforts, you will have to bring yourself to the standards that cannot be denied by anyone, and you will be welcomed everywhere. So always focus on improving your skills.


If these points fascinate you, then you are welcome to Experience a life that is more exciting than you could ever imagine. It doesn’t matter at what point of your life you are starting or opting for this career path. You could be in your 60s or 80s, but the only thing that matters is your willingness and eagerness to learn and gain new skills! Digital Ready is a pioneer in giving wings to students in Digital Marketing. And if you are willing to make this significant decision of making a switch in your career, then don’t delay, reach out for expert help in Digital Ready and get ready to launch yourself for success.

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